Five Ways Hikaru Tried to Tell Kaoru 'I Love You'

Got the idea randomly in the car on the way home from piano class. Was reinforced by a story by TheGreatOtaku called 50 Ways to Express Love. Yup, I'm writing twincest. For some reason, I can read Hitachiincest but not any other kind of -cest. Maybe because Hitachiincest is practically canon?


It was after Host Club, and everyone was lounging around, all spent from hosting. It was a sort of tradition that they hang around for a little while before they all left for home. It was nice to spend time with your friends when you knew that there was no one to talk to at home except for your pets and employees.

Mori and Honey weren't around; today they had some sort of special martial arts tournament between the Haninozuka and Morinozuka families, so they'd gone home early. Kaoru had gone to see a teacher for a while – something about writing an excellent essay and possibly writing a piece or two for the yearbook – so Hikaru was left twinless and very alone. It just wasn't the same without Kaoru.

"You're going to have to tell him eventually, you know," said Haruhi casually, placing a cup of tea in front of Hikaru.

"What?" replied Hikaru, feigning ignorance. Haruhi rolled her eyes. "Kaoru. You're going to have to tell him. He's worried."

Hikaru sighed. "It's not exactly easy to go up to your twin brother and tell him that you love him."

Kyouya decided to speak up from the corner he was typing up goodness-knows-what on his laptop. "Haruhi's right, Hikaru. Your strange behavior is baffling both your brother and the customers. I suggest you resolve this quickly."

Hikaru groaned. "It's not exactly the easiest thing to do – "

"Oh, please, if idiotic Tamaki can do it multiple times every day, you can say it once."

Tamaki, who had been growing mushrooms in a corner due to rejection by Haruhi earlier, stood and crossed his arms, pouting at Kyouya. "Hey!"

Hikaru snorted. "Like his methods will work on Kaoru. Guys don't like to be called princesses."

"I use that on girls! What you need, Hikaru, is a completely new idea! Something brilliant! Something sweet! Something romantic! I know exactly what you can do, Hikaru..."

Tamaki whispered in Hikaru's ear, and Kyouya said, without even bothering to look up from his laptop, "Hikaru, you have no obligation to follow whatever it is Tamaki's saying. It's probably all bullshit, anyway."

Tamaki immediately shot over to Haruhi and covered her ears, then turned to Kyouya, wailing, "Mommy! How could you swear like that in front of our daughter?!"

"She's not a child anymore, Dad. I'm sure she already knows a few swear words."

"Sempai, please let go of me..."

Meanwhile, Hikaru's eyes were that of enlightenment.

"You know, that just might work," mumbled Hikaru, an idea blooming in his mind. He picked up his bag and ran out of the room, calling over his shoulder, "I'm going home, tell Kaoru when he comes back!"

That left Haruhi, Kyouya and Tamaki staring after him.

"Did he just..." began Kyouya doubtfully.

"...agree to use..." continued Haruhi in shock, her eyebrows raised.

" idea?!" Tamaki finished with a surprised look on his face. Then it turned to pride and he turned to Kyouya smugly. "See, Kyouya, my ideas aren't all bad!"

Kyouya adjusted his glasses. "They aren't all bad," he agreed, and Tamaki cheered.

"I wasn't finished. They aren't all bad... but most of them are."

Tamaki pouted. "Kyouya!"

So what do you guys think? Should I continue this or should I let it go? First time writing Ouran, it feels weird. Heh. Review! I already have a few ideas for the methods.

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