"Well, there's an awful lot of headboard left," she said in an almost thoughtful tone.

I didn't need more invitation. I put my lips to hers. With my new 'left hand does what the right hand isn't' strategy, I was more than willing to test my limits. I didn't hold back at all as I lifted her into my arms and sprinted for the room. I only slowed as I laid her on bed.

I sat across from her not breaking my kiss. I moved both my hands to her back and slid them down to her waist. I found the edge of her shirt and my fingers touched the skin of her back. So warm and soft. I let my hands roam under the cloth even as she started working on my shirt. I came to her shoulders, the fabric bunching on my wrists and she lifted her arms for me to pull it off. Her warm brown hair fell in waves over her face and shoulders. I twisted it to one side to reveal her face and neck. I couldn't resist that soft column and the blood I could see pumping there. Of course I wouldn't drink it, but I soon felt her pulse under my tongue.

She tensed in response. As she relaxed, I felt her hands inside my shirt, half undone. Bothersome thing - I growled and twisted a hand up behind my back to tear it off. Now her hands moved unhindered on my back and shoulders. Her touch was soft and gentle. It was a slow burn in my skin.

My hands moved up her sides and I could feel the edges of her breasts. They were perfect circles, the slopes smooth. I followed the thumping in her neck to its source. I paused at her collarbone where the blood moved under the bone and then lower. Her breast.

I could hear her heart thumping under the skin. I found the tip and ran my tongue around it. I heard her moan and saw the skin of her chest pebble at my cold touch. I watched the pebbles smooth as the skin turned pink. A wave of blood running from her cheeks down her neck. Her smell intensified. I was drowning in it. I flicked my tongue over the tip and heard her squeak. I closed my lips on her nipple and pulled very gently.

"No!" she yelled.

My mouth opened immediately and took my hands from her back. I sat up to look into her face. I wasn't sure what I had done. "Did I hurt you?"

"You... You... You didn't just bite me?" she asked, obviously unsure what had just happened herself.

I laughed. "No." But something must have made her think so. "Is that what it felt like? I pinched you between my lips, too hard?" I had pulled too hard, I'd hurt her. My voice got quieter, "I wouldn't have tried if I hadn't been the initiator." I shouldn't have tried. I should have let her lead like last time. "I thought I was pressing safely." I had tried to be gentle, why couldn't I be gentle? "I seemed to be in control..." Obviously I have no control, I'm just a raging, hungry monster.

She put a hand under my chin and pushed my jaw shut. I let her. Her other hand ran over my forehead and I tried to relax my face. "It didn't hurt." Would she never tell me the truth? "Well, not really." I held my breath, that was more honest than I expected. There had been pain. "It felt like a bite, but a nip, not painful. I wouldn't have stopped you, except that you have been keeping your teeth to yourself." And I would until she asked otherwise. "I knew you'd be angry with yourself if you made a mistake like that. I'd love to feel you biting me." She thought I still doubted her resolve to become immortal. I would never understand, but I had accepted this at last. "But I want you to make that decision for yourself, not in the heat of passion. You would blame..." She was just rambling now, as I had been. I kissed her still moving lips.

"Maybe we should just start again." I suggested. "Before we do though, that was good?" Was it the near-pain of pleasure or actual pain?

"Very very very good." She blushed as she said it, and that answered me more than her words.

"OK then." I pressed her shoulders very lightly into the pillows at her back. I put my lips once more to her neck, beginning again, just as I had before.

I felt her hands sliding down to my waistband and chuckled. Always so eager, my Bella. I slid out of her reach moving my mouth to her breast. "In a moment," I murmured. I wanted to take greater advantage while I was still in control.

I put my lips to her nipple again, just as before. She was prepared now, but that didn't stop her pushing up into me. Her blood was boiling under her skin and I couldn't resist repeating the pleasure over and over. Her moans filled my head and all I wanted was to give her more. And I could.

I brought my hand to her open breast and caressed it lightly, feeling the nipple harden as I did so. Her eyes, open on me, blazed. Her breath came raspy and quick. I took the nipple between my fingers and squeezed, oh so gently.

I worried a little when she twitched so violently. I let go of her nipple, but the scream was only followed with a moan so I kept my mouth to her breast and slid my hand down. My fingers found the waistband of her shorts, but slipped easily under it. I ran my fingers though her hair and pinched her nipple once again in my mouth.

I slid my fingers down to where the hair stopped and her wet skin began. I moved my lips up her neck to her chin and mouth. "Ready?" I asked. I didn't want to surprise her again so soon.

"I... I think so." She was unsure she could handle her unbridled pleasure, it made me smile. "Yes. Yes. Please!" She leaned back inviting me to take her.

My lips returned to her breast and this time as I pinched I slid my fingers into her cleft, curling into her. She was so wet, so warm. She shuddered and shook. I began to run my fingers in and out, my hand a crescent rocking in and out of her. My lips intermittently nipped her and she would twitch and squeal. Her hips began to move in time with, but opposite to, my hand driving my fingers deeper. I wrapped my arm around her, supporting her arching back. Her nails were trying to dig into my arms. I was glad her nails were cut or she'd break one. She was getting close, but I wasn't sure I wanted her to come like this.

"I love you," she gasped into my hair as she panted. "I love what you do to me."

I laughed. "I love what I do to you too."

"Can we..?" She was having trouble speaking. I loved it."Can we take... mmmm." Her hips weren't rocking as much and I let my hand press a little harder, a little further. "Can we take these off now?" I felt her hot hand on my wrist.

My lips left her breast and I laughed. My eager, beautiful, Bella. "Your wish is my command."

I put my lips to the bottom of her breast, the weight distending the sphere slightly, then kissed down the center of her abdomen, reveling in the trail of pebbles and flush I left behind. She was so ready for me. I would never understand how I could do this so easily for her. It seemed all I needed do was follow my own desire and it heightened hers. I acted on this theory as I reached her waist. I kissed her hip and she raised her tight rear enough for me to slide the fabric down. I didn't move it far and continued to kiss the outside of her hip to her thigh. As I moved the fabric, inch by inch toward her toes, I kissed the skin revealed.

"Oh, Edward," she moaned and I smiled with pleasure of my own.

She was losing patience with me. I saw her hands move to her groin and let one of her legs slide free. This also freed one of my hands.

"Gently, love. I plan to return there," I laughed as I touched her hand. Her fingers were warm, but I could feel more heat beneath them.

"Then get to it," she muttered, chuckling.

Well, I couldn't say no to that. I rose and lifted her leg high as I did so. Her shorts hung limply around my wrist. I pulled my hand over her foot, exposing it. I kissed the soft arch of her foot. I put a toe in my mouth, licking my tongue over the base of it. Then I traced the inside of her foot with my tongue again, beginning my progress back. Her hands had not moved, I saw as I kissed her calf, her knee. I lifted her leg higher to kiss the back of her knee, my hand sliding down her calf. Then I moved to her soft inner thigh, letting her leg go. Almost immediately it squeezed on my shoulder. I couldn't help but smile as I made my way up her thigh to the hands still covering herself. Her knuckles were white but her hands didn't move. Curious, I kissed until my nose touched the fingers before me. She lifted her hand slightly exposing the crease of her joint. I ran my tongue over it, never tiring of her flavor.

She tilted her pelvis up, craving more and I saw my opening on the other side. I slipped my right hand under her now, holding her up as I moved to lick the second mirroring crease.

"Edward!" I loved the way she cried my name. It did nothing but feed my fire. I peeked over her pelvis, between her breasts, to ensure the lust I'd heard was just that. Her head was thrown back but now she lifted it to look at me. A terrible idea occurred to me and I continued to hold her eyes, not moving. "Don't stop!" she begged me, and I resisted a chuckle as I put my mouth back to the crease kissing toward her tense fingers. I ran my nose and lips over them whispering, too quietly for her to hear, "open up."

I was sure she hadn't heard me. I hoped not, it seemed crude. She obeyed the unheard command and her hands gripped my hair. I relished my prize. The taste was every bit as sweet as I remembered. Her moaning grew louder as I moved my tongue over and in her. I curled it inside, trying to reach each crevice inside her. I ran over her inner lips, grazing the outer. I found that beautiful bulging bud again and put my lips to it, pressing as I had her nipple.

She flailed madly, her hands pressing me into her, her leg cramped on my shoulder. "What was that?" she gasped.

Wow, I thought. That was fun. I repeated the action sucking as I pinched. My eyes widened as she ground me into her and my smile made the pinch tighter. I slid my tongue into her, feeling her orgasm.

"What was that?" she repeated when she had breath.

I peeked up at her again smiling wickedly. "This?" I asked and moving at full speed I put my lips back in placed and pressed exactly as I had before.

She bucked again and gasped. "Yes! That!"

I laughed easily. "I found the right button."

"You've always known the right buttons," she muttered. I continued to laugh but sat back to slide my shorts off. I was more confident than ever before. I was going to mount her. I could control myself. I was sure. I put my hands on the top of the headboard, on either side of her head. I wouldn't do this one handed this time.

I looked deeply into her eyes and saw they were wide. She almost looked afraid. My smile slipped, but she just shook her head and kissed me. It had been awe, I realized. She was in awe of me. It seemed wrong. I was the monster that would devour her. She was the angel who let me. She was the awesome one.

Even as her hands wrapped around my neck, I kicked my shorts away to place my legs between hers. I released one hand to pull her leg over my hip. She obliging raised the other while my hand returned to its safe harbor. My nails embedded in the wood and I clenched my jaw. Her eyes were still filled with wonder. I didn't deserve her, but I would give her what she deserved. And I drove into her.

I was careful never to move at full speed, but it took conscious effort. I imagined pounding in and out of her and wondered if that would actually be better. This way I felt every slip. It seemed perfect. Her hips tightened as I pulled out halfway. She moaned as I drove myself deep again, gripping the wood in my hands when her insides squeezed me. My eyes closed in a grimace and my head hung slightly. I had to wait for my control before I could slide out and go again. On my third thrust her moans were loud and her insides were massaging steadily rather than clenching wildly. I could resist this. My fingers were half-buried in the wood still and I thrust repeatedly. She tightened and loosed with each thrust, arching and releasing. Her hands wrapped in my hair again and pulled me to her hungry mouth. I met it happily, but kept my teeth closed. She was liable to slice her tongue open the way it was plunging between my lips.

I closed my lips on her lower one and pinched that as I had others today. I closed my lips just as I pressed in and she squealed again. "Bella." I whispered as I released her lip.

"Oh yes, Edward," she moaned. "Anything, everything for you." Her hips began to buck madly again, but this time I was thrusting into her as well. I used my grip to ensure my pushes never increased in strength regardless of how hard she slammed into me. She could push with all her strength, I would meet her with only slightly less.

The continuous movement on my part did something holding still in her had not. Her head fell back and she began growling and huffing. "Yes, Yes, Yes" she moaned with each wild buck. And she didn't stop, she kept thrusting, and so I did as well. Was she all right? Surely if she wasn't she would have stopped. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and it tossed from side to side. She continued to moan and thrash. Then with no warning, she stopped. I held still not pulling out or pushing in.

"Bella?" Was she well?

She was panting still although her entire body was relaxed. She lifted her head to look at me. "I don't know what that was, but I want to do it again!" Her eyes were as wild as her tone.

She let her head fall back again. "Maybe in a couple of minutes."

I laughed sliding from her. I attempted to remove my fingers from the headboard. The wood groaned and broke away. She took one of the pieces from me and turned it in her hands. She put her fingers in the dents I had made with a small contented smile. Her breathing was becoming more even, her heart slowing. I propped myself on my elbow next to her.

"Enough left for another go?" she asked, the wicked glint in her eye now.

I laughed and rolled her toward and under me. "Enough for several," I whispered in her ear, filling my tone with implication.

I saw her eyes close and she lifted her hands to put them on the board inside mine. She rose onto her knees.

I licked her earlobe and she shuddered. I swiveled my hips, making sure I was lined up. The board groaned a little as I skated over her slick skin. I caught on her opening though and pressed my tip in enough to catch. She gasped. I put my tongue into her ear as I pushed in with the same pressure as before. I gripped the wood to take the excess. I slid so quickly, so easily. She was so wet now. I could feel it on my thigh where it rubbed against hers. She moaned and clenched. I heard scratching. My eyes flew open. Her nails had dug into the wood too! Not nearly as deeply as my fingers were embedded, but she was clutching even as I was trying to keep still.

"You don't have to hold still, you know," I reminded her.

"Just fuck me, Edward."

I was shocked to hear the word, but that was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to feel me moving in and out of her not her moving on and off me. She wanted me to do this, and she wanted it this way. After a half-second, my shock ebbed and I was moving in and out again. I'd pull right to the tip and thrust in my whole length. I did it slowly, deliberately. Each time my pelvis banged into her buttocks she would arch, catlike, and moan, then duck her head to prepare for the next. Her reactions were so pure, so complete. Her thoughts were not hidden to me in this moment, although they were silent as always. I was sure all she thought was, More, More, More.

Her nails continued to scrabble on the wood and I smiled as I was able to release my grip a little. I was more in control than I imagined. Now I wanted to try something new. I pulled the wood with my right hand and dropped the piece immediately. I put my arm around her and used my fingers to spread and expose her clitoris. I put my middle finger on it. She shuddered and moaned. I heard the wood protest again, but I didn't grip any harder.

"Do you hear that?" I asked her directly into her ear, not stopping my slow pace.

"Mmmm?" she moaned.

"The wood?" I asked, I wanted her to know this, to share it with me. I curled my middle finger slightly over her clit.

She groaned and the wood protested again. "Yes?"

I put my lips to hear ear once more and moved my finger again. "That isn't me."

Her head came up, her eyes wide. I didn't give her a chance to think about it. I increased my pace, still making each thrust long and complete. Where there had only be two per second now there were five. I did grip the headboard harder myself as I started slapping into her with more speed. I realized that I was whipping up to hit my fingers and I pulled my hand away. I covered her hand, putting my fingers between hers. The slapping continued and she twitched with each connection. She was panting again, huffing. She was where she had been before, but this time I was coming with her. She splayed her fingers to make room for mine and I dug in harder increasing my tempo just a little more but concentrating not to increase the force. She panted and gasped and I felt wetness flowing down our legs. Something about that slickness pushed me over. I thrust harder than I had before and her collarbone pressed into the headboard, her head ducking. I was clenching the wood as tightly as I could and it disintegrated under my fingers. I shot over and over into her, my fire hers now and she screamed with me, in agony, in triumph and we slumped together to the bed.

I leaned to the side so as not to crush her under my weight, and she calmly though tiredly propped herself on her elbows. I watched her open her hand. She held four slender pieces of wood in it. I chuckled a little as she kissed one. Then I ruffled her hair. "Sleep!" I ordered. "They'll still be there when you wake up."

She tightened her hands around the shards and I worried a little about slivers, but I wouldn't dare take them from her. She placed them over her heart and curled to spoon beside me. Her breathing turned even quickly. I almost wished I could sleep. My body wasn't tired but mentally I was exhausted. And thirsty. Kissing her hair, I rose to write a note.