Migoto Kitsune

Chapter 1

It was early in the morning and a young boy was training in chakra control, and was already beyond everyone else in the academy. He was currently atop the Hokage Monument, upon the head of the 4th Hokage, balancing on a combination of weapons. His hands were gripping a pair of kunai, which were balanced upon a pair of four-pointed shuriken throwing stars, which were balanced upon a pair of sebon needles, the tips of which were embedded into the head of the Fourth.

His body was stiff and straight, his long blonde hair was about 4 inches off the ground from where he was balancing. His body was well built and had no blemishes on it. He had a 9 tailed fox tattooed around his torso; he was wearing a pair of black and orange tights and black sandal boots.

He inched up the kunai daggers and started doing finger push-ups to keep his body strong and powerful. After the sun started to rise, he leapt from his kunai and grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off of his body. Washing towards a nearby waterfall, he took off his clothes and walked under it to clean up. It was a quick shower, but once done, he re-dressed himself, grabbed his face mask and put it on. It was a plain platinum mask with a marking that looked like a capital 'J' on the left side of it; it had a strap on the back that secured it to his head.

He looked at his reflection in the water and smirked under the mask.

"I am gorgeous," he said softly and seductively.


As a child, Naruto Uzumaki had figured that for people to love him he must cute or beautiful. But, when it comes to proving that he isn't the Kyubi that attacked when he was born, he doesn't do things half-assed. So he went to the library to find out about ninjas that had used beauty for their weapon. He had found mostly kunoichi, but, he did find one ninja that was very handsome. So handsome in fact that he was paranoid about his looks and had a mask made to protect his face.

The man also had a 3-bladed claw on his left wrist as his primary weapon. Naruto learned to use this weapon, as well as the list of all his A to S-Class moves contained within the book.

After years of training, Naruto was now a force to be reckoned with, even deadlier than the Uchiha known as Sasuke. His tests were also very good, but that was because the council never really saw him as a threat.

Oh so unwise (1).

After he had changed clothes, Naruto walked into Iruka's classroom. Dressed in a mesh T-shirt, black tights and a trench coat, only a few people noticed rose petals falling from out of nowhere. He flew to his seat and landed gently, as a young woman blushed, seeing the handsome man next to her. He took her hand and kissed it softly, the girl blushing as he did. She had purplish-black hair and pale eyes, dressed in a black bodysuit, sandal boots and a large jacket.

After he kissed her hand, Naruto handed her a rose. "This rose pales in comparison to your eyes Hinata-chan." He said as Hinata blushed and took the rose.

Once the rest of the class, as well as their teacher, came into the room, it was time to begin their final testing to become Genin of Konoha. Everyone passed their ninjitsu testing, including Naruto. Which pissed off Mizuki, one of the proctors. After everyone had completed their ninjutsu test, it was time for their Taijutsu test.

Everyone went outside and got ready for their test. Naruto himself losing his trench coat and mesh shirt so that he could fight without restraint.

And to give the girls a good show.


On the selected training grounds, Naruto stepped up to face his chosen opponent for this test.

Mizuki had, of course, chosen the person who could best deal with, and humiliate, the blond ninja.

Sasuke Uchiha, the academy's resident 'Rookie of the Year' and emo-extraordinare.

"Are you ready to lose, dobe?" Sasuke grinned.

Naruto had his mask over his face before he stepped up to face his opponent. He smiled as he placed his claw securely over his left hand.

"Nothing thrills me more than an arc of fresh blood spraying through the air." He said and got in his stance. "Since I am the more beautiful one, Sasuke-kun, I understand your jealousy, but allow me to help you with your looks."

Some of the kunoichi were cheering for Naruto as the fight began.

Sasuke dashed forward to slash at Naruto with a sword that Mizuki had given him. Naruto smirked as he leapt over the blade, and jabbed his claw into Sasuke's shoulder.

"Hey! You Can't Do That!" pink-haired Sakura Haruno shouted.

"Actually, he can." blond-haired Ino Yamanaka said.

"What?" Sakura gasped.

"It's a fight. They're ninja. They're using weapons. What do you think is going on here, Forehead?!" Ino shouted at her friend.

Sasuke growled as he leapt back at Naruto, slashing wildly as Naruto ducked and dodged to and fro. The blond ninja couldn't help but smile as he leapt back from the Uchiha.

"Even your sword-style is ugly." Naruto commented as he rushed forward and ducked down into a sliding tackle, striking at the emo's legs and knocking him down onto his head.

This continued over and over, until Sasuke got so irritated at all this that he fired up his chakra abilities as the blond ninja had his back to the Uchiha.

Naruto felt a chakra spike as he turned around to face the emo-ninja.

"FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" Sasuke shouted as he let loose a powerful fireball at the blond ninja.

Teleporting in behind Sasuke at the last minute, and letting the Uchiha burn a tree-log to a cinder, Naruto brought his claw down across Sasuke's back, causing Sakura to scream bloody murder. His claw gleamed in the sunlight with Sasuke's blood dripping off of it, then grabbed the Uchiha by his neck and flung him over his shoulder and across the field, slamming him into a tree.

Only Sakura and Mizuki went over to the injured Uchiha.

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka said, only to have Naruto correct him.

"Migoto Kitsune," he said.

"Beautiful Fox?" Iruka asked.

"Yes," he took of his mask and the kunoichi's just started to faint at his smile.

"Very well, then. Migoto Kitsune." he said, just shaking his head in exasperation.

"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" Mizuki yelled. "He nearly killed Sasuke!"

"Who used a fireball jutsu in a taijutsu sparring match, and attacked from behind no less." Iruka said. "Get him to the hospital for a check-up."

Mizuki was pissed now. 'I'll get you yet demon brat!' He thought.


(1) Favorite line from Megatron from Transformers.