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Dopey Love Sick

"I do think you two would be good together but I don't want you to put you and your heart on the line and get hurt like you did with Joey and Travis. You have been hurt way to much by those two and by John. I just want you to be careful" Shane answered after a couple of minutes .

"I will and I know if John hurts me again you and Mama are going to take care of him for me"

"Damn right" Shane agreed, 'though I have to tell you I think you two already belong to each other"

"What do you mean" Carmi asked leaning against the counter her fingers tapping the ceramic coffee mug in front of her. Shane smiled at her and shaking his head.

"Shane! Just tell me" he laughed, 'You just seem lighter when you are with him. Happy like nothing you can touch you" He started, "you get this love sick puppy look in your eyes and smile like a dopey teenager whenever you talk about him"

"I do not' she disagreed as her phone beeped at her.

She scanned the text smiling to herself before replying.

"See there is that dopey smile" Shane teased before grabbing her hand and pulling her into the living room.

He pulled up ECW on her DVR from the pervious week.

'I don't need to watch this Shane I was there remember"

"I know but you have to watch this. You need to see some stuff. Just trust your big brother for once'

Carmi rolled her eyes and crossed her arms under her chest almost pouting watching the recording.

"Why is the baby pouting' Shannon asked coming into the house.

"Because she knows I am right about this' "

About what

" "Her being in love with John and John being in love with her" Shane answered before Carmi could.

"Its true baby, you are just to scared to realize it" Shannon said.

"Fuck off' Carmi muttered, 'He isn't right. John is only protecting me because I am his manager in the ring'

"No he isn't you didn't see him the night you went down his eyes never left you" Shannon said.

"Can we not talk about that night" she questioned shifting uneasily.

"Sorry" he said as she turned her attention back to the screen her eyebrows furrowing together trying to figure out what her brother was talking about.

"Shane can you get me my laptop" she asked, "its on the counter in the kitchen"

"Sure, why do you want it"

"Just because I do" she was starting to think more and more about what Shane and Shannon had told her, she wanted to see it for her own two eyes.

"What's going on with Carmi" Matt asked a couple of hours later she was lying on her stomach on her living room floor her laptop playing YouTube videos from Raw, Smackdown and ECW from the past couple of months since she had been on the team with John and Mike.

"She is overanalyzing shit' Shane said nudging his sister with his foot, "All I told her was she grinned like a dopey love sick teenager when she talked to John or is how she gets a love sick puppy dog look in her eyes when she is around him'

"She does" Matt agreed.

"I do not" Carmi muttered.

"You do too Car, we are the men that know you the best and we know when you are in love. And you baby are in love' he said. Carmi rolled her eyes and went back to the video that she was watching.

"Okay man what's going on" Randy asked John curiously, the Shaman of Sexy had been unusually quiet their whole meal.

"What do you mean" he asked.

'You aren't acting like the same John"

"Its Carmi" Mike supplied from where he was sitting.

"Helms? What about her"

"They are in love and they don't want to admit it"

"No we aren't, we aren't even dating" John huffed as his phone vibrated against his hip annoyed he yanked out and read the screen, the annoyance turning happiness.

"Oh yeah he is love" Randy rumbled.

'He has that dopey love sick look about him doesn't he" Mike questioned.

"Shut it" John growled sitting back in his chair.

The three wrestlers were silent for a few minutes before John spoke again, "So what if I do love her? It will that be so wrong? Its not like she is a hag like Melina is"

"It wouldn't be bad at all, in fact I think you two deserve it. I have known Carmi a long time and she has never been happier then she is with you" Randy said.

"She told me that if I would have went to her that night I told her we should be together we would be together right now" John sighed.

"You shouldn't have fucked Melina" Mike stated, "A lot of stuff would have went differently"

"What are you going to do about Melina anyways? She is going to be like an itch you can't get rid out and its going to put a dark fucking shadow over your and Carmi's relationship until you get rid of her" Randy said.

"I don't know" John sighed, "I really don't know what to do with her. All I know is she isn't going to get between Carmi and I not again"