Naughty List

"My god. What are you wearing?" Arthur sat back in his arm chair, for once not very ashamed to find himself admiring the view of the french man's body, barely hidden by the tight red polyester dress. Small ribbons accented the classic white fur, creating the illusion of womanly curves. Blonde hair curled around Francis' face attractively under the sparkly santa hat. In his gloved hands, he held a whip. They both knew it was just for show, but it definitely added to the effect.

"It was supposed to be your Christmas present. But I thought you might like it a little early." Francis easily strolled forward in the four inch pumps, hips swaying. He bent forward before Arthur, smirk devious, eyes lustful. Teasingly, he pressed a kiss against his husband's slack mouth before sitting on Arthur's lap. "I've heard you've been very naughty this year."

Arthur grinned, going along with the game, his hand resting on Francis' thigh, drawing light circles. "What will you do if I have been?" With a purr, Francis pressed them close together, hand skimming lightly along Arthur's chest. He could feel his warmth through his clothes. Already, arousal lit flames inside him.

"Well, I'll just have to punish you, won't I?" Their lips met, Arthur's mouth opening as Francis sucked on his bottom lip, teeth digging in before a smooth tongue swiped over the hurt. Arthur let out a soft moan, fingers raking through blonde hair, knocking off the glittery santa hat, leaving the curled locks mussed.

They parted for a moment. Francis took the time to readjust himself, straddling Arthur's hips, arms around his shoulders. The expression on the french man's face was similar to a Cheshire grin, only twice as seductive. They kissed again, Arthur's hand found the other's backside, barely covered by a silky red g-string.

"Oh yes, you've been a very naughty boy." The deep, desire darkened voice always sent shocks of electricity to his groin, fingers clutching into the red polyester as Francis ground down with his hips, knowing smirk devious.

"Then punish me." On the next kiss, neither could deny the distinct sound of giggles from the vicinity of the stair way. They both looked up, calmly detaching themselves. "We have visitors." Arthur said loudly enough to induce more fits of giggles.

Francis gave him a warm smile, lust still glazing over the expression. It took a lot of will power not to jump Francis right there, but he probably looked the same. "Indeed we do, when Mon Petits Cheris should be in bed." He blew both Matthew and Alfred a kiss, winking. "Bon soir."

Matthew nodded dutifully. "Bon soir, papa." He replied, pulling Alfred behind him back up the stairs. When the children were gone, Francis turned back to Arthur, a hand on his hip. The sight was erotic, accenting the curve of Francis' hips, the slope of the legs, the plane of his stomach. He looked wonderful.

"Did you like it?" Francis purred. Arthur nodded, retrieving the santa hat from where it lay forgotten on the ground. He didn't trust himself to speak just yet. As he came back up, he was met with another hot kiss. "Good. Merry Christmas, Mon Cher."