Disclaimer: all characters and items found are not mine. They are all David Gemmel's. The plot is mine though

This is my first fanfic, so enjoy!

Silkgannon rode on in silence, wrapped in his own thoughts. The battle was still fresh in his mind; even though it has been a week since it has happened, he could not rid himself of the images. The duel between him and Decado, the son he never knew he had, his blood surrounding him as he died. Jianna, the love of his life, lying in his arms as her soul slipped into the Void.

He shook his head to clear it of these morbid images. He thought now of the journey ahead, and looked forward to riding the great white stallion he had given up. His heart had almost broken when he let the stallion go, but that pain was nothing compared to not seeing Jianna since that last night on the tower. Why were they always on the opposite sides? He mused to himself. They have only ever fought together when trying to regain her crown. Those were his golden days, the only days he ever looked back with fondness. If only she had stayed his Sashaan! But she was not made for any one man. She was her own woman, and no man could hold her down. Not even the one man she loved. Not even for the one man who loved her.

As the Old Woman once said, they loved each other too much and too little. Too much to love another person, and too little to change for the other.

Slikgannon shot up in his saddle. He heard a horse behind him, racing to reach to him. Without thinking, he swung around in his saddle, drawing the Swords of Night and Day. The moonlight gleamed brilliantly on the blades, on dark, the other light. They were beautiful weapons, and were held by one scabbard. Silkgannon faced the oncoming horseman, his body ready to fight.