Ok this is the way they rank ski slope difficulties where I have been skiing –

Nursery/Green – Easiest

Blue – Quite easy, average

Red – getting harder

Black-Double Diamond - Haaaaaard

Haruhi nuzzled her flushed face into her scarf until only her eyes peeked out, she pulled her hat down over her ears and took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Pretending she was somewhere else, somewhere, anywhere but here.

'Ha-ru-hi!' almost identical voices called up the slope to her, 'hurry up, we're getting bored.'

Haruhi sighed and opened her eyes. She had no idea how she had gotten somewhere into the Japanese mountains, it's not like she was persuaded or anything, she really had no idea. One moment she was sleeping happily in her bed then next, bam, in some fancy vehicle halfway up a mountain. She was also no longer in her pyjamas but a pink ski suit. She had questioned the twins and Tamaki about that, they swore a maid undressed and redressed her but seeing as there was no maid in sight she was still suspicious.

Haruhi sighed once more, they even packed me clothes that aren't even mine. At least these ones are warm. I don't even want to know what else is in the suitcase though, Haruhi looked warily down the slope, it wasn't particularly steep but Haruhi was still nervous. She could feel her heart thudding against her ribcage, oh well, here goes, Haruhi straightened up her inwards pointed skis so they pointed directly down the slope and used her poles to push herself gently over the edge of her nice safe, flat area of land. Then she plummeted down the slope at full speed.

She soon overtook the twins who were calling her name and begging her to slow down. If only she knew how. She was just happy not to have fallen yet.

Then she saw the chairlift rapidly getting closer, the 'Warning! Slow Down!' signs were close enough for her to read. Haruhi started to panic, she didn't know how to turn without causing herself to fly in some random direction. She squeezed he eyes shut and waited for the inevitable impact.

Then she felt a familiar sensation, one she felt when she first met the hosts. She opened her eyes and smiled.

'Hey Mori-senpai, thanks for that but uh... you can let me down now,' Haruhi tried to flail her legs but the skis were too heavy. Mori didn't release his grip.

'That was dangerous,' he muttered, his expressionless eyes met Haruhi's. Kyouya and Huni stepped from behind the tall senior.

'If you had gotten hurt the profits of the Host Club would decrease. We can have that, can we?' Kyouya smiled his ice-king smile.

'What Kyo-chan is trying to say is he's worried about you getting hurt,' Huni nodded seriously, Kyouya coughed and looked away.

'Sorry but nobody taught me how to ski, I don't know how to turn or stop,' Haruhi shrugged as best as she could, Mori lowered her gently to the ground, all three boys looked a little guilty, than she grinned, 'but I have to admit, I haven't had that much fun in ages.'

Haruhi heard a kind of whining in the distance that grew to a scream.

'HARUHI!' (A/N: I don't usually used capitals but I'm afraid Tamaki needs them XD) Tamaki came hurtling from the distance, the twins not far behind.

'Oh dear god,' Haruhi sweat dropped her smile fading, this time nobody was going to stop the impact. Tamaki didn't slow and grabbed Haruhi in his hands before turning to a standstill, Haruhi dangled in a hosts grasp for the second time in less than five minutes only this time her face was turning blue and she couldn't breathe.

The twins pulled her from their King's grasp, for once she was happy to have them tug at her.

'That was amazing,' they gasped, 'you were like a rocket.'

'Gee, if only I planned it that way,'

'Let's go on a steeper one now, that one was easy, it was only a blue!' the twins didn't seem to hear her as they pulled her towards the chairlift. The rest of the hosts just followed behind.


They were standing on a freezing cold mountain, far higher than they had been before. Haruhi's body started to feel the chill underneath her expensively manufactured ski suit. Her teeth chattered and she breathed into her scarf hoping the heat from her breath would warm her face.

Tamaki seemed oblivious to the cold and was grinning cheerily, 'now we have to choose someone to be Haruhi's teacher,' he looked around at the semicircle the hosts had formed, 'who is the most controlled skier?'

That put the twins, Tamaki and Huni out of the window. There was only Mori and Kyouya left to choose from.

'Mori-senpai is already looking after Huni-senpai so that just leaves you Kyouya!' Tamaki grinned at his friend. Kyouya just nodded, he didn't look displeased but he didn't look all too happy either.

'Senpai, if you don't want to you don't have to,' Haruhi looked up at Kyouya, a small frown on her face.

'No, no, it's quite alright. Come, Haruhi,' Kyouya lead the way to a rather more difficult slope, a red edging on a black. Haruhi's eye twitched at the way he called her like a dog but she followed him, grumbling.

The other hosts quickly sped down the slope, leaving Haruhi and the Shadow King alone at the top of a mountain.

Haruhi shuffled uncomfortably, Kyouya looked down at her.

'We're going to skip snowplough, that's how most beginners start but it's easier for me to show you how to stay in control if you parallel ski. You have to face both your skis down the mountain so they are parallel to each other, good, now watch,' Kyouya went slowly over the side and sped up then bent his knees while twisting his skis sharply so they were facing the side of the mountain instead of down.

'That is how you stop,' he smirked slightly, much to Haruhi's annoyance. She copied him and started slowly, 'Stop just below me,' he called as she started to move.'

She felt the crunch of the snow under her feet, as she speed up the cold wind made her eyes water, she blinked so she could see clearly and realised she was already below Kyouya so twisted sharply. And fell over.

Kyouya skied to below her and pulled her up, 'you have to twist your hips then your feet should follow,' he didn't mock her but helped correct her mistake.

'Thanks,' she mumbled and then tried again, skiing a short distance then twisting her hips to the right in a quick movement. She grinned happily when she came to a steady stop.

'Good,' Kyouya skied passed her than called over his shoulder, 'do the same but more gently to turn, it helps you slow down.'

Haruhi ignored the smirk in his voice and followed him, copying his turns. When she relaxed into a rhythm she took the time to look at all of the other people skiing around her. There were some tiny children staring around, sucking on their gloves and scarves, their skis almost crossing as they made their way slowly down the mountain, some children were faster than her and better skiers but Haruhi wasn't bothered, she was quite happy although she had the urge to fly down the mountain like before. She strangely liked the rush of adrenaline but she didn't need Mori to tell her again that it was dangerous, for both her and other people.

She saw and empty gap in front of her and grinned to herself, she could zoom quickly down this bit at least, she could see the other hosts calling up to her and Kyouya,' Haruhi stopped turning, Kyouya was already quite far in front, she turned her skis forward and rocketed down to the bottom. She got to the bottom and turned sharply, did a 180⁰ turn and fell over backwards.

Huni's head appeared, 'you ok, Haru-chan?' he offer her his hand and, although he was far small, her managed to pull her unto a seated position.

'Fine,' Haruhi smiled, she was hungry for the adrenaline rush she had felt twice now. It was different to anything she'd felt before.

Maybe I've lived a too sheltered life, I mean, I can't remember doing anything other than studying and occasionally swimming in the local pool. I'm glad Tamaki planned this winter trip, even if he kept it as a surprise from me. Tamaki + surprises = NOT good.

As Haruhi managed to stand up Kaoru pointed something else, 'it's getting quite busy, maybe we should have a break before we do any more skiing,'

'Yeah, and we can get the maid to bring our snowboards from the chalet,' Hikaru seemed enthusiastic.

'Why don't we go there,' Tamaki pointed to a tiny little shack sitting miserably at the edge of the slope, a man behind a wooden 'counter' was serving beer to two depressed looking old me. Tamaki must have had some commoner idea in his head.

'Senpai, even I wouldn't go there,' Haruhi gave him a look, Tamaki would have sulked in a dark corner but seeing as snow is white and the only dark trees were down a very steep drop her just had to settle with crouching on the snow, poking a small rock. The next time he looked up the hosts were almost out of his sight, heading to a log cabin café. He stood up and promptly fell over again, quickly taking off his skis next to everybody else's and ran after them, well, as fast as you can wearing thick plastic boots.

'WAIT!' he shrieked, receiving a few weird looks. He was ignored by the hosts.


After sitting in the warmth waiting for lunch hour to start they headed out to ski (and snowboard) on the much emptier slopes.

They did a mixture of difficult and easy slopes, Haruhi sat at the bottom and waited while they did the most difficult runs. Even if she was a fast learner she'd probably stand more of a chance jumping off a cliff than trying to ski down the slopes.

I was nearing the end of the day, Huni was nearly rolling down the mountain the amount of times he was falling over from fatigue and Haruhi's eyes were starting to droop, her limbs were aching so as they went down a red slope she slowed down to a leisurely pace using snowplough as it was easier so she could almost literally sleep on her feet, keeping to the side to keep out of the faster skiers way. Kyouya had remained in teacher mode for most of the day and occasionally pointed out mistakes she was making and improved her technique. He was skiing a few metres in front of her now as would occasionally turn 360⁰ or ski backwards. Haruhi wasn't sure whether he was subtly trying to show off or if he was keeping an eye on her.

The twins were chatting to each other behind Haruhi by about five, six meters. They heard yelling behind them and looked to see a group of boys yelling at each other, they were obviously racing as they were going extremely fast, as in Haruhi-doesn't-know-what-she's-doing fast. They were looking everywhere but in front of them, the twins both swerved into the cover of the trees for shelter.

'Morons,' they both yelled as the group of boys sped past them, 'Haruhi, get out of the way, quick!'

Haruhi turned sleepily just in time for the first two boys who were racing neck to neck, hurling playful insults at each other. The one closest to Haruhi clipped her ski and she slipped, falling into the trees.

'You hit her you dumbass,' one of the boys shrieked as he passed Kyouya.

Another boy looked behind him, 'sorry girlie, my bad,' he called laughing then raced to the bottom of the slope.

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