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(Epilogue: A week later, daytime. Cypress Hills Cemetery)

"Hey guys…I'm so sorry for not visiting earlier this year…we had a lot on our plate at Joe. But, I got to have my ability to speak and hear out in the open finally…you have no idea how relieved I am to just tell them that. Ummm…what else to say…" Nixx said as she stood in front of two grave markers in the cemetery: one for her mom, the other for Brett.

Snake Eyes was a little ways behind Nixx, giving her space to talk to her dead relatives. He understood how important they were to her life.

"Oh! How could I forget? I met up with Duke and Ripcord again…they're part of my squad again. Ana's doing real good…hope you guys continue to look out for her as well as the team too…Brett, you remember Snake Eyes, right? Well…he finally asked me out! After eighteen years, he asked me out on our birthday…"

Nixx turned around and smiled at Snake Eyes, who sent her a smile of his own. Turning back to the grave markers, she laid down the flowers she had in her hand.

"See, Mom…I remembered lilies for you this time. Sorry I had gotten roses last time…the store didn't have the lilies because it wasn't "in season"…as if. Well, I better get going then…I love you guys," Nixx said before turning to walk over to Snake Eyes.

(One Month Later: The Pit, afternoon)

Scarlett and Nixx were both getting ready for the outing that the team was taking for the first time since the Cobra incident. Nixx was in the middle of straightening her hair when Scarlett walked into the bathroom in a black mini dress.

"Please tell me that you're not wearing that to where we're going, 'Lett?" Nixx said without looking at her friend.

"Is this not appropriate where we're heading?"

Nixx put down the straighter and turned to face Scarlett.

"We're heading to the most dangerous place in Tokyo…you'd be sold off to sex slave traders if you weren't in Joe…" Codex said bluntly.

" We are?"

"No, silly…we're heading to this club that Snake picked out a while ago…I wonder how everyone else will look…"

Five minutes later, the girls were ready and were now waiting at the Rec Room. Nixx was dressed in a blood red corset top, black leather pants and motorcycle boots, and a pair of fingerless gloves.

"You're sure this is fine?" Scarlett asked as she leaned against the couch.

"For the umpteenth time, it's perfect…I'm pretty sure that Ripcord will have his jaw drop at the sight of you," Nixx said with a soft sigh.

"Damn right on that, Chloe…"

Both girls turn to see Ripcord dressed nicely and his jaw slightly dropped.

"Ha! You owe me a beer, Rip…" Duke said as he came up behind Ripcord and slapped a hand on his friend's shoulder. "You look amazing too, Chloe. Sorry if Ana's not here to admire your handiwork."

"It's ok. The docs need time to remove the nanomites in her head. I'm perfectly fine with that."

Heavy Duty and Breaker then showed up in their casual clothes.

"So…where's Snake? How are we supposed to know where we're going?" Breaker asked once he saw that Snake Eyes wasn't present.

"He told me that he'll meet us there. As to where we're going, I know where it is," Nixx said as she got up from the couch and onto her feet.

"Hot DAMN!!!!!! Chloe, when did you go for the punk scene?" Ripcord exclaimed upon Nixx's outfit.

"What? I like it…you should see her when she goes to one of the anime conventions. She goes ALL out with it," Breaker said.

"Yeah…she dressed up as Lulu one year and she NAILED it down to the tee with the contacts," Heavy Duty added.

"Ohhh, let's not forget when she went as—"

"Ok, boys…why don't we head for the club now before Snake gets worried that we got lost…" Scarlett said, getting the team to the transport to take them to Tokyo. "Besides, I don't think that these guys want to hear how Nixx had to go as a stripper on that one mission..."

(Tokyo, Japan. Nighttime.)

The club was in full capacity once the team got inside the building. They were able to get a table somewhere in the middle of the large room. Scarlett was looking around at the crowded room in awe. Everyone else was wearing similar clothes as Nixx.

"So, where's Snake?" Scarlett had to scream over the blasting music.

"I'll go find him…" Nixx said as she went in search of her silent mentor/comrade.

Sometime after Nixx left to go find Snake, Snake made it to the group. Only Heavy Duty was able to recognize him.

"Hey, Snake…did Nixx send you to let us know that she found you?"

Snake looked at Heavy Duty with a confused look on his face.

"Yeah…she went to go find you just a while ago…didn't you see her?" Breaker asked.

And with that, Snake went back out into the crowd to go find Nixx. He found her in the middle of a confrontation with a drunken, who was trying to make her dance with him. She refused numerous times to dance with him.

"C'mon, baby…one dance isn't going to kill ya…" the drunken said to her as he went to grab at her gloved wrist.

"No, really—my friends are probably wondering where I am…" Nixx said as she was trying to back away from him.

Before the guy could say anything else, Snake Eyes was there and held Nixx in his arms.

"If you have a problem, I suggest you talk to me…" a male voice said, his tone deep with a warning of a potential beating.

Nixx had to strain her ears to hear…there was no way that Snake had just spoken, in what seemed like years, to the drunken guy. However he did it, the guy left without so much of a second glance at the two.

Turning to face Snake, Nixx wasn't expecting Snake to be out of uniform…and looking really good in the clothes he was wearing; his brown hair was slightly spiked and his brown eyes were a comfort compared to the black visor that Nixx was so used to seeing every day. The black button-down shirt was slightly form-fitting; the sleeves were rolled up to reveal toned forearms. A pair of dark denim jeans clad his legs while black shoes adorned his feet. The only thing that wasn't black was a thin silver chain that glimmered in the low lighting—the necklace being a gift from Nixx one year for Christmas.

"So…you speak…along with looking good…ummm…" Nixx started to say, but got tongue-twisted easily.

Snake smiled as he placed a hand on Nixx's cheek and stroked it with his thumb. That got her to clam up completely and her mind went blank on what to do next. Instead, Snake did it for her when he leaned forward close enough to kiss her, but stopped mere inches from her lips.

"So…did I do a good job blending in with the crowd?" Snake asked with a smug look in his eyes.

It got Nixx to snap out of her reverie and glare at the now recent speaking man.

"You are cruel…and you're enjoying every sec—" Nixx said in a low tone before she was interrupted by Snake, who had chosen to brush his lips against Nixx's slightly.

Nixx had no idea how to react as Snake held the kiss for a few seconds before he pulled back. He smirked upon seeing a light blush on Nixx's cheeks.

"I…I, a…ummm…" the woman stuttered moments after the kiss.

"Want help?" Snake asked playfully.

Nixx had to take a moment to gather her thoughts…but it never happened when a round of cheers echoed from where Nixx left the others. Nixx turned to find Duke and the rest of the team cheering.

"Finally!!!!!!" Ripcord said as Snake wrapped an arm around Nixx's shoulder.

"You owe me two beers, Rip," Heavy Duty added.

"Hey Chloe? Can I ask you something?" Snake whispered in her ear.

Nixx nodded her head as Snake stepped in front of her. Nixx frowned slightly at what Snake was doing before Snake held up a small box in his hand. Nixx's eyes widen at the box as tears started to form. Snake had a genuine smile as he opened it to reveal…

"…Marry me?"

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