Author's Note: A short little thing I wrote yesterday, because I was bored and ended up writing.

"My mission is to protect John Connor."

That was the phrase that she always used when she was trying to avoid a situation that would have her talking about her personal interests. Everything was to do with John Connor, which meant that anything she did was for the protection of said John Connor. He was smart enough however to understand that when Cameron looked at his mother in a certain way, that was not for the protection of John Connor.

In fact whenever Cameron sent his mother that certain look he understood that he was gone from her mind and she wasn't processing the fact that he existed anymore. Whenever he saw that look in her eye he could tell that Sarah Connor was the only thing that she was focused on. At those moments his mother was the only thing her mind was processing.

John could see the moment when her mind disconnected from the mission and she was able to process her feelings. She made sure that she only ever did it when they were at home and less likely to be attacked. He could see that her mind cleared of the mission and Sarah became her focus. The only things that mattered were the things connected to Sarah.

At first he had been skeptical whether or not the feelings could ever become mutual, but then he saw the way that his mother would end up looking at Cameron out of the corner of her eye. The shy look of a teenager caught in the throes of their first crush.

He knew his mother was a long way from her first crush. She was probably even experienced with the liking of another girl. He knew that for all intents and purposes her attraction to Cameron was much more powerful than anything she'd felt before, even for his father.

When he saw the times that they shared the looks, when their eyes locked gazes in the distance between them he was sure he had detected sparks coming from them. He didn't mind. The smile that spread over his mother's lips whenever Cameron caught her eyes like that: the shy in love smile, would make his day and set a smile on his own lips. It was the same with the slight quirk of the lips which Cameron would do. He knew that meant more than the brightest smile from the girl.

It was when he first saw the tiny kiss Cameron planted on his mother's cheek that he was able to believe that they had a future together. He'd seen the way that his mother blushed and held Cameron's hand within her own, and the way that Cameron had bowed her head to whisper words into Sarah's ear.

He'd seen them happy, which was all he could wish for in his mother's case. Her happiness was paramount to him, and he was glad she'd found it in Cameron.