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Previously …

Cocking her head to the side, but at the same time locking her gaze with mine, she asked. "Do you know that Bill went to New Orleans?"


Sookie watched me very closely, while she was patiently waiting for me to answer her question. For once I was glad that our blood bond was still one sided, so she wasn't able to get a read on my feelings … and of course I was also very comforted by the fact that her peculiar gift wasn't working on vampire minds. But knowing that she was sometimes too observant for her own good, I didn't put it passed her, to pick up on my feelings nevertheless, just by looking at me. And just then she smiled at me, and it wasn't a genuine smile. Even though I thought that I had done my best to keep my facial expression neutral and calm, trying to hide my distress, some of it must have shown on my face.

Fuck! She is testing me … challenging me … in my own bar … under the scrutiny of other vampires … she's gotta be kidding me …stay calm … don't let her see that she's getting to you …

As a matter of fact that particular piece of information of hers had caught me quite off guard, which used to happen very rarely, thank God. And under normal circumstances I wouldn't give a damn about Compton's whereabouts. But as it was, all my subordinates knew that I liked to be informed beforehand when they were planning to leave my Area … or when they were planning to settle down here. The fact that Compton once again had disregarded my authority rather pissed me off. I had warned him not to bypass or betray me, but he'd obviously decided to ignore it. And what made the whole thing worse was that I knew perfectly well that he didn't have any connections whatsoever with New Orleans and its inhabitants, which left only one explanation. Sophie-Ann.

My mind was reeling. What reason could Compton have to go and see our queen? I didn't know what made me angrier … the fact that one of my underlings was in contact with the queen without my knowledge, or that it was Sookie who was making me aware of it. For the moment, I knew it would be best to play innocent, especially since we still were in earshot of other vampires. So I swallowed my anger and put on me best poker face.

"No, I did not know that." I finally answered her question. "Is there a specific reason why you came here to tell me that your boyfriend went out of town?" I waggled my eyebrows in suggestion, but she just rolled her eyes in answer. I knew it was a poor attempt to make her believe that I didn't care … but I just couldn't help myself, and it seemed to be working.

"Not precisely … it's just that he hadn't had the decency to leave me a message or anything." Sookie replied, her voice cold as ice. It was quite obvious to me that she was furious, but fortunately not with me or my behavior. I was pretty sure her anger was solely directed at Compton and the fact that he had apparently neglected to tell her in person that he was leaving.

"And I thought you might know something … with you being his sheriff and all." She shrugged indifferently, but I could sense hope underneath her composure. She was indeed here for information, information I would gladly give her, if I only knew all the details myself. But anyhow, I knew this was not the right place for us to talk about that subject.

A small part of me had wondered before why Compton had left Bon Temps so soon after just returning the other day, especially after what had happened in Dallas … not only with me and her, but with him and her. I'd thought he would be eager to fix their broken relationship as soon as she has returned as well, but it appeared that I was wrong … again. His loyalty apparently laid somewhere else.

I wonder if he really cares about her at all … or was it all just an act?

I spared Sookie a significant look, hoping she would understand without me actually saying it out loud that she was entering dangerous territory with her remarks. "Be it as it may … but since you are already here tonight, why don't I give you your payment for the services you'd provided in Dallas. Please, Ms. Stackhouse, join me in my office." I inquired politely, but not really giving her a choice on the matter. I stood up, signaling her to follow me into the back of my bar, and she immediately complied.

Good girl …

As soon as I closed the door behind her, I turned around. "I thought we've established the ground rules the other day. But apparently, I haven't made myself clear before … and I hate having to repeat myself. I won't say it again, my dear. DO NOT CHALLENGE ME IN FRONT OF MY UNDERLINGS." I growled. She cringed slightly, but then nodded in answer. "Good. Now, tell me what you do know!" I demanded gently but firmly.

She sat down on the couch, while I was leaning casually against my desk. "Nothing much … Bill had left a note for Jessica, telling her that he was going to be out of town for a few days. If she wasn't dating a friend of mine I wouldn't have known that he was gone." She sounded disappointed, and somehow I could concur. I wasn't the only one here how felt betrayed by this sorry excuse for a vampire.

"So you two hadn't had a chance to talk … or make up?" I asked, grinning at her.

"Oh, please, Eric, spare me the theatrics. I'm not in the mood for your fake sympathy." She moaned.

"My apologies, I didn't mean to upset you further. And you're right … I don't really care if you two will make up or not. No actually I take that back, to tell the truth I'd rather have you all to myself." I confessed without hesitation, gauging her reaction very closely. She was shocked by my blunt admission, looking at me with her eyes wide open. "Please, my dearest Sookie, don't try to deny it … I know that you can sense it too. There is something between us."

I openly smirked at her, loving to see her struggling for words. "Yes, I'll have to admit there is a certain pull … but it's just the blood, right? It will wear off …" She said, sounding uncertain but yet hopeful.

I shook my head minutely. Was she actually that naïve? "Did it wear off between you and Compton?"

"What are you talking about?" She was clearly lost.

"You've had his blood." I simply said, just stating a fact. I knew at least of one time. Compton had given Sookie his blood just a couple of days ago in my very presence, after she'd been attacked by the maenad. At the point in time I had thought that he was giving her his blood for healing purposes only, but now I wasn't so sure about it anymore. It was pretty obvious to me that Compton hadn't explained to her what a blood exchange truly entailed.

"Yes. So, what's your point?" She pressed the issue.

"How often?" I wanted to know, hoping it wasn't too late for making her mine.

"How often what?" She asked, still confused, and a little bit embarrassed.

"How often did you have his blood?" I clarified.

"Twice." She answered without any delay.


I smiled in triumph, barely being able to contain myself. "And I take it then it was more than just a few drops."

"Yes." She frowned. "Why are you asking me all these questions?"

I slowly walked over to her, taking a seat on the couch. "As much as I would like to explain my inquiry about your blood exchanges between you and Compton, I am afraid now is neither the time nor the place to do so. But rest assured I WILL explain everything at a later time." I promised. She needed to know what Compton had done without her knowledge or her consent.

"Okay. Do you have any idea why he's in New Orleans?" Sookie quickly changed the subject, a little reluctantly though.

"I have a pretty fair guess." I replied.

"And?" She pressed. "Will you share your guess with me or not?"

I laughed at her annoyance. "Of course, my dear. But you do have to remember that this is only a guess at this point. But since I know that Compton doesn't have any other connections that I know of, I am pretty certain he's there to visit our queen."

"Your queen?"

"Yes. I take it then you don't know about her, either." I shook my head again. How is she going to survive in our world when she doesn't know a thing about us?

"You have a queen?" She actually snickered.

Before I could answer, someone knocked lightly on the door. "Master, there is someone here to see you." Pam's voice announced. I knew she wouldn't have interrupted my time with Sookie if it wasn't important.

"I'll be there in a moment." I replied.

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