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Three years later...

It has been three years since Silkgannon has seen Jianna. Three years of plotting, bloodshed and terror. Three years of thwarting her and the Old Woman's attempts to take over the world.

Silkgannon slashed his swords, the gold and silver blades gleaming in the sun. He concentrated on one thing alone; the enemy in fornt, behind and to the sides of him. He heard the screams of the dying, and blood painted the ground. He saw his comrades fall, their enemies beside them. Hacking through a man's neck, he moved onto his next victim.

The day progressed. The sun rose to a battlefield, and set to a graveyard.

Silkgannon wiped his bloody swords on the tunic of the last man he killed. He stood slowly, surveying the damage. People were still slashing and killing, but there were a significant less number of people.

Then she came.

She was magnificant on the black stallion that carried her, and she cried out, "Soldiers, to me! To me!"

Silkgannon had never seen such a beautiful sight.

Then she turned her face to him, and he gasped. There, on her left cheek, was a scar. It was an evil rune; that much he could see from this distance (A/N its the Chinese symbol for forever, if u want to imagine it) Anger filled him, and he wanted to kill the hag for branding his love that way.

She made her way to him gingerly, and they faced each other.

"What happened to your face?"

Jianna gently traced her scar absentmindedly. "The day after you left me, she came to me to start palnning our ideal world. However, she wanted to ensure she would always control me, so she bonded me with my blood. I will always be her slave." She laughed humourlessly. "I guess that's what you get for wanting the world."

He said nothing.

"Are you disappointed in me?" she asked acidly. "For I sure am."

He still said nothing as he moved closer to her. She lithely jumped off her horse and ran to him, and he returned her embrace. They stood like that for a long time, in the middle of the battlefield. In the midst of the bloodshed and war they raged against each other, they still loved each other.

Two enemies, forever bounded by love.


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