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They rode in a comfortable silence Gwen leaning into his chest and Arthur holding her. Gwen had her eyes closed enjoying feeling safe in his arms, when they stopped.

She opened her eyes and gasped, she was dreaming. The first thing that her eyes could focus on was a beautiful waterfall entering a turquoise blue lake, and flowers, fields and fields of flowers she had never seen such a beautiful place, she just couldn't take it all in.

Arthur got of the horse and he helped her down, he walked the horse to the water. He grabbed a blanket from the horse and placed it on the ground. He then unpacked the lunch that Merlin had prepared for them, meats, cheese, fruit and some wine, he had to admit Merlin had done a good job.

Gwen just stood there with her mouth open in shock. Arthur watched Gwen pinch herself and smiled.

"Guinevere will you sit with me" he said.

She seemed to snap out of her dream and sit next to him facing the water. She did not know what to say, where to start, so she started with the basics.

"Where, why, how?" she stammered her mind still in shock.

Arthur smiled "Where I believe is the first question. We are South of Camelot I am not sure of the name of the place and how, well we got here by horse" he smiled.

She blushed but chuckled at her silly question. He continued on.

"Now why, is that Why here or why are WE here?" he said gently.

"Both" she said.

"We are hear because I used to come here to think and I thought you would like it and" he took a deep breath. "Why I brought you here, is a slightly more complicated answer" he said. He poured them a glass of wine and passed her the glass which she took with a smile.

"Thank you, for bringing me here, its a very special place" she said blushing.

You are a very special person he thought but answered with "You are welcome".

He filled a plate with food for Gwen and for himself and they ate in comfortable silence. Arthur thought about how he would approach the next subject, he was using food to stall the conversation he had been dreading and the wine.

When the finished the food he stood up, offering out his hand.

"Will you walk with me Guinevere" his stomach disappeared in fear as he said it. He had to admit in all the situations he had been in battling wilder beasts, army's of men, he had never been as frightened of anything more than the thought of loosing her.

She took his hand and they walked together.

"Words are not my strong point as you know Guinevere" he said, he looked at her and she gave a slight smile. "I am more likely to offend than to say the right thing" he said honestly.

She smiled. "You are not the only one guilty of that" she said smiling.

"Oh yes the Pig compliment" at this they both laughed.

"I am sorry about that" she said smiling.

"Oh really" he said teasing her.

"Maybe not, but as they say honesty is the best policy" she said smiling.

"Thank you Guinevere" he said pretending to be upset. It was so easy to be with her, even when they are in silence it didn't matter just being near her completed him somehow.

She smiled and then her expression changed as if a cloud had passed through her, and he remembered that today was not a day for laughing.

"I am sorry Guinevere, I know today is a difficult day. If you would like to return.." he felt like an idiot of course she did not want to spend an afternoon with him today.

"No" she placed a hand on his arm as he started to walk back to the horse. "Please I would like to stay, if you want to of course" and she blushed. She knew she should be mourning but she was sure her father would not want her moping around at home. But on the other hand she doubted he would approve at her being along with Prince Arthur either.

"Of course" he said and they continued walking.

A silence passed between them again and Gwen was wondered if he would ever talk to her about what was troubling him.

Arthur stopped and rubbed the back of his head.

"I am an idiot Guinevere" at this she looked puzzled.

"I will need to ask for your forgiveness once more, it appears I seemed to be doing that a lot lately" he said pacing around.

"You do not need to seek forgiveness from me" she said. It seemed stupid that the crown prince would even want forgiveness from a servant.

He stopped pacing and looked her, he was so close she felt like her heart would stop.

"That's the thing Guinevere, your opinion of me matters" he sighed "More than anyone Else's" he said quietly.

She didn't know what to say, so she just said "You have never done anything that needs forgiveness, if anything I should ask you for forgiveness" Gwen thought back to the times where he had hurt her and each of them had a reason, Lady Vivian - Drugged, Bad house guest - Prince/Servant and he changed his ways.

He strocked a curl away from her face and sighed, it would be so easy now just to kiss her and not tell her how awful he had been spying on her, but he could not.

"I am a fool Guinevere, I have something to tell you that might change your opinion of me, not that I suspect it was very high anyway" he said half smiling.

"I respect you more than anyone" she said softly.

Argh he stepped away from her "Guinevere you are so...." the words didn't want to come out.

"I am sorry if I offended you sire" she said, she did not know what she had said, but she didn't want to upset him.

The words that he had struggled with just came flowing out "Perfect you are perfect and beautiful, smart, honorable you are the most wonderful person I have ever known and for you to think ill of me would destroy me" when he looked back at her she had a single tear falling down her cheek.

"You think I am Beautiful?" she said.

He approached her and looked into her eyes "Yes very" he said rubbing away the tear with his hand.

She just wanted to kiss him but she could not, he had a confused look on his face. "I need to tell you what happend today", he closed his eyes as he could not bare to look at her.

"I came to your fathers grave to pay my respects this morning, you arrived and I hid so that you could have time alone" when he opened his eyes to look, her jaw had dropped and she had mixed emotions.

"You heard?" was all she could say.

"Yes, I am ashamed I stayed, I just could not walk away, I wanted to see if you were OK, to be there if you needed me, but then I heard what you said and I couldn't leave" he looked down in shame and waited for her to snap.

Gwen fitted all the pieces of today together like a puzzle, the feeling of not being alone, the flowers, the sudden need to talk and she just closed her eyes. Was she angry, embarrassed, disappointed, she didn't know, she just felt numb.

When he realised she would not speak he continued on "I know I have behaved without honor and I am ashamed of my actions" he said and took a deep breath.

Gwen said nothing just looked down.

"Please Guinevere just shout at me or hit me or something, don't be silent I cannot bare it" he pleaded.

"Private it was private" was all she could say, she did not have the energy to be angry.

"I know and if I could change this morning I would, but I can't" he took a deep breath he felt dreadful the fact that she wasn't shouting at him made him feel worse.

"That is why you wanted to talk to me?" she said almost to herself.

"Yes, not only to tell you what a prat I have been but" he took a deep breath.

"You said your departure would only be a short burden on me and I wanted to tell you that you wrong" he rubbed the back of his head trying to think of the right words.

"I can't even bare thinking about loosing you Guinevere, you have become more important to me than the air I breath" he said honestly. She looked up at him but he was looking up thinking how to continue.

"I know that I have nothing to give you only words, and that I am even not good at that" he had started pacing while he was talking.

"But my heart belongs to you Guinevere and the thought of you not being near makes me feel sick" he said pacing.

"I know that you think I will find someone else, but you do not know how I feel" he stopped pacing. "You have opened my heart Guinevere and filled it up, there is no room for another" he dare not look at her, she had not said anything and he had never felt so exposed in his life. He just lowered his head and closed his eyes he didn't know what else to say.

Gwen looked at him, he was standing there with his eyes closed waiting for her to say anything. She approached him and stood up on her toes and kissed him lightly once on his lips.

"You know that our future is impossible" she said in a whisper.

"Not impossible just a slight challenge" he opened his eyes as he spoke still feeling the tingle on his lips. He looked into her beautiful eyes and said "I love you Guinevere, please forgive me" and he heard her take a deep breath.

"I do not have the strength to be angry with you Arthur" she said honestly. Arthur was intoxicating and when he was this close she could not think of anything else but him.

He Lent down and kissed her gently. When she opened her eyes and looked into his blue eyes she melted, the walls destroyed and none to replace them, there was no way she could ever leave him, no one could. "I love you Arthur Pendragon" she said in a whisper. His face broke into the biggest smile and he picked her up and spun her around and then kissed her. She was dreaming definitely.

"Put me down" she giggled. He did but he did not let her go he just smiled.

"You don't know how long I have waited to here those words, you are my own personal fairytale Guinevere" he said and she laughed.

"Not castles and horses" she said.

"No just you and me and this" he kissed her again and then scooped her up.

She had to admit she was the luckiest servant in the world, no matter what the future held for them, right here and right now in his arms she was not a servant but a women in love with a wonderful man.

He placed her gently on the rug and then lay next to her.

"So whats the plan then?" she said to him.

"Well I thought we would lay here, kiss, talk, kiss umm we could kiss!" he said teasingly.

She laughed "I meant what next when we return to Camelot" he sighed at this.

"Don't mention the C word! Argh!" he said placing his hand over her mouth joking.

She kissed his hand until he moved it.

"I am sorry to have mentioned it" she teased.

He rolled over onto his side and looked at her, she was beautiful the sunlight was reflecting on her perfect skin. "I am thinking we don't go back" he said kissing her on the nose.

"Arthur! be serious" she laughed at him.

"I am" he said kissing her on her cheek. She gave him a serious look, as much as the idea of running away with him sounded perfect, she could not allow herself that dream.

He rolled it eyes "Guinevere, you are no fun" and he laid back down thinking.

"Well the way I see it we have a few options" he said and it was Gwen's turn to roll on her side and look at him.

"One we kill my father" he said half serious and Gwen hit him

"What, if you carry on kissing me like that I will have to!" he said trying to act serious.

She laughed "No kissing then?" and he pouted.

"Forget one then" he said smiling

"Two we run away together, far away get married and have a family" he said smiling he liked the idea of that.

"Arthur please be serious, how would we live?" she said smiling at him mentioning marriage and a family.

"I have money, we could live somewhere like here, we can grow old together" he said.

"As much as that sounds wonderful" she said kissing him in between each word. "Camelot needs you" she said and he rolled her over and kissed her.

"I need you, that's all I NEED" he said.

"Arthur!" she said trying to act serious.

"OK" he pulled himself off of her and sat back next to her, she sat up too and straightened her dress, as much as she wanted to just kiss this conversation away she needed to talk about it.

"The only other option is we wait, keep our love a secret and when I become King, you will be by my side as queen"

"you don't seem to happy about this one" she said honestly. She also had to admit that this was a hard path with no certainties.

"I might be all old a wrinkly by then, you might not want me" he said shaking his head.

"Of course I will" she said smiling.

He sighed "Old and wrinkly and snoring like a pig" he shook his head again. At this Gwen burst out laughing.

"Well if you put it like that maybe not" she said and with this he kissed her and pinned her back down to the rug.

"Say you will always want me" he said kissing her neck.

"What even with the farm noises" she said laughing and he kissed all up her neck and along her ear, she shivered, he was driving her crazy.

"Ok, ok I promise old wrinkly, pig noises the lot anything, I promise I will still want you, now please stop" he smiled and stopped.

They stayed like this for the rest of the afternoon, she couldn't remember the last time she had been this happy or if she had ever been this happy. She was in the fairytale now.

And her father watched down on her and smiled. 'You were always meant for bigger and better things"