Ages for the WHOLE story-

Teddy- 11

Vic- 9

Dom- 8

Fred- 8

James- 8

Roxanne- 7

Louis- 6

Molly- 6

Lucy- 4

Rose- 4

Albus- 4

Hugo- 2

Lily- 2

Here we go:


December 14 – Potter Manor

"I want dollies!" The Potter's were decorating their Christmas tree in the living room of Potter Manor. Harry had just asked two-year-old Lily what she wanted for Christmas, and had received the answer,

"I want dollies!"

"Dollies huh?" Ginny asked as she lifted four-year-old Albus up to put an ornament on the top.

"Ya!" Lily exclaimed.

"Up!" Lily jumped up and down in front of Harry.

"Okay Lils. Come here." Harry lifted her up into his arms and tickled her.

"Dahdeeeee!" She shrieked between giggles. James reached up and tickled her too.

"Jemmy!" Lily shrieked again.

"Mummy! Help me!"

"I don't know if I can Lils." Ginny said laughing.


"I have an idea Lils." Harry said, pausing from tickling "Lets all get Mummy."

"Ya!" The three kids cheered, and the four of them advanced on Ginny.

"Hey!" Ginny exclaimed as her husband and children tickled her.

"No fair!"

"I got you Mummy!" Lily exclaimed.

"Lils help me!"

"I sorry Mummy, I can't." Lily told her as she tickled her.

After a few moments, Harry stopped and told the kids to settle down, and that Mummy had had enough.

"Jemmy and Albie tickle!" Lily exclaimed.

"No. Let's settle down and finish up the tree." Ginny told Lily as she lifted her up to put an ornament up.

"Okay Mummy." Lily paused and looked to be thinking, then, "I want two dollies!"

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