Leo sat on the floor as Toki was making calls. He was so worried that he felt he might puke on the newly installed carpet of Toki's floor. Leo closed his eyes and listened to the nearby clock to settle his nerves.





Monotonous. Repetitive. Never-ending. The clock just reminded him of the way his relatives were acting. He wished he could just rip apart the clock that controlled their greed. What am I thinking, Leo sighed. There is no imaginary clock that can stop my relatives. And real time is running out for Yuiko and their child.

His heart ached in his chest. He held back a burning sob. He bit his lips. No, I have to be strong, strong for Yuiko, and strong for you Baby.

I wonder if it will be a boy? Will it look like Yuiko or me? Probably look like Yuiko. SO CUTE!

His mind continued to wonder, as Toki's voice ascended in annoyance.

Leo turned to watch him now. Pacing the floor, shouting in a mix of Japanese and German. Finally after a fit of half understandable yelling, the phone was thrown down on the receiver.

Toki wiped the sweat off his brow and looked at Leo. Suddenly he ran at Leo and pulled him off the ground. They looked into each other's eyes.

"Yuiko will be fine. She will be" Toki almost yelled at Leo.

With a swift nod Leo agreed, trying to placate the almost feverish Toki. Toki released him and smoothed out Leo's shirt that he had wrinkled.

"I thought they would stop when you turned 18. I thought you and Yuiko would be safe…I am sorry" Toki sighed, pulling his hand through his hair in desperation.

"Toki this isn't your fault. Its theirs," He snarled the last bit in a beastly sort of way.

"Leo you can't go crazy on me now. You might end up hurting someone or yourself!" Toki grabbed Leo's shirt again forcing eye contact.

Leo calmed, after many years of being with Yuiko, the beast never had a reason to come out, so now it was incredibly dangerous to release a long trapped beast. Not even Leo knew what would happen.

"Yukio," He painfully whispered