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Chapter 55: Dream's End

Enter Pax:












I'm pretty sure this is what my thoughts were like. If nothing else, it was really similar. Ignoring the horrible pain in my side, I sprinted forward and body-slammed Bowser. The two of us fell into deep space, falling, falling, falling… the castles were falling behind us as well, but I didn't care. All that mattered was that Bowser PAID for what he did to Bombette. I began beating him as we fell, but my side hurt so bad, I was physically unable to move. I was on my last legs. I couldn't do anything else.

Then, something clicked.

I gripped my hammer in both hands, energy building up.

"Limit Break…" I said, holding my hammer over my head. "DREAM'S END!"

I then began attacking Bowser at all angles. I pounded and I pounded, I hit and I hit, I slammed and I slammed. I caused Bowser as much pain as I could with a hammer. The odd thing was that I was moving so fast, it seemed like there were four or five of me moving at the same time, all beating on Bowser. I moved up as I beat Bowser higher and higher into the sky.

When Bowser was a bruised and beaten as an over-ripe banana, I flew up above him, rainbow wings growing out of my back. I spun around in the air, then dived down at Bowser, turned like a bullet. My hammer held behind me, I flew straight through Bowser, my wings working as blades as they sliced through him as easy as a hot knife through butter. Bowser gasped as the gashes I slashed into him glowed. Then, the energy build-up was so great, that there was a final, HUGE explosion that could be seen all the way down from earth. The explosion was so powerful, it blasted even me back. My eyes closed, I fell back to the earth, similar to how Mario fell at the beginning of the adventure. I think I was in the middle of breaking the atmosphere when I blacked out…

My eyes fluttered open eventually. I sat up to see I was in a Toad house. My friends were gathered around me.

"You're awake!" Bow cried, and everyone gathered around me, thrilled.

"W-what happened?" I asked, putting a hand on my head. I began to remember what happened recently.

"Bombette!" I said, my head snapping up. "Is she…"

Everyone hung their heads.

"I'm sorry, Mario…" Goombario said, and he really meant it, I could hear it in his voice. I bowed my head, my heart feeling like it was torn to pieces.


I turned my head up to see the seven… no, now the EIGHT Star Spirits floating above me. Twink flew close to me and gave me a tiny hug.

"We're all sorry…" he said. After backing away, Eldstar flew up and dropped the Star Rod in my lap.

"After everything you've done for us…" he said, "I thought it was only fair you could make a wish."

"Really?" I perked up. "Does that mean I can-"

"It can't bring anyone back from the dead," Mamar shook her head sadly.

"Oh…" I said. I stood up and walked a few paces, feeling exhausted. I then said the first thing I could think of:

"I wish I was home."

Just like that, wind started billowing. It seemed like I was at the center of a tornado. The whole room faded away into multi-colored dust, revealing a long pit of light and images. I screamed as I fell, down, down, down…

My eyes shot open. I was staring up at the wooden ceiling above. I slowly sat up and looked around. This room… wait… it was my room!

I jumped out of bed and ran out, looking in a mirror. The face looking back at me was my own. I felt it with my face.

"So it was a dream…" I muttered to myself. Shaking my head, I returned to my bed, thinking such an exhausting dream deserves more sleep. I stopped short when I saw what was in the bed.

Sitting there on the covers was the Star Rod.

My hand shaking, I picked it up and examined it. Sure enough, it was defiantly the real deal. I wasn't hallucinating. Shaking my head, I flopped on my bed.

"Okay, I don't know WHAT that was," I muttered, my voice muffled by my mattress. "Right now, I don't care. I just want to rest and-"

"Pax?" my mom's voice called from a few rooms away. "Are you awake? C'Mon, breakfast is ready!"

Breakfast? I thought. I looked at my watch and groaned. October 20th, 2009. Tuesday. School day.

"You'd think after having a dream like I had, you could have the day off…" I muttered, sitting up. "Coming, mom!"

Leaving the Star Rod on my bed, I left my room. I had no idea then, but this was just the beginning of something crazier than I ever would have thought possible.

Enter Iuka:

I sighed as I stared into the sea below, waiting for George to come back with tickets on the next boat out. I couldn't help but let my mind wander as I remembered Coron. His dark skin… his white eyes… his-


I turned to see George walking toward me.

"Did you get the tickets?" I asked him.

"Yup," nodded George, sitting down next to me. "We're going to Rougeport."

"Rougeport?" I asked him. "Where's that?"

"Some kind of port town to the south," George said. "Hey… remember the guys we used to travel with?"

"You mean Team Nightmare?" I asked him. "Yes, I know them. What about them?"

"They're playing as a band in Toad Town Square," laughed George. "They call themselves 'The Nightmare Experience'. Crazy, huh?"

I couldn't help but laugh as well.

"I certainly didn't see that coming," I sighed.

"I did," George said, leaning back. "What with their interest in music and the fact they all lost themselves to the music last time we saw them… it was only a matter of time, really."

"Are they any good?" I asked him.

"They're not the Ramones, but they're alright," George shrugged. I blinked.

"Who are the Ramones?" I asked him, tilting my head.

"…never mind," George shook his head. We were both silent as we stared out into the horizon.

"Do you think… we'll ever see him again?" I whispered. George sighed and ruffled my hair.

"Kid," he said, "I have no idea. I do know, however, that our boat's leaving in a minute. C'Mon, we better get going."

He stood up and walked toward the boat waiting for us. Sighing, I stood up and followed. I took one last look at the horizon, thinking:

One day, Coron… we'll meet again, I know it. I love you…

With that, I climbed aboard the boat. The horn sounded, and we set off.

Enter Merlin(?):

I shuddered as I felt the boy leave the dream.

"Wow," I sighed, leaning back. "THAT was impressive."

"Oh was it now?" a familiar voice asked. I turned my head to see a Ninja.

"M-master Merlin!" I shouted, jumping up and bowing.

"No need with that 'master' nonsense Nozan, we're on casual terms here," Merlin waved dismissively, pacing.

"Um… pardon me for intruding sir, but why do you continue to take that form?" I asked him as I phased back to my normal form.

"What, this?" Merlin asked, looking down at his Ninja body. "I just like it is all. Makes me feel 623 years younger!"

"Right…" I said. "So, what do you make of the Dream Keeper?"

"He is… different," Merlin said. "He managed to hold off a Nightmare without aid from the Sword of Dreams, and… he activated his Limit Break."

"He is awakening," I agreed. "It won't be long before all his powers come to full wake."

"What happens then?" Tom asked, poking his face out from behind the curtain he was hiding behind.

"Great, now the intern's getting involved in manners with the Dream Keeper…" I muttered.

"Watch it now, we are all on equal ground here at this moment," Merlin said. "He has as much of a right to know as you do."

I muttered and crossed my arms. Merlin was a genius, the greatest Dreamer we ever had, but he was just too nice sometimes!

"To answer your question, Tom," Merlin said, turning to the intern, "when all of Pax's powers awaken… he will be ready to face off against the Lord of Nightmares."

"And then we'll win the war finally, right?" Tom asked excitedly. "No more running and hiding from Nightmares?"

"If the Dream Keeper's strong enough," I said.

"He will be strong enough," Merlin said with a smile. "I have faith…"

"If you say so, sir…" I sighed.

With that, Merlin created a portal and we left the dream and went back to HQ.

End of Book 1

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