Life is a Highway

Summary: After an accident leaves Morrison and The Miz stranded in a town in the middle of nowhere, all they want to do is get out. But it won't be as easy as they thought after forming new friendships and with a plot to keep them from ever leaving alive.

Pairings: Morrison/OC, Miz/OC

Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with the WWE.

Author's Note: Hey! This is my first multi-chaptered story using these two. It was inspired by watching "Cars" while I was babysitting a couple weeks ago, so it's loosely (very loosely) based off of it. Um, let's see, it's only Miz and Morrison friendship, as told by the pairings. So, with all that said, enjoy! No flames please!

Chapter 1

It was only supposed to be a six hour drive.

When hearing that the next pay-per-view was going to be in Las Vegas, Nevada, John Hennigan and Mike Mizanin, better known to the WWE Universe as John Morrison and The Miz, the best tag team of the twenty-first century, decided that it would be just as easy to drive from their homes in Los Angeles. This way, they could take their time and avoid the hectic airports and still arrive in time for all of the pre-show activities. For once, it would be a relatively relaxing trip.

John pulled up in front of Mike's house later that afternoon, honking his horn a couple of times to signal he was there before climbing out to open the trunk. Mike came outside then, locking up his front door before making his way to the car with his bags.

"Thanks for the ride, Man," Mike said, putting them in the trunk.

"Not a problem," John replied, closing it up once everything was inside. "It would be dumb to take two separate cars."

"That's true." Mike climbed into the passenger seat while John got back behind the wheel. "How do you want to divide up the driving?"

John set up the GPS before he started the car and pulled away from the house. "Well, I'll do the first half," he told him, turning on the radio. "We could stop for food or gas or something and switch."

Mike nodded, leaning back in the seat. "Sounds good," he agreed, beginning to sing quietly to the rock song playing on the radio.

Getting out of California was the first problem. The traffic was moving so slowly that it was practically at a standstill most of the time. John tapped the steering wheel in annoyance as he inched forward a little while Mike kept shifting restlessly in the seat next to him.

"That's not going to help, Mike," John muttered with a sigh, coming to another stop.

"I know..." Mike sighed. But then, an excited grin lit up his face. "This show is going to be awesome. Those world tag team championships are ours, Man!"

John smiled as he pulled his hair back behind his head. Like his best friend, he was also greatly looking forward to the moment when they claimed the belts. IT would only continue to prove how great of a tag team they were. "Hey, watch your hands. I'm going to roll up the windows and turn on the air."

As Mike moved his arm back into the car, he noticed a little boy in the car next to theirs staring at him. When he gave him a smile, the boy stuck his tongue out at him.

"Did you see that kid?" Mike asked, turning to look at John.

John looked up from turning on the air condition, laughing when the boy continued to make faces at Mike. "I'd say that's a pretty smart kid," he answered with a smile, causing Mike to cross his arms and glare at the other man.

Then, they made a little more progress than before, and both John and Mike began to sing dramatically along with Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as they continued to move.

"Mama, ooooh... didn't mean to make you cry... if I'm not back this time tomorrow..."

Finally, they made it through the stalled traffic and were moving quickly along the freeway, though they were behind schedule by nearly two hours. John turned off the air conditioning and rolled the windows back down, enjoying the warm day while Mike took out his phone and began to play Snake.

They stopped around eight at Taco Bell for a quick dinner. After signing some autographs, they sat down at a table with their orders, sitting diagonally from each other so they could each stretch their legs.

"So, do you want me to take over the driving now?" Mike wondered before taking a bite of his chalupa.

"Yeah," John replied, putting some hot sauce on his taco. "We may be behind on time, but I'd say that we have a little over half the distance to go yet."

Mike nodded. "Not a big deal."

John took a sip of his soda. "Do you think that we should stop for the night so we're not so tired when we get there?" he asked.

"Nah, I can drive though the night," Mike answered. "Besides, it's only a little after eight now. It'll probably be close to nine by the time we leave and fill up on gas and stuff. So, we'll get to Vegas around midnight. That's not so bad."

"All right. As long as you feel comfortable."

Mike smiled. "John, may I remind you that I'm the Miz, and I'm-!"

"Awesome. Yeah, I know."

Once they were finished eating, Mike got behind the wheel while John climbed in the passenger seat. They stopped at a gas station, and Mike filled up the tank while John went inside to pay for the gas and a few snacks in case they got hungry on the road. They then ran into another traffic jam, but it was shorter than the first, and they were only put back about an hour.

"Are you sure you don't want to stop for the night?" John asked once it got later, noticing that his friend was looking a bit tired as he stared at the dark road ahead of them.

"No, I'm okay," Mike answered, rubbing his eyes before turning up the radio. "Besides, we're behind, and we only have about an hour and a half left. I've done worse."

John sighed. "If you say so," he muttered, leaning back in the seat.

Mike drummed the steering wheel a little, looking at the road signs as they passed them. An hour and a half. It wouldn't be so bad...

Then, he blinked in surprise when the music suddenly stopped, and he looked over at John with confusion, wondering why he had turned the radio off. But when he saw the dark look on his face, Mike instantly knew what song it had been and why it had been turned off. It had to have been Melina Perez's favorite song, which his friend refused to listen to.

John had been in a long-time relationship with the WWE diva, and it had only been a few months since they had broken it off. It was understandable that he wouldn't want to be reminded of it.

When he felt his gaze on him, John slowly turned to look at Mike, giving him an apologetic smile. "Sorry..."

"Hey, it's okay, Man," Mike assured him with a smile of his own before turning to look ahead of him. "I don't blame you."

Around midnight, John fell asleep in the passenger seat, and Mike found that he was starting to have problems focusing himself. He only had an hour. He could make it...


Mike jumped and gasped when he heard the sudden electronic voice, realizing that it was the GPS. He looked in the rear-view mirror, realizing that he had missed the exit he needed to get off on. "Shit..." he hissed, but knowing that he couldn't stop and turn around on the freeway, he searched for the next exit.

He drove for another mile before coming to the next ramp, and Mike took it, knowing that it would take them even longer to get where they needed to go since he had missed the right one. But, it shouldn't have been too difficult since they were heading in the same direction.

But he instantly realized that it wasn't going to be that simple once he reached the bottom of the ramp. The road he was on was the only one to be seen, and all that was around were what appeared to be cacti. It truly seemed that they were in the middle of nowhere.


Mike sighed with irritation, turning off the GPS. If he had to hear it say "Turn right... Recalculating..." over and over when he couldn't turn right, he knew he would lose it. He looked over at John, who was still sleeping next to him. Why hadn't he listened to him and stopped for the night? If he had, he wouldn't have missed the exit, and they would have been in a safe, lit hotel instead of on a dark, empty road in the middle of God knows where. Realizing that he only had one option, Mike made sure the doors were locked, the windows were rolled up, and the brights were on as he quickly but cautiously began to drive down the road.

He wasn't sure how long he had been driving before Mike felt his eyes beginning to droop. He sighed, blinking a bunch of times and shaking his head as he tried to keep himself awake. Mike wished that he could have been blaring the radio since he knew that would help, but he didn't want to wake John, so the Mountain Dew in the backseat would have to do.

Keeping his eyes on the road, Mike reached into the back with one hand, frustrated that he couldn't find it. Sighing, he glanced away for a second, grabbing the bottle. At least this would help to keep him awake.

Suddenly, he heard a loud popping noise, which he recognized to be a tire, as the car swerved wildly. Mike immediately put both hands on the wheel, fighting to keep the car in control on the dusty road. But soon, it ended up in a small ditch, right in front of a large cactus. Mike bit his lip when he banged his knee on the steering wheel, definitely awake and alert now. He knew that he was going to hear it as soon as...

A groan to his right alerted him that John had woken up, and he watched nervously as he slowly sat up, hand at his head. He must have hit it sometime during the collision. Then, he wearily looked around them, confusion appearing on his face. "Mike... where are we?" he asked quietly.

"Um... somewhere in the middle of the desert," Mike answered, giving him a nervous smile.

John looked at him, shocked. "You don't know where we are?!"

"Well, I took the wrong exit, and..." Mike's sentence trailed off when John sighed and opened the door, stepping out into the night. He did the same. "Look, I'm sorry..."

John sighed, kneeling down next to his car to inspect the tire. "Definitely a flat," he muttered as he stood up, running his hand through his hair. "I'm not too concerned about the car since the insurance will take care of it. I've got the 'my idiot friend crashed the car' coverage." Mike glared at him. "What I do care about is that you didn't have the sense to pull into a hotel or something when you knew you needed it!"

"Look around, John!" Mike snapped, extending his arms out to the side to emphasize his point. "There's nothing here! Of course, unless you want to sleep on a cactus, that is."

Knowing that fighting with the other man wouldn't help anything, John sighed again as he climbed out of the ditch, Mike following him. "Well, we can't get a tow since it's so late, but we can try calling Vince to see what he can do," he muttered. But as soon as he pulled his cell phone out, he saw that wasn't going to be possible since he had no service.

"Great," Mike said, looking at his own cell phone and beginning to walk around looking for possible service since John had begun to do the same. "This is just great..."

But, the farther he got away from his tag team partner, the more unnerved he got since he couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't alone. But, as he looked around, he only saw John and endless desert...

Suddenly, he heard a cry of pain from his best friend, and he quickly turned around. His eyes widened with fear when he saw John on his knees, holding his head. Then, he gasped when he saw two men grab his arms and roughly pull him up a little as a third came and kicked him forcefully in the stomach. John bit back another cry before collapsing limply to the ground, gasping for breath.

"John!" Mike immediately began to run toward him, preparing to take on the men that had attacked him, but was stopped when something hard hit him in the back of the head. He fell to the ground, ignoring the pounding as he tried to push himself to his feet to help John. But before he got too far, a heavy foot landed on his back, forcing him back down.

"Bring them in," he heard a deep voice say. That made no sense to him. Where were they going? Who were these people?

The last thing that MIke saw was two men lifting John's limp form off the ground before a sudden forceful kick to the side of the head caused him to black out.

Author's Note: And, I thought I'd leave with a cliffhanger. It doesn't seem to good for them now, does it? That's it for chapter one! Thanks for reading! Your reviews are much appreciated, just no flames please. Thank you!