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It took a while for the girls on the team to warm up to her. In their eyes, she was competition for the affections of their idol boys. In her eyes…well, she just rolled her eyes. They didn't know she was here because she had to be. They didn't know she rather be at home, pigging out and watching sappy, rom-com dramas with her dad. 'Don't worry girls, they're all yours. I'm just here to make them work for it.'

As she stripped off her kendo uniform in the locker room, sweaty and bone-tired, she raised a brow at their collective, inching approach.


Kagome realized a few days ago that these goofy girls were just that—goofy. And cute. They were light-hearted and lovey-dovey, but horrible kendoka. Though she supposed what they severely lacked in kendo skills they made up for in enthusiasm.


One of them, Eri if Kagome wasn't mistaken, was pushed forward. "You're not really a nerd, are you?"

Her disguise was crumbling. Maybe she should just screw it all, beat the crap out of Tsubaki, and just call it day? But she rather liked her big spectacles. It added character she thought.

Kagome smiled wryly. "That obvious?" And almost laughed at their 'duh' looks.

"No one's seen you practice kendo but us," Yuka pointed out. "The rest of the school may not know it, but you kick some serious butt."

They all nodded emphatically.

"You're actually kind of…scary. Pretty, but scary."

"Eh?" Kagome blinked. "Really?"

Ayumi 'mmhmmed' almost solemnly. "But we won't tell. Sesshoumaru-senpai told everyone to keep quiet about you or it'd be a hundred laps around the school. Do you know how big Tama High is?"

Did he? Kagome suppressed a snort. How thoughtful.

They all crowded around her then, which she didn't recommend considering she was sweaty and probably smelled worse. But their sudden excited expressions had her curious.



"Kagome, do you know what's happening next week?" Eri asked. They all had varying degrees of seriousness written on their faces.

Kagome drew a blank.

Realizing their nerdy teammate had absolutely no idea what they were talking about Yuka tsked, wagging a finger. "You should pay more attention to the morning announcements."

Did they mean to the droning man who never shut up on the speaker system? She was surprised anyone paid attention.

"The Blossom Festival is next week!" Ayumi squealed.

"And?" Kagome prompted, still not sure exactly where this was going.

"And that means club activities," Yuka clarified.


"And like every year, the kendo team sets up a kissing booth." There was a collective dreamy sigh that swept across the girls.

"I'm sorry, I thought I just heard you say kissing booth." Kagome laughed, waving it off and getting back to undoing her uniform.

"Oh Kagome, don't you know how romantic kissing booths are?" Ayumi gushed.

Wait…damn, she had heard it right. Seriously? They were going to have a kissing booth for the festival? Kagome pursed her lips, shuddering at the thought. There was nothing remotely romantic about them. Who knew where the person's mouth had been before touching yours? It was kind of gross and completely unsanitary.

"All the clubs do something different, but we dress up in yukatas and it's a night of fun and food," Yuka added. "Everyone has to participate."

"Can't we do something different? Like…origami or goldfish scooping?"

They all shook their heads. "Impossible. This is also a fundraiser Kagome. One hundred fifty yen per kiss."

"And two hundred if you want some tongue," Yuka winked.

Eri rolled her eyes. "As you can imagine, with Sesshoumaru-senpai and the guys, we raise a lot of money. It's why he's never changed it."

It made sense. Sesshoumaru Taisho didn't seem the type to put up with such a frivolous event, but if it meant money for the kendo team, she guessed he was willing to make some small sacrifices.

"We're decorating the booth next Wednesday so come by class 4B to help okay!" They shuffled out the room with waves and shouts of goodbye, leaving Kagome in the drifting silence.

"A kissing booth?" she murmured incredulously before slumping against the lockers.

She had gotten into bloody fights before, had handled herself quite well against unthinkable odds, and even beat the crap out of the toughest gang leader in her old hometown.

"Aosh…" When Kagome thought about it now, she was scary.

She ruffled her already messy bangs and heaved a long sigh. She may have done all that, but kami help her, she'd never kissed a boy before.

A/N: There seems to be some slight confusion so let me clarify a bit. Kagome isn't really 'hiding' from anything or anyone. Simply put and taking it for what it is (don't think so hard), she just wants to stay out of trouble and have a quiet life. But obviously that isn't working. ::grin:: The next chapter will be much longer. ::pinky promise::

Collision is inspired by all the Korean/Taiwanese dramas I watch, all the shoujo manga I read, and whatever else happens to pop into my cluttered head. It's why many of you have noticed the parallel. This is my fanfiction drama. My ode to all the sappy, rom-com asian dramas, goofy, strong, and lovable female leads, flawed but hot main guys (real or not), and to love.