Epilogue: Dawn

As I opened my eyes, I was very confused. Where was I? How long had it been since…what? Who was I? I was lying on the ground, curled in a ball. As I leaned back to sit on my knees, I blinked, looking around. I was in a large clearing, surrounded by wildflowers and trees, and it looked like it was snowing. No, not snowing, ash was falling everywhere, coating the ground. I now saw that all the trees had been burned smoke still rising from the remains. There was something in the center of the clearing.

I got unsteadily to my feet. I looked at my arms and gasped. My arms were longer than normal, reaching past my knees, and were covered in black and white fur, and my hands had fur too, but where my fingernails would be were sharp, silver claws, about an inch long each. At the center of my palm there was a rough pad like those on a dog's foot. My feet were the same, but longer. I ran my clawed hands gently over my head, and discovered I had a long snout, and sharp teeth. I ran my tongue over them, and discovered I was thirsty. I kept feeling, and felt my edges of my ears. They were pointy, like a cat's.

What was I? I couldn't remember. I pushed those thoughts away from my mind and cautiously crept towards the thing in the middle of the clearing I was in. as I drew closer, I saw that it was a pile of burnt wood, with a pile of ashes in the center. An odd smell hung in the air around it, a sickly sweet smell, like the stuff they burn in churches.

Suddenly, that smell brought everything back to me. I was Bella Swan, daughter of Charlie and Renee, second female werewolf of all time, the imprint of Jacob Black, I was part of the Quileute Pack, we kept humans safe from vampires, vampires like Victoria, we were werewolves, but…not like this. Not like the Hollywood movies, we turning into giant wolves… Suddenly horror filled me; where was everyone? What had happened here? The last thing I remember was being bitten by that newborn, the fiery agony, and Lunabell coming. I looked around wildly. I could guess what had happened. The fire we were using to kill the army of newborns, had probably gotten out of control, and had started a forest fire.

I had to get out of here, had to find them. I started running through the trees, leaving the burned clearing far behind as I ran faster than I ever remembered running. Trees flashed past at the speed of light, everything was a blur, but somehow, I managed to not run into a tree. I followed the path I knew would take me to the Cullen's house. I was halfway there when I felt a stabbing pain in my lower stomach. I stumbled to a stop, and let out a gasp as the pain came again. I collapsed to my knees as the pain continued, and I felt something moving inside me.

Oh. My. God. I thought. Somehow, I knew instinctively. I was pregnant. I was filled with confusion as the pain continued. I remembered that night with Jacob, two days before the fight, but everyone said werewolves couldn't get pregnant! I mean, my…my "cycles" stopped for crying out loud! I felt my stomach and felt a large bump that I had somehow not noticed before. As I lay my hand against it, I felt something kick my hand. Tears welled up as I started to cry. Not because of the pain, but because I never imagined myself as a mom, and not just because I thought I couldn't have children after I became a werewolf. I'd never really liked children, always crying and making messes, but in that instant that I felt that kick, I desperately wanted this child.

As the pain continued, in the instinct of a wolf, I turned around from the Cullen's house and raced again into the woods, in search of a cave or an abandoned den for the child I would have soon. I didn't know how the Cullen's would react to me, also I didn't know if I could change or anything, or if I could talk in this form. I tried: but no good. It came out sounding like a broken snarl. I shook my head. It didn't matter.

Finally I came across the perfect spot as the pain became to get worse: an ancient wolf den abandoned years ago, it went in deep and had enough room for me and probably two full grown normal wolves. I crawled inside and curled up at the back, which was shaped like a large circle. It was pitch-black back here, but my eyes adjusted quickly. It was about 20 feet from the entrance, with a smaller tunnel behind me, probably for an escape route.

The pain came again, and again, as I lay down, here in the darkness of an ancient wolf pack's birthing den.