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(Part 1: Nighttime...Summer 2009)

The streets were deserted, save for the occasional lighting from the passing cars to illuminate the blood red brick walls of the narrow alley. Above the alley sat a young girl of 18 summers, her jean clad legs swinging back and forth from the ledge of the fire escape. Her short hair was spiked up, the colors in her hair made it look darker; her ears were adorned with silver piercings that shone from underneath the dark whispers of her hair. Her slender, delicate fingers were dressed with rings of stone, silver, and black bands. Her zip-up hoodie blending in with the onyx-slate sky, it helps the girl merge with the shadows.

Faint murmurs of an argument can be heard in the background, but the girl never really hears it at her current hideaway, since she really wasn't able to hear anything at all. Since she was born, the girl was deaf of noise and the beautiful notes of music. However, she was able to feel the vibrations of sound at her fingertips and bare toes. This alone made the girl stronger than what others might depict of her. Then, a light shines from behind the girl and a boy around her age steps out to the fire escape to join the young girl. He taps her leg, gaining her attention from her daydream.

He signs to her, They're at it again…you want to get away for a while, Chloe?

She nods her head and both teenagers head down the ladder to escape the fighting of their mom and her soon-to-be boyfriend. As the two of them walk down the street to their favorite spot, Chloe's brother signed to her along the way.

I swear, Mom's always getting hurt by this guy and it's really bugging the hell out of me…you know what I mean, Chloe? She could do so MUCH better with guys…

Chloe could only nod her head in agreement. Once the twins got a coffee shop, they went in and waited to order their drinks. When it was their turn, the barista smiled at seeing her usual customers.

Hi Chloe…your usual? The barista signed to the girl, who nodded. "And what about you, Brett? Same as always?"

"You know me too well…" Brett replied with one of his killer smiles.

Five minutes later, both Brett and Chloe were sitting in their usual spots near the window, which was facing the shopping area and the main street of the town. Both siblings were laughing off at whatever tension there was earlier that night. They were soon joined by their mother, who plopped down onto the seat with a sigh and scorn upon her brow.

"Kids…do NOT fall in love with a person that is very, very manipulative and very snobbish," the older woman said to her kids as she took a sip of her drink. That goes for you too, my dear…never give your heart to a worthless man. You are beautiful to me—never let anyone tell you otherwise.

I won't, Mom…you taught us well, so I'll benefit from your teachings…and you know that I know better than to let anyone pull me down, Chloe signed back to her mother with a smile on her face.

But that was the last thing Chloe ever told her mother before the coffee shop was held hostage to three armed robbers. Everything was going so fast for Chloe to comprehend that she wasn't really sure what had happened until she woke up to find herself in a hospital room. The nurse, who was checking on her IV, smiled sadly as she asked if Chloe was ok.

Chloe tilted her head to the side and made a confusing face. The nurse then took out a pad and a pen and wrote down her question before giving the pad to the young teen. Chloe then shook her head and signed to the nurse about what had happened. Just as the nurse understood that Chloe was deaf, a police officer came in and spoke to the nurse. The nurse told the police officer that Chloe was deaf and could sign. Luckily, the police officer signed to Chloe on what had happened at the coffee shop.

Chloe, upon hearing what had happened to her mother and brother, started to break down in tears. Chloe was the only survivor of what had happened and she was all alone.

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