You're Beautiful

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Chapter 1: Amu and Amuto

Ever since being raised by nuns in an orphanage, Hinamori Amu knew her future was set to be in the church. But God had something else planned for her. Something she'd never imagine or even think would happen to somebody like herself.

It all started one fateful day in the middle of a church service Amu was attending. Nothing was out of the ordinary on this day. She was late - as usual - to the service, and interrupted a hymn when she ran into the room.

Ashamed to admit it, Amu was almost always late for church. Why? Who knows. Maybe it was due to the fact that before the service she always made sure that all of the statues on the church grounds were polished and looking beautiful.


Or maybe it was because -


What the…


The pink-haired girl's ear was nearly twitching as the clicking sound rang through her head. Glancing to her side, she found the culprit sitting across the aisle from her: A little girl in a brown dress, playing with her mp3 player.

Amu guessed that the button the girl was pressing was what raised the volume, since she could now hear the muffled singing. Of course it was distracting, but no one else seemed to notice. They were the lucky ones who were too old to hear the little things.

Trying to remain quiet, Amu managed to get the girls attention, and gestured for her to turn the volume down.

The blonde little girl simply smiled sweetly at Amu, then made it obvious that instead of turning the music down, she raised the volume. It was loud enough for Amu to detect that it was a guy singing.

Yet, no one had noticed; But it still made Amu annoyed. A little runt who listened to some boy band during a church service and ignored what someone older than her was saying, must be trouble.

"Excuse me?" Amu whispered, loud enough for the blonde to hear, "Can you please turn that off?".

The girl's blue eyes stared at Amu with a mocking expression, exaggerating her hand motions as she continued to raise the volume.

Amu was beginning to regret ever saying anything to the girl. At least before, all she'd have to endure was the clicking noise. But now, it was the full song.

-You drove me crazy every time we touched. Now I'm so broken that I can't get up. Oh, girl you make-

Amu rolled across the aisle, secret agent style, and sat next to the girl, still trying to remain calm. "Could you at least turn it down, please?". She hoped it didn't sound like she was begging this seven year old girl slowly shook her head.

- I love you forever, forever is over. We used to kiss all night, now it's just -

Teeth clenched, Amu quickly snatched the music player, but the girl grabbed it back just as fast. It then resulted in a game of silent tug-of-war.

Nobody won.

Instead, the earphones ended up getting unplugged, and the music player went flying, the sound on full blast, booming out of it's tiny speakers.

- I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hung-over. I love you forever, but now I'm sober. I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hung over -

Well, let's just say that was capable of getting everyone's attention, and made them cover their ears as they all cringed at the noise.
Flinging herself into the aisle, Amu hunted the music player down as everyone stood up from their seats.

- I love you forever… But now I'm sober. -

She crouched down on her knees, crawling around the hard, cold floor. It shouldn't have been hard trying to find it. It was louder than anything else in the room.

Finally, Amu wrapped her fingers around the small - but powerful - electronic device, standing up and wiping the dust off of her jeans.

She glanced down at the video playing on the mp3 player, seeing a blue-haired boy who was the main singer, a blonde prince-like guy playing guitar in the background, and a brunette on drums.

It was at that moment when she realized everyone was staring at her, the little girl was smiling evilly at her, and it looked as if Amu was the one listening to music during the service. Hence the shameful looks from the elders.

One of the nuns just chuckled as she shook her head, knowing Amu far too much as the clumsy eighteen year old.

Amu felt her cheeks heat up before she buried her face in her hands, crouching on the ground in embarrassment. Constantly she got into these situations. Maybe it was about time that she learnt her lesson.

"Well… that was an interesting service, Amu-chan" Sakura commented as she walked out of the chapel with Amu at her side, who was walking with her head down.

"How will I ever become a nun if I continue to get myself into these situations?" Amu complained as she raked a hand through her shoulder-length pink hair.

Sakura - an elderly nun - just smiled softly, giving Amu a reassuring pat on the back. "You'll be fine. It's inside that counts, not the embarrassing moments in life".

Amu just blushed once more out of complete humiliation as a groan escaped her lips.

"Oh my… it looks like that man is lost" Sakura laughed, nodding towards a man looking around quickly, holding a piece of paper in his hand. "Could you go help him?". Amu nodded, slipping on her sweater and walking over to the man as Sakura went back inside the church.

"Hey, are you los-"

"A striking resemblance" the man whispered barely audible.

Amu's eyebrows slanted forward as the man lifted the piece of paper in his hands closer to Amu's face.

He took off his sunglasses, looking from the paper and back to Amu. Noticing her startled expression, the air-headed man laughed, scratching the back of his head.
"A nun of all things?" he questioned.

Amu guessed he was still talking to himself, seeing as how he wasn't making sense to her.

"Okay… you're not lost" The pink-haired girl said quietly to the crazed man, slowly starting to walk back to the church.

"Wait, wait!" the man called desperately, running after her.

"Do you know Hinamori Amuto?". (A/N: XD I couldn't resist!. It'll make sense later, though)

This made Amu stop in her tracks and glance over her shoulder at the brunette man. "Wh-why?".

He smiled, showing her the paper in his hands, which turned out to be a picture. Not of just anything or anyone, it was of Amuto, Amu's twin brother.

"How did you get this?" Amu asked, gently taking the picture out of his grasp, completely awestruck at how her brother looked. He had recently become a famous singer, and was already looking worn out judging by the picture.

When they were younger, barely anyone could tell them apart. Until Amu's hair grew out. But, that's what everyone relied on in order to see the difference. However, over the years, Amuto's eyes got slightly darker than Amu's, as well as his hair.

"You must be, Amu, right?" the man asked.

Amu simply nodded, still transfixed by the photo.

"I'm Nikaidou, Amuto's manager" Nikaidou greeted with a small bow. "The both of us… uh… need your help". He shifted his weight from one foot to another, waiting impatiently for the girl to say something.

Amu glanced up from the picture, not liking the tone of his voice. He sounded uncomfortable and unsure. "…With what, exactly?".

The atmosphere suddenly became even more uncomfortable between the two of them. Crunchy auburn leaves swirled in the wind, blowing past them as moments of silence passed.

Seeing Amu shiver suddenly made Nikaidou snap back into focus. "Well, uh… we have a problem…".

"If you need money, you're asking the wrong pers-"

"No, no. It's not like that" Nikaidou laughed. "We… had an accident. Um… and I need you to help him out".

Amu was beginning to wonder if he had hearing problems, since she had already asked what it was that he needed help with. But, nonetheless, decided to repeat herself.

"With what?".

"Y-you need to pretend to be him. Just for a few hours!" Nikaidou added in the last part quickly once seeing Amu's expression.

"Are you crazy?" She asked, mortified. First of all, she couldn't pretend to be her brother, that'd be lying to many people. The second reason why she wouldn't be able to do this, is 'cause she didn't know how to act like a guy. The third reason? She looked like a girl. Hmm… maybe that's because she is a girl!

"I-I'm a girl!" she said, trying to make it clear to him.

"It's completely fine! I can handle that" Nikaidou reassured, calming Amu down slightly. "Please do this for your brother…".

Amu opened her mouth to protest, but closed it once more.

She couldn't lie to so many people, or perform on a stage, or do anything celebrity-like, for that matter!

"All you'd have to do is sign a few papers" Nikaidou added hopefully.

"I can't believe I'm doing this…" Amu muttered, pulling at her way too baggy jeans.

She had always hated it when she saw guys walking down the streets with their pants below their knees. Really, couldn't they at least get a piece of string, or something to hold them up around the waist? Now, she found herself feeling like a hypocrite. She was looking like one of those guys.

"Thank you, so, so much!" Nikaidou repeated for the umpteenth time in the past hour, bowing his head continuously as they walked through the large recording building.

Amu shifted her short-haired wig, trying to resist the urge to take it off and scratch her head. Though, she did find it pretty surprising that people actually sold pink wigs.

"So, I'll explain everything to you quickly" Nikaidou announced, opening a door for Amu that led down yet another hallway. "Amuto is in the United States, but he was chosen to join the boy band, A.N. Jell. Since he's not coming back for another 2-3 months, he wouldn't be able to sign the papers, agreeing to join the band. So, that's where you come in".

Amu nodded slowly, following Nikaidou down a few more hallways. "What's… A.N. Jell?" she asked. The look Nikaidou gave her made her feel like an idiot.

"You don't know them?"

"Eh… no"

"Hokey man…" Nikaidou scratched his head, chuckling to himself. "They're a popular band here in Japan. That pretty much sums it up".

"Oh, and all these pictures on the walls are of the members. This is their recording studio" He added, gesturing to the photographs on the walls.

Amu immediately recognized the blue-haired teen as the main singer in that video the little girl in church was watching. "So… I guess they are pretty popular if a seven year old girl even knows about them…" she muttered to herself before quickly catching up with Nikaidou.

"Ah, Nikaidou! Did you bring him?" a friendly looking blonde adult asked. Nikaidou stepped aside, revealing Amu, who was feeling rather uncomfortable at the moment.

This was an office? It didn't look like one. The offices she was used to, were small rooms with a desk and computer. This place could be bigger than seven of those tiny offices combined. A lot bigger than that.

A huge donut shaped table was in the middle of the room, with dozens of seats around it, accompanied by binders, laptops and papers. And hanging off the ceiling were TVs, that way wherever you were in the room, you could watch the news at any angle.

"Amuto-san! It's great to meet you!" The blonde, Tsukasa, greeted as he bowed quickly.

Amu quickly thought back to her discussion with Nikaidou earlier on their way over here, backtracking to remember the name of this blonde guy.

"S-same here, Tsukasa-san" Amu replied with a smile.

"Ah, you're adorable! A perfect addition to our collection" Tsukasa commented, nudging Nikaidou in the side.

"Yes, Amuto has agreed to the terms, and is willing to sign papers, joining A.N. Jell" Nikaidou replied to Tsukasa's nudging.

Amu then found herself being pulled over to a table, where a form sat in front of her. She had to keep reminding herself to not act too girly, since Nikaidou is the only one that knew their little secret. But, she couldn't help the nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach. Even if she was just signing a few papers, everything was happening all too fast for someone as slow-minded as herself.

Act like a guy. Act like a guy, and you'll be fine.

"And, the other signing!" Tsukasa announced, slipping the last paper in front of Amu.

Just as Amu placed the tip of the pen on the paper, the doors of the office swung open, and in walked that blue-haired teen from A.N. Jell.

"Ah! I-Ikuto, what's wrong?" Tsukasa questioned, startled by his sudden appearance.

The boy who's name was apparently 'Ikuto' simply turned away from Tsukasa, and saw Amu sitting there.

His blue eyes looked resigned and mocking.

He crossed his arms over his chest, bending the upper half of his body as he continued to watch Amu, getting a better look at her. Of course since she was a girl, she felt uncomfortable under his stare. Not to mention, it didn't take much for her to see that he wasn't exactly the ugliest thing in the world, either.

"So, you're the one who has the voice of an angel?" Ikuto asked, his husky voice sending shivers up Amu's spine. Not in a bad way, though. Wait. What?

Amu quickly diverted her thoughts to something else, remaining quiet and eyes downcast.

Ikuto stood back up, straightening his posture. "I'll be the judge of that" he stated before instantly holding onto Amu's arm, pulling her out of the room, followed by a panicking Nikaidou.

"Ikuto! Let go of him!" He exclaimed, chasing after them.

Ikuto locked the door of the recording booth behind him, ignoring the yells from Nikaidou.

"Are you Amuto?" A brunette guy asked, standing up from out of his seat behind the drum set.

"Yeah…" Amu replied slowly, making sure her voice was slightly deeper than usual.

"I'm Kukai" the brunette introduced before walking up to Amu, inspecting her. "Dude, you're so short!" he laughed before pulling her into a chokehold.

"Souma, you don't want to scare the boy" Tadase, the prince-like blonde, warned with a gentle smile. He helped Amu out of Kukai's strong hold, introducing himself to her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Hinamori-san. I'm Hotori Tadase". Smile, smile, smile. Amu desperately wanted to ask if he ever stopped smiling. He seemed too carefree.

"…Oh, and that lump of coal over there is Ikuto" Kukai added with a grin as he pointed his thumb over his shoulder at Ikuto, who just rolled his indigo eyes.

Ikuto then got out a sheet of paper, setting it on a music stand in front of Amu. "You have to prove that you're good enough to be in this band. I'll be the judge of deciding that".

Amu's wide honey-coloured eyes just watched the page, hoping it'd disappear. Her sing? She couldn't remember the last time she had sung on her own. Of course in church you'd sing with everyone, or just with the choir people. But, never a solo.

Ikuto watched her closely, digging his hands deep into his pockets as he nodded at the paper.


God, please help me.

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