A/N: Hi guys, don't know why I wrote this, the idea just popped into my head I ran with it. Trying to fight another depressive mood with writing a little drabble. I look forward to hearing what you think and thanks for reading :)

Fic rating: PG

Fic Warning: angst

Fic pairing: House/Wilson established

Word count: 300

I'm Sorry

"I'm sorry."

I'd said it many times in the past; looking for forgiveness, absolution, understanding for my indiscretions. Knowing it would never make the situation better or less painful, but I did it anyway just to tell myself that every effort was made to dissipate the situation.

What I wasn't used to was hearing it said to me. Yes, there was the time that she said it, but it didn't matter, not really. I played her game as well as she did, I just didn't get caught…not that time anyway. I'm sorry…such empty words really, they don't mean anything as I know all too well…at least I never meant it when the easy spoken words rolled from my tongue. I never expected to hear those words from his mouth though, not for this reason.

He said he was sorry when I came home and found her; he said it didn't mean anything…it never does, but that's irrelevant, isn't it? I wanted to believe him, I did believe him, she didn't matter…not to him anyway. To me, she made a world of difference; looking at her was like remembering the face of every name forgotten bimbo that passed between my legs during all three of my marriages. Looking at him was like looking at my reflection; the guilt, the shame, the desire to erase the moment as if it had never happened.

There was something in his face though that I never had in mine…regret. I never regretted my infidelity; I justified it, embraced it. Sure I felt shame for my weakness, but never regret. Maybe just this one time, those words do have meaning…maybe forgiveness can find a place after those words are spoken…maybe, just maybe I'll believe him when he says…

"I'm sorry."


Love to hear what you thought, thanks for reading!!!