(This takes place in early Eclipse, Bella still hasn't found out about the wolves yet…)

Gone Wolf Chapter One: Change.


The Cullen's were leaving. Leaving for an entire month. Esme had decided that they needed a family vacation, and they were all going to Africa to do a bunch of things they couldn't do here. Edward wanted to hunt a cheetah because they are so fast, Jasper; a Black Mamba snake, Emmett wanted to wrestle with a "real" lion because he says the ones here aren't strong as "real" ones... Alice and Rosalie wanted to get some new African dresses.

Carlisle was going there to help with the malaria problem and to try and find a cure for the disease. Which he probably would.

Edward was worried about leaving me alone; especially after what happened when he tried to remove himself from my life. I mentally shuddered.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward asked staring into my eyes.

I grimaced, "Just wondering about what Alice will buy in Africa…. Be sure to tell me how many dresses and other clothing Alice plans to get me when you get there." I warned him.

"I'll call before we get off the plane so you'll have time to run for the hills." He promised with a chuckle.

"Edward! Come on we're leaving!" Esme called in her motherly voice.

He rolled his eyes and leaned foreword to kiss me quickly and turned and ran to Carlisle's black Mercedes. Emmett waved from the back door and shouted:

" Don't do anything funny while we're gone!"

I blushed and could see Rosalie hit him in the head giggling. Alice called out of the window as they drove past:

" I'll get you tons of new clothing for you; you'll love them!" she cried smiling. I cringed, hoping she didn't mean that literally. I could hear them all laugh softly at my reaction.

Then Edward called sticking his head out the back window:

"Take care of my heart---." He shouted;

"I've left it with you!" I called finishing his sentence.

As they drove out of sight to the airport, I finally let my remorse appear on my face.

I would miss all of them. This week would take forever to pass.

I climbed into my truck and thought of what I would make for Charlie's dinner… Maybe I'll make some steak and potatoes like I had when I'd first moved in with him or…hmm. Already I was bored, I'd already thought of what to make and now I had nothing to do but go shopping. I stopped by the house to get my purse and told Charlie I was going to get groceries. As I drove to the store in my ancient red Chevy, I listened to the engine's roar as I pushed it to fifty.

I thought about Jacob, and how much I missed him: My best friend who had helped me when I was at my worst; he had lit up my days like a sun, and I hadn't seen him in months, ever since we went to the movie's with Mike. I'd never found out what was wrong with him. My phone calls were ignored; and whenever I drove to their house no one was home. I really missed him a lot. Maybe I could visit him while the Cullen's were gone, but I'd have to be sneaky about it though. Hmmm…

One week later

"Wow Bella that was great!" Charlie said after he had polished off the extra serving of steak and potatoes he'd eaten, I had eaten two servings as well. Must be a growth spurt. .

"Thanks dad." I said. Then I hesitated. "Dad, I was wondering, could I go to Jake's house tomorrow?" I asked.

He looked surprised, and happy. "Sure Bella, why wouldn't you be able to?" he said.

I shrugged, and then smiled, "well I'm going to bed…" I yawned. " Night, Dad." I said and walked up stairs. After I had taken a shower and put on my old Sweat pants and shirt for pajamas, I crawled under the blanket and fell asleep.

The next morning, I got up at 9o'clock and went downstairs for breakfast, after I had made Charlie his, I ran out the door shouting: "Cya dad, I'll be back later!" and drove towards La Push.

That's when I started to feel really strange… I felt as though some instinct was pulling me to la Push, like my life depended on me getting there. It was almost impossible to ignore. I drove faster, and my truck groaned and roared louder as I pushed it over 55,..60..,65… the truck's roar was deafening, and I saw some smoke come out of the engine. I pulled in front of Jake's yard just as the engine sputtered and died with a dull clunk.

I saw Billy; Jacob's dad staring out of the window at me in surprise. I ignored it and leaped out of the truck, slammed the door shut and walked up to the house. When I got to the door, Billy had opened it already and looked up at me from his wheelchair.

"Hey Bella, how come you're here… is Charlie ok?" he asked concern in his voice; he must of noticed how fast I was driving.

" I just wanted to see Jacob." I said, the pull was getting harder to ignore.

He looked reluctant,

"He's not here, Bella, he's out with some of his friends." He said, not looking me in the eye.

I heard people whispering almost silently in the back yard. One of the voices was Jacob's… he sounded miserable. I felt rage wash through me; how dare he LIE to me Again!?!

" I know he's here Billy," I said, "and you're not going to stop me from seeing him!" I snarled.

"Bella, he's not here." Billy said slowly, probably hearing the anger in my voice.

I felt a shiver of heat roll down my back; I was so enraged that I was trembling. I glared at him.

" Bella? Is something wrong?" he asked staring at me.

"IS SOMETHING WRONG? YES! THERE IS SOEMTHING WRONG, YOU'RE TRYING TO HIDE SOMETHING FROM ME AND I KNOW THAT JAKE IS HERE!!" I shrieked, at him my entire body shaking in rage. He had begun to roll away when I started screaming at him, and I could see panic clear on his face.

That's when I felt myself explode into a million pieces and I howled in shock. I panicked, backing out of the house, looking wildly around, and saw six or seven people run around the building, they all stopped in shock when they saw me. I was shaking uncontrollably and I was crouched down on the ground whimpering in fear. I didn't know what was happening. The pull, almost forgotten in my rage, was stronger than ever, and was urging me to go towards the group. One of them stepped foreword slowly, his hands raised, and I recognized Sam Uly, the leader of the la Push "cult" who had terrified Jake until he was brain washed.

"Bella?" he asked incredulously. I only stared at him shaking. He stepped foreword again, and I stepped backwards.

"Bella, it's ok, just stay calm…" he looked behind him, and said to someone I couldn't see: "you two, go shift so we can explain…what's happening." He said slowly, looking a little confused himself. I saw two people disappear around the corner, and seconds later, two huge wolves appeared around the corner. At the same time, two voices reverberated in my head and I could hear everything they were thinking. The reddish-brown one that I had seen before was avoiding my eyes looking to the side as if he where embarrassed.

It's ok Bella, it me, Jake…said Jacob's voice.

Hi Bella, I don't know if you remember me, but it's me, Seth Clearwater! Being a werewolf is awesome! He said in my mind excitedly

I couldn't believe it, these were the wolves I'd seen that day in the meadow with Laurent… I shuddered remembering. That's when I remembered something else, a story told to me by Jake when I'd first found out about the Cullen's… about how Quileute's are supposedly descended from wolves… oh my god…but, but, how did this happen?? I demanded staring at Sam, afraid to look at the wolves standing next to me, their thought's quiet.

We don't know…do you have a distant Quileute relative? Asked Jacob's voice. How could this be true, how was this happening?? This explained how I hadn't seen Jake since the night at the movies with Mike Newton……

Hahahhaa! That marshmallow Newton got sick from watching that ridiculous movie! Jake thought, and I could hear a wolfish chuckle in his mind, but also sadness for what had happened afterwards.

Bella, I'm really sorry about that, I couldn't go near you, because if I got too upset…I saw an image in his mind, I could hear Sam's voice. A beautiful dark-skinned woman stood in front of him. She said something and suddenly a remembered anger welled up in me and I saw a paw reach out and claw her face. There was a shocked silence and then she cried out in pain as blood ran down her face and arm. I felt a real agony as I saw her pained face all three of us cringed as we remembered Sam's agony at hurting his Imprint, his Soul mate...

The pull urged me, like it would crush me if I didn't obey, and I looked over and looked at the Wolf-Jacob closely. He looked at me too, meeting my eyes for the first time since I got here.

Looking into his red-brown face, I felt all the things inside me that made me who I was come undone as I stared into Jacob Black's wide wolf eyes. All the lines that held me to my life were sliced away in rapid cuts like the strings holding a bunch of balloons together. Everything that made me who I wasmy love of Forks, my mother Renée, Charlie my father, Edward, the Cullen's, the fear of my many enemies, my home, my name, my self—disconnected from me in that instant and floated up into space. But I was not left wandering, a new line held me where I was. Not one, but a million, not lines, but unbreakable cables, all connecting me to one thingto the very center of the universe. I could see that now,how the universe spiraled around this one point.


End of chapter one.