"Seems like a pretty routine case boss. Petty officer was shot in the chest, shooter didn't bother to take his shell casings with him," McGee muttered, taking photos of the crime scene.

"Lest you forget probie, our cases are never "routine". I don't think I'd be surprised if robots were responsible for this," Tony commented, taking sketches.

"Do you always have to jinx it Tony?" Ziva sighed, collecting the shell casings in an evidence bag.

"Oh funny Ziva. And no I don't always jinx it," Tony argued as Gibbs returned, coffee in hand.

"Nope, you just seem to be psychic DiNozzo," Gibbs said, taking a drink of his coffee.

"Well, we just need Ducky to clear the body and we can leave," McGee added. As he stood up, a loud clanging sounded, followed by what seemed to be footsteps. Almost instantly, the four of them had guns drawn, moving to greet the intruder.

"You don't think the killer came back, do you?" Ziva asked, checking around a corner.

"More likely the FBI trying to take jurisdiction for whatever reason," McGee muttered, freezing when they all turned another corner.

"Me and my big mouth," Tony gasped, seeing the large group of robots, all now with guns pointed at them.

"Preparing for enemy termination!" a metallic voice shouted from behind them. Turning around, the team were met with a huge red, yellow and black robot with large arms, huge metallic claws and a Greek symbol on his left shoulder. The robot raised both arms, huge gatling guns emerging from his arms.

"All human units duck!" it shouted, the team barely ducking when the sound of machine gun fire echoed across the area, as did the clangs of bullets tearing through metal. After the machine guns stopped firing, there were only two large robots left.

"Activating countermeasures!" the red robot said, keeping one arm raised. Two small parts of its spiked yellow wrist ring popped up, a small rocket flying out of each and hitting the large mechs, blowing them to smithereens.

"All combat mechs terminated! Deactivating countermeasures!" the red robot said, towering over the team as they got up.

"Okay. Who the heck are you?" Gibbs asked, surprisingly calm.

"Designation E-123 Omega! Identification required!" Omega said, his own way of asking.

"Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS."

"Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo."

"Special Agent Timothy McGee."

"Special Agent Ziva David."

"So, you're investigating the death of that marine," a smooth, seductive voice said. From the rafters, a humanoid white bat and black hedgehog jumped down, landing in front of Omega.

"And who might you be," Tony asked, trying not to stare at the bat.

"GUN agent Rouge the Bat. Stripes here is Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate life form. Liking the view hot shot?" Rouge said, smirking as Tony looked away.

"Remember our lecture Tony," Gibbs said, aiming a pointed look at his senior field agent.

"There was nothing much to investigate. Marine stumbled upon the robots and got killed by them," Shadow said, already turning to leave.

"Hold it hedgehog. We need to know who sent those robots and who made them, and I have a feeling you're hiding something. Considering a marine was killed, this makes this our case as well as yours," Gibbs ordered, making Shadow sigh and turn around.

"Fine. The robots were created by Dr Ivo Robotnic, or Dr Eggman. As for who sent them, it wasn't Eggman," Shadow sighed.

"In that case, you're coming with us to NCIS. If we're to work together on this, we need to be briefed," Ziva added.

"In that case how are we going to get tin man through security?" Tony muttered, his comment picked up by Omega's enhanced audio sensors.

"Designation Omega! Not tin man!" Omega argued, pointing a claw at Tony.

"Right, are we going or what?" McGee asked, snapping Tony and Omega from their glaring contest.

"Very well, lead the way," Shadow muttered.

NCIS HQ-Forensic Lab

"Miss Sciuto, we have your temporary assistant here," Leon said as he entered.

"I thought I made it clear. No more assistants. I've had one try to kill me and another betray me," Abby called from her seat in front of a computer.

"I think you might like this one," Leon said as he let the assistant in and left.

"This technology looks so cool! And you operate each machine?" a young sounding voice asked. Abby turned around to be greeted by a yellow furred kitsune with two tails and bright sky blue eyes.

"Am I seeing things?" Abby asked, reaching out to touch him.

"Nope. My name's Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails for obvious reasons," Tails replied, reaching out a hand to shake.

"Abigail Sciuto. But call me Abby," Abby introduced, shaking the young fox's hand.

"So, did you hear about the robots out killing marines?" Tails asked, sitting down in one of the chairs.

"Leon did tell me about that. I heard an agent was killed by them, and that his team's guns didn't get through the armour," Abby replied, watching as Tails fiddled about with something in his gloved hand. "What are those?"

"These are something GUN and I came up with. They can basically turn a human into beings like me," Tails answered, showing the bracelets.

"So if I put one of those on, it'll turn me into something like you?" Abby asked, unable to hide her excitement.

"Yep. Want to try one?" Tails asked, eagerness in his voice.

"Okay, if you're sure it'll work," Abby said, picking up one of the bracelet. Instantly it changed into a bracelet with spikes on it.

"It changes form to suit the wearer's style," Tails said as Abby put the bracelet on. A bright light surrounded the forensic scientist as Tails shielded his eyes.

"Did it work?" Abby asked after the light faded. When Tails looked, his eyes widened.

"Take a look," Tails said, pointing to a mirror. When Abby looked, she saw a light grey bat with upward curved spines, black wings and long hair with black goggles with red tinted lenses. She was wearing a black shirt, a black skirt and knee high black boots. She was also wearing fingerless gloves with the spiked bracelet around her wrist along with a chain belt.

"Abigail, do you mind signing this for....me," Ducky gasped, seeing Tails standing there and Abby hovering a few inches above the ground.

"Ducky, what do you think of my new body?" Abby asked excitedly. She flew a figure eight around the lab before landing graciously in front of him.

"Abby, if you've been practicing Voodoo..." Ducky mumbled.

"I haven't! Tails gave me a bracelet that turned me into this! Just call me Abby the bat!" Abby exclaimed, pointing at Tails when she mentioned the bracelets.

"You can try one too if you like," Tails stuttered, unable to stop himself from asking.

"Young lad, are you sure you should be handing those out willy nilly?" Ducky asked, glancing at the bracelets in the kitsune's hand.

"Well, if I think they can handle the change, then I can give them to who I trust," Tails said, holding a bracelet out for Ducky to try.

"Oh, well in that case, if you insist," Ducky said, picking up the bracelet offered to him. When he put it on, a similar light engulfed him. As it faded, Tails gasped as the form of a light brown echidna appeared. The dreadlocks were short, as was his brown hair. He was wearing glasses, a white button up shirt, a brown belt with black trousers and shoes, white gloves and a brown hat.

"I must say young lad, I really like this form," Ducky chuckled, looking over it with awe.

"You look so cool Ducky. I bet no-one would recognise you," Abby said, already beginning to hover again.

"Well now, I think my assistant, Mr Palmer would need one too, if you don't mind," Ducky said, looking at Tails.

"Um, I only have five left. The Director took one and recommended a team I should give them too. Since there's only four in the team, I'd say your assistant can have one," Tails mumbled, handing a bracelet to Ducky.

"I think I know the team who he recommended. Good luck with whatever case involves these," Ducky said as he left.

"So who is the team? I'd like to meet them," Tails asked as Abby stayed hovering in front of him.

"Gibbs' team. Trust me, you'll love them," Abby said as the elevator pinged.

"Abby! You get the evidence we sent?" Gibbs said as he, Tony, McGee and Ziva walked in, freezing when they saw the fox and bat.

"What's with the stopping?" Rouge asked, her eyes falling on the grey bat in front of her. Shadow and Omega also noticed the bat.

"I'm guessing you gave her a bracelet, didn't you Tails?" Shadow asked, his red eyes sending a pointed look at the young kitsune.

"I still have the four for the team," Tails stuttered, uneasy from the hedgehog's look.

"What bracelets?" Gibbs asked, also looking at the kitsune.

"Better to just show you Gibbs. Just put one on," Abby said, taking the four bracelets and giving them to the team. Sighing, they put them on and a bright light engulfed them all.