In the Eyes of a Soldier

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Belimar, Son of Beligon, soldier of Minas Tirith.
March 15, Third Age 3019

Mordor is upon us. I'm only on the third level of our great city but all I see for leagues is the black legions of orcs and their monstrous pets. How such things exist is the beyond my knowledge. Why they march around destroying crops, homes, and people for no reason is a question that deserves answering. It deserves justice. The crime for killing innocents for no reason but enjoyment deserves the penalty of death. With the darkness of death looming over me, my family, my comrades, and my city I know that this is my final battle. But what price is this to save those I love and care about? I just hope with every blow I deal I will send another of those swine to hell. The only hope I have, which tells me I will make it though this is desire to live through this battle while sending as many of those mockeries of life to the void as I can and the fact that the White Wizard, Gandalf shall be aiding us. But the Black Hand of Mordor always seems to pull something out of its sleeve when things are going badly so the chances of victory are slim. Even so, I say let them come, for if I'm to die here, I shall take as many of those bastards with me as I can. Come and feel the power of my blade!

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