A/N: My attempt at making a fic from Vexen's POV. Enjoy.

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Chain Zero

Our memories are like chains—as we remember one, it leads to the remembrance of another...and another...and then another... That girl Naminé had said it herself. She was a young and skillful witch, I'll give you that, able to meddle with the memories of others. I can't help but agree to what she said—it's her field of expertise, so what do I know? Then again, it's the nature of a scientist—no, it's the nature of any scientist worth his salt to question everything in existence and find out the truth! Yes, that's indeed what being a scientist is like.

Finding myself behaving somewhat too enthusiastic, I sighed, leaning back against the white walls, tinted blue by the darkness of this section of the basement. No, don't get it wrong. You wouldn't be expecting me, of all people, to be whiling away my time being idle in my own house's basement! No, this is the basement of the one and only Castle Oblivion, the research facility. And 'being idle' was not exactly what I'm doing right now either. I muttered a curse under my breath, flicking a stray lock of golden hair over my shoulder. Where IS Zexion?! Doesn't he realize the importance of time?! First he told me to come here early so he can tell me what in the world is going on (right, he had also oh so nicely asked me to NOT be late!). Now, he's the one making me wait!

I gritted my teeth in slight annoyance. Why, of course, Nobodies like me—like us, can't feel. If we do feel something, it either comes from the head or we're just feigning it. Sometimes I find it pointless to do so. ...But all of my comrades (or at least almost all, since Zexion loathes it far more than I do) are doing it, so...I guess I'm just going to go with the crowd. It feels nice to see human traits once in a while anyway.

Well...the annoyance I'm feeling right now, you ask? It's not faked—it came from my thoughts, of having my time all wasted down here when I could've been continuing my experiments someplace else! Why, scientists are smart! They have to be! So if our little Zexy here thinks that he can torture me by keeping me idle down here, he had it all wrong! All I have to do is think of something to do while waiting for him.


Well, I had brought neither my research papers nor anything else to tinker with down here...and I don't want to risk getting an insolent lecture from the boy in case he came here while I took off for those papers so...I guess you'll just have to bear with my brain until he comes.

Alright, I shall bring you back to the first thing I pondered about since I started waiting here—memories; do they really form a chain like Naminé had said? Say, let me try to recall my past, a little over a decade ago, about my Somebody, back when feelings exist... I remember that it was a story of friendship—Lexaeus, Zexion and me, and how we came to be. I should say that I may not recall the whole thing—only the most precious memories remained... But if what Naminé told me was correct, then they form a chain, right? Forgotten but not lost. We'll see...