My new fic! Sorry i have been out of action for a while but I am planning on finishing ANBTW. This fic is rated M for future chapters. I will warn you when the mech on mech action starts! Couples include OPxJ, RxWJ, HxM, PxBS, SxS and a few others so watch out ^^

A Love Out of Reach

Life as a Gamma

Rank. Class. Breed. Within a society these small matters are regarded with ridiculous concern. For a society to function there had to be those with power and those with nil. On the planet Cybertron such a system was built and has lasted for almost thousands of eons. On this planet of sentient robots existed different classes, different breeds and different ranks of Cybertronian's. The highest rank was the Superior Class, or the 'S' Class, and they ran Cybertron. Those who existed within the S Class were Government Officials, Councilmen and even the Prime himself. There was a rumor though that only those with a Omega Rank within the S Class were qualified to be Prime whilst others claimed that the Matrix picked the Prime itself. The S class were admired and feared. Below them were the Alpha Class, or 'A' Class. These were high class civilians of Cybertron that were also dubbed as Towers since they lived in the glamorous cities of Cybertron and were well off. They were business mechs mostly and had fun where others couldn't with their rank. Under that class was the Beta Class, or 'B' Class. They worked of course but with their rank they were privileged to work in certain areas. Some of them worked for the almighty Cybertronian Army while others worked for the Enforcers as private investigators or achieved the rank of captain of their city. Other B class mechs would work as medics or scientists, some even worked as mangers for small companies. The next class was dubbed the Delta Class, or the D Class. They were the workers, the class that worked in mines, factories, small businesses and other such workplaces. If it weren't for this class Cybertron wouldn't be able to function. From couriers to welders, bridge makers to merchants they were main force behind the society built around them. One would regard them as the lowest of the low but if it weren't for the Gamma Class they would be.

The Gamma Class...hardly anyone paid attention to them. Cannon fodder was what one Government Official described them to be. A waste of metal was what others called them. They walked round the slums of the cities trying to find ways to earn their Energon for the day. They worked cheap labour that no other class would see do. They worked in dangerous mines that were too dangerous to enter. They worked as pleasuremodels for those who want a night of erotic pleasure they would gladly give up their bodies if it mean they get the credits. They clean sewage pipes from the interior and, if Scientists paid them even, allow themselves to be guinea pigs in experiments. They had no dignity, no pride and they didn't care. The system put them down there and that was where they stayed. Walking around the slums, huddling in small corners or getting into fights with one another for Primus knew why. Even though they didn't realize it the society needed them. They needed poor beggars like them to keep those in the higher up classes in their place. They would watch them from their Towers and mock them as they tried to survive for the next was how Cybertron was the way of it's people.

Iacon was one of the greatest cities on Cybertron. Like a royal jewel it was marveled by all. It was where the Cybertronian Defense was based and where the ruling Prime preceded. Half the Alpha population of Cybertron lived here so the city was rich in both credits and people. However beneath the glowing towers of light exisisted a slum area that was infested with the G Class population. The lights of the city drew them here in hopes they could earn credits and make a name for themselves. The lights from above made the place seem pleasant but it was full of petty thieves, con-artists and pleasurebots. Even though it was full of dangerous machines it was a rather interesting place to visit. Iacon was a snobbish city and those who wanted to have a bit of fun traveled down from the bright lights to darkened streets of the Iacon Slum district. Beta's and Delta's were the main ones to visit and the Gamma's welcomed them in the hopes they would blow all their hard earned credits on what they offered them.

In one area of the slum was a popular stop known as 'Iacon's Doorstep' which was known to it's locals as the best Energon bar in the whole district. It offered sweet Energon, cheap entertainment and all the whores you could wish for. It was a simple setup with tables and stools with a large bar that was run by hot, young mechs and femmes and a small stage where drunken mechs would try to entertain the crowd. Near the back were a large set of stairs where all whores and sluts hanged about, trying to lure guests into the rooms above. It was quite popular with all the Gamma's but if a Beta or Delta was in there it meant credits. Every now and then a group of them would come down from the great city to sample the cheap fun and it was at Iacon's Doorstep where they visited the most. The establishment itself was run by a rather crude and vulgar mech known as Mac. He ran the bar and owned all the whores that worked there. He wasn't pleasant and half the time didn't care what state his whores were in as long as the did their job. He even tried to whore off his own staff if it was needed. He would motherboard for the right price he was that low. In fact there was one mech he had been trying to action off to willing customers but he was a tough young Gamma who refused to bow down to him. He was quite a rebellious one who refused to acknowledge Mac as his master but he worked for him to earn his credits. Mac would of fired him eons ago but he was one of the main reasons his customers came back with his cocky smile, pretty face and his exotic model of a body it was no wonder many tried to woo him but he loved playing hard to get. In fact on that particular evening he was sitting on a table with his legs crossed entertaining the guests who were gazing at him with hungry optics. Mac was a little frustrated that evening and seeing the little glitch enjoying himself ticked him off a little.

'Get off your horny aft Jazz and get back to work!' he bellowed over the loud music.

The young mech, known as Jazz, gave Mac a frustrated sigh before looking back to the mechs he was entertaining.

'Sorry boys...duty calls,' he chuckled.

The mechs whistled after him as he walked away carrying his tray of empty drinking containers back to the main bar where an angry Mac was waiting. Jazz placed the tray down and folded his arms refusing to act petty in front of his boss.

'Y'know I was getting them to blow more credits on ya lousy drinks!' he snapped.

Mac growled and slammed his fist on the bar top. A nearby bar mech jumped slightly but Jazz didn't flinch.

'It looked like a whole lot more than upselling to me! I told you that unless I approve of it you whore your aft to no one!'

Jazz suddenly went a little red but got angry at the sudden accusation. Mac was always trying to get him to whore himself off and he would only allow just as long as he got half the profits from it. Jazz refused to lower himself to a pleasurebot and was trying to maintain what little dignity he had left. Working in this dump was eating away at it by the nano-click. Snarling slightly he snarled back at his vulgar boss.

'I wasn't whoring my aft to anyone you cheap piece of metal! I was doing what you told me to do...get them to buy me the drinks and then give them to you so you could sell them back!'

That shut him up when a nearby customer suddenly looked over with curiousgaze. Mac growled and leaned in closer to Jazz with a low but threatening tone in his voice.

'Listen here you worthless piece of slag...I run this joint and unless you wise up to me I'm going to throw you out quicker then a Beta throwing his credits away on drinks! Now get back to work!'

The young mech growled but kept quiet. He picked up a tray full of drinks and walked off to make his rounds whilst dodging and hopping over drunks. They were empty threats for he knew that he was one of the reasons this bar was running. In fact half the mechs and femmes were in here just to see him in the hopes they would get to spend a night with him. Sadly that would never happen for Jazz wasn't going to lay down and spread his legs for anyone. It was sad to say but even though he worked in this dump he was quite the romantic type and he secretly longed for the day when his true love would arrive and whisk him off his feet. The chance of that happening here was nil but it kept him going through the night. It was just a little fantasy he had as a Sparkling and even today he still dreamed about it even though he knew better.

A slap on the aft made him look over his shoulder at a drunken mech who was looking at him with lust filled optics. Jazz smirked and placed the drink in front of him. He was used to this crowd and he knew how to handle himself. He gave the drunk a seductive smile and a teasing gaze in his optics that sent the drunk giggling. Placing one hand on his hip whilst the other was gently placed on the drunk's shoulder he leaned in and almost purred. The drunk made a stupid giggle and his breath reeked of foul Energon.

'My am I thirsty...I could use a drink,' gasped Jazz, fanning himself with the empty trayas he stood back up.

The drunk suddenly motioned for another bar mech to get him a few drinks. Mac noticed and grumbled away but Jazz smirked and sat on a nearby chair, keeping his distance but trying to pull the poor mech deeper into his little web. He just gave the drunk an innocent but playful look whilst leaning back in his chair whilst his finger traced the rim of an empty glass. The mechs on the table looked at him with hungry optics but kept their distance in the hopes the hottie would make the first move. Once the drinks arrived Jazz picked it up but didn't drink it. Instead he stood back up and walked off with it but gave the drunk one last seductive look and a wink.

'Thanks sweetspark...I'll be thinking of ya whilst I down this...'

That made the drunk fall over whilst thinking of dirty thoughts. It made Jazz giggle but he quickly placed the drink on another tray and told the femme who was carrying it to sell it to the first mech she bumps into. The night dragged on until Mac gave the order to kick everyone out. His bouncers took care of this and soon the bar was empty but it would up and running in a few cycles when the next shift was ready and the second shift staff show up to take over from the first shift staff. Before they all left they were all given their credits which sadly wasn't a lot but it was enough to keep them going. Jazz frowned at his amount for it was a little less than last time.

'What the frag Mac!?' he snapped.

Mac snickered and shrugged.

'Sorry Jazz but the rent went up in this place so I had to make a few cuts. But if you want to make more credits why not join the pleasurebots?'

Jazz snarled and snatched his credits from the grimy mech who laughed as he walked away. He hated working in that dump but he had no where else to work. He wasn't built for hard labour and he wasn't about to give himself away for credits. Iacon slums was one of the safest places for a Gamma like himself. He was constructed over in Kaon but he left for back in the Kaon slums you were lucky to survive for a few mere cycles. It wasn't all that bad though. He had a little place to call home. A small building with small rooms that housed over hundreds of Gamma class mechs. His room was so small he hardly could move in there. He had what he needed though, a berth to sleep in and a small container to hold his Energon. Locking the door behind him he hopped onto the berth he glanced over at his favourite feature of the room. The small room had a small window and from that window he was able to see some of the towers that towered above him.

'Lucky glitch heads...' he mumbled.

He had always wondered what it would be like to live in those shiny towers and live a life of luxury. However fate had donned him a lowly Gamma rank of the Cybertronian society. Mechs like him weren't allowed to set foot in those amazing cities. The Enforcers would beat them until they were scrap and then throw them back down into the slums. Nobody cared about them, not even the mechs who were supposed to care gave a dam. Jazz sighed as he laid on his berth and fell into recharge. It would be nice to live up there...hell it would be nice if he met someone from up there and fell in love. He had seen some Beta's and Delta's who were dam attractive and wondered if the one he wanted lived up there and was waiting for him to show up. He could imagine living in a better home with every thing he ever wanted there including his dream bot. That was his dream and it was likely to remain a dream. What were the odds of him meeting a higher up who could whisk him away to a life pf riches and security? Fate was indeed a strange force on Cybertron.