Name: The Art of Wooing

Summary: Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp. and resident prodigy finds himself lusting after the new employee at the local coffee shop, the innocent yet extremely feisty blond Katsuya Jonouchi. In order to woo said blond, the brunet finds himself facing off against a very overprotective brother and possible suitors.

Rating: T

Warning: Explicit sexual scenes, Yaoi, Mild language, Domestic Abuse, OOC, AU

Pairings: Seto-Katsuya, Ryuuji-Katsuya, Atemu-Yuugi,

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Yu-Gi-Oh' or its characters other then one self-made one.

(Note: This fanfiction is in an Alternate Universe, where Serenity doesn't exist. The Jonouchi background will be explained during the progress of the story)

Chapter 1

Seto grunted as he pushed the 5'11 raven-haired man against the wall of his small apartment which suspiciously reeked of instant ramen, something which made the brunet's noise wrinkle in disgust. The hot mouth against him moaned in ecstasy as Seto's wandering hand found a dusty brown nipple under the tight blood red T-shirt and pinched it slightly. With a swift movement of his foot the rickety door closed behind them with a soft bang.

Seto broke apart and started laying down kisses along the others unshaven jaw, nipping at the hard skin before licking at the junction between the neck and the shoulder. He felt the other man go weak in the knees and smirked before breaking apart, his hand lingering on the others painful erection perfectly visible through his dark blue jeans.

"Bedroom" He whispered huskily, his deep voice seductive and filled with lust, sending a shiver down the other's spine who hastily nodded. He unbuckled his jeans making them fall down with a plop, revealing two pale hairy legs and dark blue boxers with a tent.

Seto smirked and followed the other man into his small bedroom and closed the room, taking off his jacket along the way.

The brunet rolled his eyes in disgust seeing the pitiful expression on the other man's waist as he zipped up his pants and went to grab his jacket from the chair. The other lay on the small bed, on top of crimson bed sheets, sweaty and stomach covered with white cum. His legs lay tangled amongst the brown comforter as he looked on at the taller man with his brown eyes showcasing hurt.

"This never happened. You were just means of releasing my frustration" Seto turned as he opened the door.

"You're fired. Have your belongings gone before 10" With that he left the devastated raven behind, a satisfied look on his face and a smirk in place.

He flipped open his cell and dialed number 7.

"Have the limo sent to the apartment building on 5th Avenue, Street 7" Without waiting for a reply, he closed his phone and leaned against the wall and waited.

"Setooooo" Mokuba pouted, stretching out the last letter, with hands on his small hips. Seto sat beside him on the living room couch, laptop set in his lap and hands typing away at an alarming rate.

A slender brown eyebrow rose in acknowledgement, blue eyes firmly fixed onto the small screen.

"You're always working! It's not healthy." Mokuba stated, a concerned look in his onyx colored eyes.

"I'm touched by your concern. Now be quiet." Came the quiet yet sharp reply. Mokuba sighed, shoulder sagging as he leaned back into the sofa.

"You need a boyfriend!" This caught Seto's attention and he looked up momentarily before resuming his task. Mokuba sat up, having gotten an opening.


"I have no time for such nonsense."

"Eh?" Mokuba blinked before resigning to pouting at the ceiling above.

With a satisfied smile, Seto closed the laptop and turned to his 10 year old brother.

"Mokie up for some coffee?" He smirked as Mokuba practically jumped, coming back to life before sprinting away in search of his sneakers. Seto chuckled and stood up as well, stretching his tall broad 6'2 frame. Blue eyes rolled in amusement as Mokuba ran around the whole room in search of his shoes which had been beside the couch the whole time.

With a tinkle of the bell, Seto and Mokuba Kaiba entered 'Domino Coffee Tea and Company' and made their way to an empty table in the middle of the room. Being a Sunday and seeing that it was the winter season, the place was packed but knowing who they were, people automatically moved out of their way.

Mokuba sat down with a plop and grabbed the menu. Seto looked on curious.

"You always order the same thing, why different now?"

Mokuba just shrugged.

"I'll order, wait here." After receiving a nod, Seto stood up and made his way over the counter within three confident long strides, a stoic expression on his face. Blue eyes widened a fraction before coming back to their original place as he observed a new face behind the counter.

The person looked around 17 or 18, with a small frame of 5'5 with narrow shoulders and eve narrower hips. Golden blond hair graced the top of his head, complimenting his rather large amber eyes which twinkled in mirth. Smooth pale skin was exposed to everyone, no sign or trace of any blemish or pimples or scars. A cute small nose wrinkled in disgust, Seto assumed, as the blond took a guys order before turning away into the backdoor. The brunet's eyes widened as he noticed the blond wore Bermudas which ended right below his knees exposing very feminine legs that were unnaturally smooth for a teenage male.

He looked up when the blond returned carrying a few slices of blueberry cheesecake on a plate. Rather dark and plump lips grinned in a friendly way as the gorgeous blond collected the change, depositing it into the cash register before turning to him. Seto smirked slightly.

"Hi can I help you?" A soft voice complimented his features, Seto mused as he decided on his next lay.

"I didn't' know they let dogs work here now" The smile faltered, a scowl marring the blondes forehead.

"Hey! I'm no dog you jerk!" He huffed in a cute manner which made Seto roll his eyes.

"Your hair says otherwise. Where's your master? I wish to leave my order in capable hands" He smirked as he saw the blond flush in embarrassment.

"Why you-!" He however was cut off by a deep masculine voice.

"Katsuya Jounochi! You better not be chasing away our customers, again!" Someone called from the backdoor, in a very tired tone. Katsuya bit his lip before gritting his teeth and forcing a smile.

"What can I get you then, sir?"

"I prefer Master" Seto relished in the twitch he got from the blonds eyebrow.

"One Espresso, a Vanilla/Caramel Latte and 2 Blueberry muffins, puppy" The blond growled before nodding.

"That'll be $5.95, would you like to go or are you staying here?" Originally Seto had planned to go home but he felt a change in plans were in order.

"We're staying."

"Oh Joy." He heard the blond mutter and raised an eyebrow. The blond went away and came back his order.

"Good puppy" Seto chuckled, patting the blond's soft blond hair lightly before leaving with his order. He felt a glare on the back of his neck and smirked. The blond was feisty and he liked that.

He liked that a lot.

"Katsuya Jounouchi..." Kaiba murmured, liking the way it sounded from his lips. He chuckled as he saw his brother practically attack the muffins and sipped his hot Espresso silently.

Aiden Jounouchi growled as he stuffed his hands deep into denim jeans, pulling his jacket even closer over his broad chest. Dark black strands peeked out from underneath a maroon snow cap, complementing deep brown eyes as the tall 6'1 male walked towards the coffee shop. His tan stood out amongst a sea of pale civilians rushing towards their respective destinations.

He glared at the sky, as if it would make the cold weather go away and growled when another gust of cold wind hit him. He almost sighed in relief as he entered the shop, the warmth from the inside embracing him in a very soothing manner.

He scanned the crowd for a mop of blond hair and his eyes lit up, seeing his brother beside a table, placing down two steaming hot cups of coffee. His expression changed into boiling anger when he witnessed the grey haired aged male, occupying the table, reach out and cup the blond's plump ass he turned to walk away.

Within a flash, he was there with the offender's dirty hand in a painful grip. The pedophile yelped, shrinking away under the dark stare while his friend looked on tentatively.

"Aiden!?" Katsuya gasped as a few people stopped to see the commotion.

Aiden ignored him and leaned closer to the man, a dark glint in his eyes.

"If you ever look at him again, I swear I'll rip off your balls with my bare hands and I'll make sure to stuff down your throat until you asphyxiate on them. Are we clear?" The man nodded in fear as Aiden let go of him, before turning to his brother, a soft smile on his face.

"I was just checking on you" He rolled his eyes as his brother sighed.

"I'm fine! I can take care of myself; you don't need to constantly watch after me. Im 17!"

"…In two months. And as your older brother, it is my duty to take care of you."

Katsuya rolled his eyes and turned away before Aiden caught sight of his exposed legs.

"Katsuya! What the fuck are you wearing?" He snarled, gripping the other's elbow tightly. The blond yelped.

"Um…clothes?" Aiden growled and took off jacket. "Why are you wearing such a revealing shirt and why the fuck are you displaying your legs!"

"Aiden, relax. Today was laundry day and I had nothing else to wear. Relax. And I'm not cold; I don't need your jacket." Aiden frowned.

"I don't care; you'll catch a cold without you even knowing it." He glared until Katsuya reluctantly wore the dark black jacket which came down just a few inches above his knees.

"I look weird!" Katsuya pouted and the 20 year old glared.

"I mean….thank you?"

Aiden shook his head and his eye caught a teenage male staring at his brother and growled.

"I'll fucking neuter you!" He marched in his direction. Katsuya gaped.

"Aiden, let go of that guy's throat! Are you crazy?!"

"He's raping you with his eyes! Fucking asshole!"

"Aiden! Let go of him!"

Seto, who sat a few tables away looked on in wonder and frowned at the tall raven haired male, knowing this could complicate matters. Besides him Mokuba laughed.

"This is much better then TV! Look Seto! Can a person even turn that shade of blue!?"

Seto rolled his eyes before turning back to the newspaper he held in his hands.

The clock struck eleven behind him.

"Thank you for coming! Have a nice day" Katsuya cheered on as the couple waved at him before leaving. The coffee shop was almost empty and his shift ended in five minutes.

Aiden had gone home a while ago, albeit reluctantly, having a class in just an hour. He was currently studying in DIMS, Domino Institute of Medical Sciences, something which he had worked extremely hard to achieve. Katsuya smiled softly as he remembered the expression on his brother's face when he got the acceptance letter.

Of course their father had not been happy, wanting his eldest son to carry on after him as a business man which resulting him in drinking himself to a drunken stupor before passing out on the living room couch.

Katsuya grinned as he recalled his own acceptance letter to DIFA, Domino Institute of Fine Arts. This was something which Katsuya wouldn't have done on his own decision. Even though he loved to draw and sketch, guilt had lead to the blond attempting to pursue Business for his father's sake but Aiden had intervened. He had reminded Katsuya that he was to live his own life and not his alcoholic father, who has reduced himself to drinking and shouting at them both after their mother left them last year. DIFA started again in March, something which Katsuya had been anticipating for a very long time.

Shaking his head, Katsuya drummed his fingers against the cool surface of the counter gazing out the large shop windows into the early December morning and smiled. Winter was his favourite season, another thing that made him different from his brother.

Aide and Katsuya were complete opposites. While Aiden was tall, well built, tan with dark hair, Katsuya was a pale skinned blond who was rather small in size for his age. Aiden oozed masculinity while Katsuya himself had been mocked and ridiculed for his height and small stature from females and males combined which lead him to have never experienced even kissing someone of the opposite gender.

With a grin, Katsuya ran his fingers through his hair as he exited the counter from the left, grabbing his beg from a compartment on the underside of the wooden counter. Wishing his boss goodbye, Katsuya headed out into the cold morning and made to cross the street when a hand grabbed his wrist gently causing him to turn around.

He blinked and then glared, attempting to tug away from the now tight grip.

"You ass! What are you doing?!"

"It's dangerous for dogs to cross the streets you know." Seto smirked as blue eyes locked with amber ones and Katsuya huffed angrily.

"Im not a dog! You suck!" He spat out only to be tugged towards the tall brunet and Seto smirked before blowing softly into the blond's ear.

"I swallow too." He whispered; warm breathe hitting Katsuya dead on making him shiver. He blushed, eyes wide open and mouth gaped open and close like a fish.

"You…You pervert!" Katsuya scowled before tugging away and turning the other direction. Seto smirked. Having gotten the blonde's entire schedule he knew he would be meeting the feisty blond a lot now. Who said money couldn't buy you happiness?

Mokuba appeared beside Seto and frowned.

"Seto, why did you leave me!?" Seto ruffled the small boy's hair, stroking the soft midnight strands and Mokuba sighed happily.

"Do you like puppies Mokuba?" Mokuba blinked.

"Puppies? What's that got to do with anything?" Seto smirked.

"I was planning on getting one pretty soon" At the mention of a possible pet, Mokuba grinned.

"We're getting a dog!?"

"Yes, a Golden Retriever to be exact" Seto chuckled as both sat inside the limo and the driver took them back to their mansion.

To be continued: Chapter 2


Seto Kaiba - 19 (CEO)

Katsuya Jounouchi - 16 (DIFA)

Aiden Jounouchi – 20 (DIMS)

Mokuba Kaiba – 10 (DES)

Yuugi Motou – 16 (DIFA)

Atemu Ikumo - 16 (DIFA)

Ryuuji Otogi – 19 (CEO)

DIFA = Domino Institute of Fine Arts

DIMS = Domino Institute of Medical Sciences

DES = Domino Elementary School

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