As the team went to the bullpen, they received a lot of strange looks from the human agents. Rouge and Omega were already there, having seen the action on security cameras.

"Please tell me you saw what happened to the grey bat, Abby," Shadow said, addressing Rouge and Omega.

"We saw her being dragged off by a grey wolf. I doubt it's anyone we know though," Rouge answered as Omega rewound the footage to the appropriate point. Sure enough, there was the grey wolf, dragging Abby away without anything but the camera seeing him.

"Wait a second. What's that on the wolf's jacket?" McGee asked, pointing to an emblem on the wolf's jacket shoulder. As the camera zoomed in, it showed that written there in red was Abby's name with red angel wings beneath it.

"Boss, there's only one guy I can think of and he's in prison," Tony said as Gibbs got off the phone.

"He was, but scrap heap broke him out. Prison reports that that blue robot was responsible for it," Gibbs said, looking at the wolf on the screen.

"That answers how he escaped, but not how he got one of the bracelets, unless," Shadow exclaimed, moving to a computer. Zooming the picture in on the bracelet, he saw a familiar emblem. An egg shaped face with a moustache.

"Eggman! How'd he make one of those bracelets?" Rouge shouted, eyes still focused on the image.

"No doubt hacked GUN and found the blueprints. Then recruited someone with personal ties to someone at NCIS. What's this Michael's relation to Abby?" Shadow asked.

"Ex-boyfriend turned obsessed lover," Tony answered as Omega jolted forward.

"Scanners have located Metal Sonic! He is at this location!" Omega said, a wire coming out of his arm and connecting into a USB port. The screen changed to a map, a dark blue blip showing the robot hedgehog's location.

"Then let's get going! Me, boss man and Stripy can take him!" Tony shouted, earning a look from both hedgehogs.

"He's still moving DiNozzo. Unless this Eggman has got a flying base, then we wait until he stops," Gibbs ordered, still having the same look of authority as a hedgehog.

"In the meantime, the GUN commander wants to speak with you in MTAC," Shadow said as Gibbs went up the stairs, the black and red hedgehog close behind.

"I'd better take Mr Palmer here to the gym and get him some combat training. Not much, just the basics," Ducky said, leading the grey fox away.


As Leon looked to the door, he saw Shadow and brown hedgehog, whom he presumed to be Gibbs, walk in.

"You two look like twins, except for the colour," Leon commented, looking back to the white haired man on the screen.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs I presume," the GUN Commander stated.

"Sir. I believe you have a little "bot" of trouble," Gibbs said, a characteristic grin on his face.

"Yes, I assume you met Rouge, Omega and Tails," the Commander said flatly.

"And a blue robot called Metal Sonic. Can you tell me about him," Gibbs said, watching as the Commander typed something onto a computer.

"Unit Metal Sonic. Designed to be the robotic duplicate of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the first of Dr Eggman's robotic clone units, followed soon after by Tails Doll," a picture of a stuffed toy version of Tails appeared on the screen, "and Metal Knuckles," a robotic red echidna appeared "and most recently, the Shadow Androids. Despite his advances in technology, Metal Sonic has always passed expectations. Every time he's beaten, he comes back stronger than before. Do you know why he attacked you?" the Commander asked, his two coloured eyes sparkling in curiosity.

"He just aided in the abduction of our forensic scientist turned bat. Now Eggman has her wacko stalker working for him and who knows what that'll do," Gibbs said, looking at the Commander with his trademark "peeved" look.

"I see. Apart from the fact Shadow, Rouge and Omega are already assigned to work with you, I honestly can't do any better. Since this is Eggman, there's only one person more experience with dealing with him than any of us. So popular that even his enemy has something based on him," the Commander smirked, a look mirrored on Shadow's face.

"I imagine Tails is already out in the Tornado looking for him. How about informing the Chaotix?" Shadow asked, seeing the Commander pause.

"I'll get on it," was all he said before the screen went blank.

"So we just wait here for this Sonic to show up?" Gibbs muttered, his icy blue eyes fixed on Shadow.

"I said it would be best to have Sonic help us. Never said we were going to wait on him," Shadow muttered, glancing at where Leon had been sitting.

"Okay, so how do we get Abby back? We only just got these bodies today," Gibbs asked, meeting Shadow's crimson gaze.

"Let's just say I have someone who owes me a favour. She and her boyfriend would definitely be a huge help," Shadow mumbled, getting out a communicator as he and Gibbs left MTAC. Looking down on the bullpen, Gibbs noticed everyone was staring at the main monitor.

"Tin man's stopped movin boss, he's somewhere in this district," Tony explained, gesturing to it on the monitor. Looking at the screen, Shadow muttered something into the communicator before his eyes went wide, the communicator being put away before he looked out the window. He cursed under his breath loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Shadow, what's happening?" Rouge asked. When she looked out the window, she gasped as a dark blue, dark purple and black plane came in for a crash landing, its engines having caught fire.

"Why is that plane coming right at us?!" Gibbs almost yelled, looking at Shadow.

"The people I was talking to are on board. They were on their way here before I contacted them, then a missile hit their plane. It won't hit anything, just crash land in an empty part of the Navy yard," Shadow whispered as the plane soared overhead, a loud crash resounding seconds later.

"McGee, get Ducky and Palmer, tell them we may have wounded!" Gibbs ordered. As the blue fox ran as fast as he could, the brown hedgehog led the way with Tony and Shadow not far behind.

Upon arrival outside, the plane wreck was easy to find with several personnel looking in shock as Gibbs pushed his way forward.

"Move aside!!!" Shadow yelled, parting the crowd to allow him, Tony, Ziva, Rouge and Omega to pass. All four of them were shocked at what they saw.

The plane was almost completely wrecked, though mostly still in one piece. Their biggest concern was the plane's passengers, all three of them pinned under what had fallen off the plane. One was a dark blue hedgehog with seven drooping quills, each with a different coloured stripe on them along with black hair with dark blue streaks. All that showed off his clothing was a black shirt and fingerless gloves.

"Skyfire, what happened?! Any idea who fired the missile?" Shadow asked, trying to shake awake the unconscious hedgehog. After a small groan, Skyfire opened his sky blue eyes weakly.

"No clue, but it wasn't Eggman's," he groaned, trying to push himself up weakly.

The second passenger was a female purple cat with tanned muzzle and arms and long black hair. Rouge and Tony ran over to her, both trying to lift the piece of metal that was over the cat's legs.

"Is Skyfire and Miranda okay?" the cat asked, dragging herself out from the wreckage once it was off her legs.

"Skyfire should be okay, but we don't know about Miranda yet Cynder," Rouge sighed, helping the cat to stand while Tony went to help Gibbs.

"Boss there was three passengers. Someone by the name of Miranda is unaccounted for," Tony breathed, looking to Omega.

"Miranda is a black echidna. She should be easy to find," Omega stated, his red eyes turning blue as he conducted a scan on the plane. Meanwhile, Gibbs, Ziva and Tony had entered the plane's storage deck.

"Miranda! Call out if you can hear me!" Gibbs yelled, looking at his agents to see them shout the same.

"Life form located! Commencing rescue," Omega said as he walked into the hold, moving to the back of the area. Between the robot and his target was a wall of both wreckage and cargo.

"Come on, we need to clear this stuff away!" Tony shouted, already moving anything he could carry. After a minute, they found the black echidna, lying there unconscious with several cuts.

"Come on, we gotta get her to Ducky," Gibbs said, coughing a little in the smoke. As Ziva and Tony held the echidna under her arms, Gibbs grabbed her legs while Omega led the way.