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First Date Jitters

"Carmi what's wrong?" Mike asked flopping back on the spare bed in Carmi's hotel room, 'You should be excited, this is a good thing."

"I haven't been on a date in forever. Last date I went on. My crazy ass adrenaline junky ex boyfriend tried to get me to jump out of a plane." she answered pacing by the bed.

"Don't be nervous Car, John is crazy about you, and I know for a fact that you are crazy about him."

Carmi pulled a face before nodding her head, she knew it was useless trying to tell Mike otherwise.

"Don't give me that look Carmichael Helms we both know its true."

'If you say so Michael." she snarked. He reached his hand out and smacked her butt, "I do say so, and so does everybody else that has seen you two together. You two are meant to be. Like Romeo and Juliet.'

"Without the death in the end right?" Carmi questioned laying back on the bed, her head resting on his stomach.

'Right.' He agreed reaching out and playing with a strand of Carmi's multi colored hair.

"Has he told you anything about the date?"

'No, he said I would blab to you."

"Which you would right? If you knew?" she asked turning her head to look at him.

"Of course, I can't keep secrets from you.'

"No one really can. I am the human lie detector.' she grinned proudly.

"But yet Vio and Matt kept it from you that they were together."

"So?" she shrugged, "I had a feeling, they had been acting weird for weeks around each other."

Mike nodded his head in agreement, he and John were still trying to wrap their minds around that news that Vio and Matt were together.

"Does the rest of the family know?"

"Yeah, Shane is upset about it."


"Because Mikey, he has been in love with her since we were in high school.' Carmi answered.

"Oh.' they fell silent, Mike's fingers twist and turning the multicolored streaks around while Carmi stared at the ceiling tapping her fingers against her butterfly filled stomach.

"So I heard something kind of funny yesterday." Shane stated going up to the Shaman of Sexy who lowered the barbell and looked at his manager's older brother.

"What's that?'

"That you are taking my sister out on a date.'

"So?" John questioned, he didn't think it was that big of deal that he was going out with Carmi, they had been out hundreds of times before and it never seemed to bother any of the Carolina crew.

"So? She's my sister man. She has been hurt too many times before in the past and I don't want to see that again." the older Helms sighed sitting down on the bench that was across from the machine that John was at.

"I won't hurt Carmi." John stated.

"You already have." the former superhero pointed leaning forward so his elbows were resting on his knee caps, his hazel eyes locking on John's brown eyes, "My sister loves first and thinks later, she doesn't give a damn about any sort of consequences. She's trying to find that person to fill that void that she has inside of her, to make her feel whole again like she was before any of the shit with Joey or Travis happened."

"Do you think I am that person?" John asked.

'I do. But with you she's treading more carefully, guarding herself more, she wants to be able to open herself up more let you see the real Carmi. The Carmi that we know."

John nodded his head.

"Are you serious about dating Carmi and being with her and not Melina?'

"Of course I am. Carmi is everything that Melina isn't and so much more. I know what I did was fucked up with the whole miscarriage thing and sleeping with Melina after I told Carmi I wanted to be with her." John said, "I want to be with your sister. As funny as it sounds man, she makes me want to be a better man not just some sleaze that lets his girlfriend cheat on him and come parading back into the room after she's done with other man. I'm a loyal guy and I need that loyal woman in my life.'

Shane nodded his head a smile playing on his lips, "You are good guy John. You can date my sister, just know if you hurt her, the family will be the least of your worries.'


Shane nodded his head, "Papa Gil and Dallas will take you no problem."

John paled he had heard horror stories from Carmi about Shane letting her dates into the house and Gil Hardy sitting at the table cleaning his gun. Shane laughed and stood up before clapping his shoulder, "Good luck man."

"Thanks." John nodded before picking the barbell again, he paused before looking at the older Helms, 'Hey Shane?"


"Any ideas on where I should take Carmi?'

Shane smirked and turned around, "Yeah, I do."

"No! I am not wearing that Stephanie! Put it back!" Carmi laughed horrified at the tiny mini skirt that her boss and good friend was holding up.

'Why not?"

"Because I like my ass covered that's why. I have too many cases of rope burn and road rash not to have my limbs covered." she said flipping through the racks in front of her.

Stephanie having received a near panicked text from Carmi an hour before rescued her from the mess the southern belle had found herself in when Mike went through her suitcase trying find her an outfit to wear.

Stephanie laughed hanging the hanger back on the circular rack.

"You doing okay Car?"

"I am fine Steph.' the Billion Dollar Princess looked at her through squinted eyes before nodding her head and looking at another rack of clothing.

"Why are you nervous?" she asked after a few seconds staring at the clothes her nose wrinkling slightly in disgust.

"Because its John and it'll be the first time that we are out together on a date and without Mike. The third member of our relationship." the younger woman answered pulling a shirt off of the rack and holding it against her body before shaking her head and putting it back on the rack.

"He is always around isn't he?"

"He is but he is sweet once you get to know him and get past the loud mouth asshole part of him." the small of the two woman mused as she stepped around to Stephanie's other side as her phone blared loudly with a incoming text and grinned at the message.

"What?" Stephanie asked, "Carmi what is it?"

when the young woman didn't answer, she reached for the phone.

"Hey!" she exclaimed trying to pull the phone to her chest blocking the message.

"Come on Car. Let me see." Stephanie pouted.

"It was just John telling me what we are doing on our date."

"And?" the Billion Dollar Princess asked.

"Either he knows me better than I thought or he talked my brother."

"What are you doing?"

"Go Cart racing and dinner followed by Nightmare on Elm Street."

"Good boy.' Stephanie mused before turning dancing blue eyes to her, "when you two get married, I better be in the wedding party."