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Chapter 1:

They faced each other for the right to challenge the current Honinbou, Ogata Seiji, for the title. For the Go world, it marked a landmark match for the New Wave of Go. For the two rivals facing each other across the goban, it was one more step in search of the Hand of God.

That match was Shindou Hikaru's first victory against his legendary rival, the prodigy Touya Akira. His chest filled with joy at his triumph and, almost instinctively, he turned to share the wonderful moment with his beloved ghostly friend.

It has been 3 years since Sai had left him.

These days, it was rare for him to let himself forget... let himself fall back into the all too familiar patterns of believing the ghost would still be watching over his shoulder. And yet, caught up in the moment, a victory that needed to be shared with the one who had set him on this path, he'd let himself forget.

The tears replaced the joy, his hands clenching his sacred fan for support.

"Shindou?" asked Akira, wondering what had happened to the light in his rival's eyes.

"I'm okay, Touya" replied the boy, sniffling a bit and whipping his nose unceremoniously on his sleeve. "I just wished he'd been here to see this". Touya didn't need to know who he was. While he rival still hadn't revealed the whole truth behind the Sai mystery, it was clear the man filled Shindou's thoughts constantly. Touya wondered what it would be like, to loose someone that close, someone who in many ways appeared to be Shindou's mentor, and struggled not to forget all the decorum and hug his friend.

They both stood up silently, waiting until Shindou had composed himself before opening the doors and exiting to the throng of reporters. Even some of the non-Go newspapers had covered their match – the new wave causing stirs far beyond the normal reaches of the game.

And as the cameras anxiously waited for the doors to open, kami knew it was time to return that which had been lost. In a voice that the world had long since forgotten, a single phrase was spoken:

"Can you hear me?"


Author's Note: Hope you guys enjoyed that chapter - sorry for the teaser ending. And yes, I know different translations vary between "Can you hear me" and "Can you hear my voice". Duly note.