Time for themselves

Although the room was bright, full of colour and the mood was a joyous one for everyone in there, Jazz could only stare at Optimus with optics full of woe, hidden behind his bright visor. They were currently celebrating their recent victory at gaining the support from a majority of Cybertron, who many now did not mind having the Gamma's live among them. It wasn't too long ago when Ratchet told him what the good and kind Optimus had gone through in his younger days. He could not help but stare at Optimus with a sad expression.

He could not believe that someone had harmed his beloved Optimus in such a cold way. He was such a kind and loving mech that he could not imagine that anyone would want to hurt him. To use him in such a vile way and tear his Spark up into a million atoms. It was so awful that Jazz found that it was making his Spark throb painfully at the very thought.

Everyone around him was smiling and acting like they were in the very precense of Primus himself. Even though his face was hidden behind a mask Optimus was smiling too, happy that his plans for the Gamma's was going the way he wanted it to. It was both touching yet sad.

Jazz sat away from the festivities, although a few had come up to him and wished him all the best in his on going efforts to help his fellow Gamma's. What had he done exactly? All he did was just stand there and look as pretty as he could be whilst Optimus tired himself out by filling out paper work, arragning meetings, talking with senators and council mechs, pushing himself to his very limits just to make a whole buch of unfortunate mechs and femmes happy.

Was he really happy? Was he just hiding his true feelings under that smile?

Looking into his glass of Energon Jazz frowned.

'What's wrong with you?'

Looking up Jazz found that Ratchet was standing over him with a casual expression. The medic had already finished his drink and must of been making his way to get a refill before noticing the sad Gamma. Jazz just shook his head and sighed heavily.

'It's...nothing really.'

'Oh please Jazz. I've only recently told you about what happened with Optimus. The best thing you can do for him and yourself is to move on and forget about it. He's already made it this far kid so don't fret about it.'

Jazz looked up at Ratchet with a horrified expression.

'How can you say such a thing? You acting like nothing has happened!'

'That's the point.'

Those words stabbed him harder than any blade could.

The pain that Optimus had gone through, the horrible expirience he had to endure...how could he just pretend that it never had happened? To go on living after expiriencing such a horrible thing.

He wanted to hold him, to hug him, to tell him that he cared...but would that be enough? Would those mere gestures be enough to show his concern? Would Optimus even accept it? Would he allow Jazz to comfort him or would he push him away?