December 25

Time - 5 a.m.

-Shell Cottage-

"Vic! Get UP!" Dom had run into her sister's room and was bouncing energetically on the bed.

"Dom, what time is it?"

"Does it matter? It's Christmas morning!" That woke Vic up.

"Oh yeah! Come on, let's go get Louis." They both ran down the hall, and into their little brother's room.

"Louis! Louis! Get up!" They both shook him frantically. "Louis!"

"What?" Louis opened his eyes, and sat up.

"Well, what day is it?" Dom asked sarcastically.

"Christmas!" Louis exclaimed, and they all ran into their parent's room. The three kids scrambled onto the bed, and started jumping. Bill immediately sat up, and grabbed at his wand, Fleur did the same.

"What?" Bill exclaimed. Fleur noticed her three kids, so lowered her wand and muttered,

"Old 'abits die 'ard." Bill also lowered his wand, and glanced at the clock.

"You guys, it's five in the morning."

"So, it's Christmas!" Dom exclaimed.

"Oh Dominique." Her mum muttered with a laugh.

"Come 'ere. Let's try and get some more sleep." Fleur lay back down, and scooted toward the edge of the bed, Bill followed her lead, while the three kids scrambled to lie down in the middle of their parents on the big bed.

-George and Angelina's-

Fred woke up, and snuck out of his bedroom. He slowly tiptoed down the stairs, and into the living room. Just as he had expected, the tree was crammed with presents.

Fred rushed up to stairs, and straight into Roxanne's room.

"Roxie!' He shook her violently, until she woke up.

"Are you up Roxie?'

"Duh Fred. You just shook me up!" Roxie looked at him, then realized,

"Merlin, its Christmas isn't it?"

"Yep! Come on, let's go downstairs!" Roxie scrambled off her bed, and ran down the stairs, closely behind her brother. They ran into the living room, and skidded to a halt in front of the Christmas tree.

"Awesome!" Roxanne breathed quietly. "What're we gonna do? Are we gonna open them without Mum and Dad?"

"Yeah right!" Fred laughed, "And be grounded for weeks? I'm just gonna wait an hour and then wake them up." After half an hour, Fred and Roxanne were sleeping on the living room floor.

-Potter Manor-

James suddenly woke up, and remembered that it was Christmas. He rushed into his parent's room, and to his father's side.

"Dad!" James whispered firmly, as he poked Harry in the arm.

"Dad!" Harry stirred, and slowly opened his eyes.

"What is it James?" Harry asked slightly irritated that his oldest son had come to wake him up in the wee hours of the morning.

"Dad, its Christmas. Get up!"

"James, the presents will be there when you get up. Go back to bed." Harry closed his eyes, hoping his son would leave. James did get up, but only walked to the other side of the bed.

"Mum! Get up!" He then started to prod Ginny.

"James stop! Come here." Harry didn't want James to have to wake up Ginny, if he didn't have too.

"James, you know what will happen if Mum wakes up. Just climb into bed, and sleep with Mum and I." Harry closed his eyes again, hoping that James would do as he was told. James did, he climbed onto the bed, and snuggled in between Harry and Ginny.

Time: 6 a.m.

-Shell Cottage-

Only an hour later, Dom was again ready to prod her parents.

"Dad!" Dom was lying closest to her dad, with Louis next to her, and Vic closest to their mum.

"Dad!" Dom was quietly pocking her father. "Dad!" Bill rolled over to face Dom.

"Dom, please be quiet. Can we just have one more hour, or maybe two?"

"Daddy!" Dom whined. "I can't wait!"

"Dom, you're going to have to wait. Whether you want to our not. Now, don't wake up Louis or Vic. Dom, just please go back to sleep." Bill rolled back over to his side, and Dom sighed. 'I can't believe I have to wait… on Christmas!' Dom thought to herself.

Time: 7 a.m.

-Shell Cottage-

'Should I wake him up again?' Dom thought to herself. 'Well he did say an hour or two, and it's definitely been an hour.'

"Dad!" Dom poked her dad, just as she had an hour ago. "Dad! It's been an hour."

Bill groaned, looked at the clock and faced his persevering daughter. "Dom…" He groaned.

"But Dad, you said an hour!"

"And then I said, or two. I meant the two." Bill's eye twinkled.

"Daddy!" Dom started to raise her voice.

"Dom, please keep your voice down. In half an hour, I super swear I'll get up. Okay?"

"Make an Unbreakable Vow." Dom whispered with a smirk.

"How do you know about Unbreakable vows?" Bill asked his daughter quizzically.

"Fred told me." Bill grinned.

"Of course he did." Bill smiled again at his daughter.

"You never answered me love, is half an hour okay?"

"Fine." Dom grumbled and turned on her side, facing Louis. Bill smiled, and he soon fell back asleep.

-The Nest-

Molly slowly woke up, and got out of bed. She put her slippers on, and walked out of her bedroom. As she walked down the hall, she remembered what today was; Christmas. She quickly turned courses, and ran into Lucy's room.

"Lu-Lu! Get up sissy! It's Christmas morning!" Lucy quickly shot up.

"Did Santa come?"

"I hope so! I haven't been down stairs yet. Let's go wake up Mum and Dad." Lucy jumped out of her bed, and followed Molly down the hall, and into Percy and Audrey's bedroom.

"Mummy, Daddy!" The two girls yelled out, as they ran to their parents. Molly went to Audrey, and Lucy went to Percy.

"Up!" Lucy said as she poked her dad's nose.

"Huh?" Percy mumbled as he sat up.

"It's Chwismas Daddy! Just get up!" Lucy exclaimed. Percy laughed.

"Audrey love, are you ready to be up?" Percy asked as he rolled over to face his wife, who also rolled over.

"Yep. Are you ready?" Percy nodded his.

"Yep, lets go girlies!"

"Yeah!" They shrieked and ran out of the room.

Percy and Audrey climbed out of bed, and Percy gave her a soft kiss,

"Merry Christmas my love." He whispered.

"Merry Christmas." She whispered back as they made their way downstairs, following their daughters' lead.

The two girls stared at the tree in astonishment.

"Let's open them!" Molly exclaimed, as she and Lucy plopped to the ground and pulled the present out from under the tree.

"One present at a time." Audrey reprimanded gently.

"Okay Mummy." They agreed as they grabbed their presents.

The girls opened al their presents at a fast pace. They each got the same amount of presents. They got dolls, and dress up clothes, dress up shoes, princess tiaras, little castle's for their dollies to live in, and fake wands. Percy had thought the fake wands that Ginny and Harry had given their kids, was a brilliant idea, and he and Audrey thought it was a good idea to give their kids these. Audrey told Percy of how she once would take sticks from the backyard so she practice the wand motions to go along with the spells she had been learning.

"Mummy, there is another present under the tree." Lucy proclaimed.

"Oh, there is?" Audrey was confused, hadn't she and Percy counted out the presents so each girl had equal amounts? Or had one of the girls opened one too fast.

"Mummy, it has an 'A' on it. Whose name starts with an A?" Then, Audrey realized whom it must be for.

"My name starts with an A dear." Lucy brought Audrey the present, and Audrey opened it. Inside was a book, Complex Spells, Charms, and Curses. Audrey felt a tear fall down her face as she opened the book and read the note written directly inside.

'My Dearest Audrey,

You are the most amazing thing in my life, and I often times wonder what I did to deserve someone like you. As I have told you many times, I once walked away from my family, and I never thought they would be able to forgive me. I also thought that I would never be able to find someone who would care about me, as much as my family had. I thought that I didn't need them, and that I would be fine on my own. After the war, I found you. I never thought of how important a family is. You helped me realize this.

When I saw this book, I instantly thought of you. I thought of how hard you try to do magic, and how much magic means to you. Magic was another thing I took for granted when growing up. I thought about how we had to have someone else pay for our entrance to Hogwarts, and how we had second hand books. Now that I have you, and know what a struggle it was for you to even learn one spell, I know that I was wrong. I took advantage of everything I had growing up, and I now know that that was wrong.

Thank you for all you do for me Audrey, for making me a home, for taking care of our beautiful daughters, for birthing our beautiful daughters. I would be nothing without you my love.

I hope this book is helpful, and I hope that I can help you become a better witch.

I love you forever,


"Oh Percy!" Audrey set the book down, and rushed into Percy's open arms.

"Thank you so much love!" Percy just hugged her tightly.

"No Audrey, thank you. You are my everything." Audrey kissed her husband in thanks, and realized this was all that mattered in life. Who cared if she didn't ever master the stunning spell? Her family was what mattered most.

-Potter Manor-

Teddy woke up, and realized that he was at his godfather's house, and that it was Christmas morning.

Teddy rushed out of his room, and down the hall, into Harry and Ginny's room.

"Harry!" Teddy slowly prodded Harry. "Harry get up it's Christmas!" Harry slowly opened his eyes.

"Teddy, just climb into bed, it's not time to get up yet. We have to let Al and Lily sleep longer."

"Okay." Teddy climbed into the bed, and lay between Harry and James.

Time: 7:30 a.m.

-Shell Cottage-

"Daddy, it's been half an hour, can we please get up now?" Bill stirred and turned to his daughter.

"Yes, Dom, we can get up now."

"YEAH!" Dom quickly stood up and started to jump on the bed.

"Get up everybody! Daddy says we can open presents now!" Dom made sure she yelled extra loud. Louis quickly sat up, followed by Vic. Vic and Louis also stood up, and the three kids jumped on the bed.

"Okay, Okay. I'm up." Fleur said as she sat up. "Please stop children. You don't want to get 'urt." The three kids jumped one last time, and landed on their bums.

"Okay Mum, can we go down stairs now?" Dom asked.

"Yes." Fleur climbed out of the bed and put on her robe.

The three kids followed her lead, jumping out of the bed, and practically hopping down the hall, and down the stairs.

"Such wondervul kids." Fleur muttered under her breath as she followed the kids down, with Bill closely behind her.

When they got down to the living room, they all gathered around the tree, and found their presents.

"Okay, one at a time." Bill told his children. "Louis first, then Dom, and then Vic."

After a half hour of opening presents, they finally finished.

Louis got new keeper gloves, and a new keepers helmet. Louis also got candy, a practice picking lock set, dragon hide boots and gloves, and a few books.

Dom got a joke book, a beaters bat, a fake wand, ("It's just like James's!" She had exclaimed) candy, dragon hide boots and jacket, a new broomstick, and much to her dismay; a doll.

"It's so you can play with Victoire!" Her mother had exclaimed.

Vic had gotten a hair styling kit, a few dolls, a few new outfits, dragon hide boots, candy,

a few books to read, and a new version of the Clean Sweep. Her parents didn't see the point in getting her a very nice broom, if she didn't love Quidditch like her siblings do. A Clean Sweep worked perfectly fine they told her.

"Merry Christmas everyone." Bill said.

"Thank you Mummy and Daddy!" The three kids chorused.

Time: 8 a.m.

-George and Angelina's-

Angelina rolled over in her bed, and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It read eight o'clock.

"George," Angelina rolled over to face her husband.

"Huh?" He sleepily replied.

"It's eight, and the kids haven't bothered us once. Something's up."

"You're right." George rolled out of bed, and went into the bathroom. Angelina also got out of bed, and pulled on her robe. George soon came out of the bathroom.

"Ready to go down?" George asked, turning to his wife.

"Yep. Let's go." They made their way down to the living room, where the Christmas tree was located. Upon entering, they saw their two kids lying on the floor, fast asleep.

George and Angelina instantly started laughing, causing the kids to stir.

"What is it?" Fred asked groggily.

"Ready to open presents?" George asked his kids.

"Yeah!" They exclaimed, and scrambled to the floor.

After opening all of the presents, the loot came out to be,

Fred- a new beaters bat, a fake wand, a joke book, a book with plans made by Fred and George when they were young Fred's age, candy and a new subscription to his favorite Wizard Comic Books.

Roxanne- a few dolls, a doll house, a new fancy Quidditch broom, new Chasers gloves, a new Quidditch ball set, and a small Quidditch set with little players that move around at your command. The small Quidditch game set was much like Wizard Chess, only it was with Quidditch.

"So, was this a good Christmas?" George asked his kids.

"Oh yeah!" Fred exclaimed, while Roxanne said, "Of course Daddy?"

-Ron and Hermione's-

Hermione quietly walked into her daughter's room. Every morning, Hermione would wake her, and get her ready for the day. Today was no different. Hermione was glad that her kids were still little and clueless to the whole Christmas deal. They didn't realize they needed to get up way before it was actually time to get up.

"Rosie darling." Hermione gently shook her daughter. "Rosie dear, it's Christmas." Rose slowly sat up in bed, and stretched her little arms.

"Christmas?" She asked quietly, and then her eyes lit up. "Can we go downstairs?"

"Of course darling. Daddy's getting Hugo, we can meet them down stairs." Rosie got out of her bed quickly and scrambled out the door, and down the stairs. When they got downstairs, Hugo and Ron were already down there.

"Merry Christmas Rosie!" Ron exclaimed. "Are you guys ready to open up these presents?" Rosie nodded her head, while Hugo just pointed at the presents.

"Open!" Hugo exclaimed. Hermione and Ron laughed.

"Alright then, lets open up these presents!"

Rosie opened up a doll, dollhouse, fake wand, coloring set, an owl stuffed animal, and a Chudley Cannons pajama set.

Hugo got a fake wand, a stuffed owl, dog, and otter, a storybook, and a Chudley Cannons pajama set.

"Merry Christmas kids." Hermione said to her beaming kids.

-Potter Manor-

James slowly opened his eyes, and saw that Teddy was now in bed with them also. He rolled over to his mum, who was on his other side.

"Mum!" He shouted loudly, making sure she'd hear him. When she only stirred, James yelled again,

"Mum!" She slowly sat up.

"James, what is it?"

"It's Christmas, and we're going to open presents." He said, as both Harry and Teddy sat up also.

"Oh we are, are we?" Ginny said with a slight smirk.

"Yep. Right Teddy?" James turned to his brother.

"Yep!" Teddy nodded enthusiastically.

"Okay." Ginny said, and she climbed out of bed. The three boys also got out of the bed.

"Hon, you go get Al, and I'll get Lily." Ginny said to her husband.

"Okay love." Harry walked out of the room, and down the hall.

"You two," Ginny turned to James and Teddy, "Go downstairs and wait. Don't touch anything." The two boys nodded and ran down the hall, and eventually down the stairs.

Ginny slowly made her way down the hall, and into Lily's room.

Ginny reached down to Lily's small toddler cot, and picked her up.

"Morning Lily-girl." Ginny said as Lily slowly opened up her eyes.

"Mummy…" She mumbled as she put her thumb into her mouth.

"Merry Christmas my darling." Ginny whispered as she planted a kiss on her daughter's head. "I love you." Ginny whispered even quietly. She slowly left the room, and made her way down the stairs, and into the family room, where the tree was located.

"Are we ready everyone?" Harry asked as he saw Ginny and Lily come in. Seeing the presents under the tree, Lily instantly perked up.

"Toys!" Lily exclaimed. Harry and Ginny laughed.

"Yes Lils, toys." Harry smiled. Ginny gently lowered Lily to the ground.

The four kids were sitting around the Christmas tree, and Harry was sitting on an armchair by the tree. Ginny sat down on Harry's lap.

"I love you Gin." Harry whispered into her ear.

"I love you too." Ginny whispered back.

The four kids were passing out the presents, to which they belonged. The kids hastily opened the presents.

Teddy received a new broom, a Quidditch uniform made just for him, another werewolf book, (he had a few others) a spell book for Hogwarts, and a photo album of his parents.

James also got a new broom, and a Quidditch uniform made just for him. He also got a joke book, a book on animagus (Ginny had protested about giving this book to their young son) and a Quidditch set game that George and Angelina had told Harry and Ginny about. They thought it sounded amazing, and thought that James would enjoy playing with it.

Albus got a small broomstick, and a Quidditch uniform made for him, only since he wasn't old enough to play real Quidditch, it was a pajama uniform set. Al also got a stag, werewolf and dog stuffed animal set. Teddy and James already had a set like this. Al also got a small snitch, designed for children ages 3-5. It was very simple.

Lily got a few dolls, a new dollhouse, an even smaller broomstick, and a Quidditch pajama set like Albus'. Lily also got a doe stuffed animal, which she instantly adored. She wouldn't let it go, which made Harry absolutely beam. Ginny knew that Harry loved to get his boys the Marauder Set of stuffed animals, so when she saw the doe, she knew she had to get it. When she showed it to Harry, he had thanked Ginny over and over again, and passionately kissed her.

"Merry Christmas kids." Ginny called out, trying to get over the noise.

As the kids were playing with their toys, Harry pulled a present out of his pocket. It was a long, skinny, velvet box.

"Ginny, Merry Christmas." Harry whispered as he handed the box to Ginny.

"Love, I thought we agreed to not get each other presents this year?" Ginny whispered back.

"I didn't want you getting me anything, and I wasn't going to get you anything, but then I saw this. Go on, open it." Ginny smiled at her husband, and opened the velvet box. Inside was a necklace. It was a simple, but elegant, sparkly, silver chain. On the chain was a small, but very sparkly, emerald. Ginny took a sharp in take of breath.

"Harry, its gorgeous! Thank you so much!" She tilted her head back, and gave him a sweet kiss. It was very loving, and slightly passionate. Just when Harry went to deepen the kiss, he remembered his four kids were in the room. He slowly pulled back.

"Just like you." He whispered.

"Harry, I love you so much!" She kissed him again; this time was shorter, but just as loving.

"I love you too Gin. Always."

The End

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