The Croatoans:

Tales of the Settlement of Salamanca

A City of Heroes Fan Fiction by Orion Petitclerc

The First Account: Letters from Dr. John Berkeley

The letters collected and presented to the reader have only been recently released by the Parliament of Great Britain by permission of Prime Minister Gerald Meriwether to the Museum of Paragon City History. These documents are a part of an investigation into the history of the province of Salamanca, notably nicknamed by inhabitants "Croatoa", to uncover the origin of the unique mystical properties and beings present the said region. These documents are confidential, and are to remain visual to your eyes only.

The following collection of letters was written by Doctor John Berkeley, a respectable Englishman who held degrees in medicine, biology, psychology, and research in paranormal activity. In 1646, King Charles I of Great Britain assigned Dr. Berkeley and his assistant, Jeremiah Collingsworth, to the investigation of reported paranormal activity in the New World British Colony of Salamanca. These letters provide Dr. Berkeley's account of his time spent in Salamanca up to a sudden discontinuation in the report of the investigation. Parliament and English Historians confirm that the discontinuation is no accident, and that no information or documents have been held back. It is assumed that either the said missing documents are yet to be recovered or there were in fact no letters to continue the account.

October 19, 1646

To my sire, King Charles the First of Great Britain,

As per your request I have begun my long, arduous journey to the New World, particularly the colony of Salamanca. I fear the rumors of the condition of Salamanca have spread across the crew of the ship you have assigned to me, creating a heightened sense of superstition and fear. Captain Shills, however, is more than qualified to quell the fears of his crew. I still hold true to my educated opinion, and only desire for my liege to dismiss these rumors as nothing more than folk tales. It is in my experience that most talk of witchcraft or the supernatural is nothing more than paranoia with its triggers, and cannot be grounded by pure and simple science. This is not to say, however, that I do not believe in the damned as well as the divine.

If you shall so pardon me, I have in my acquaintance on this venture my protégé, Mr. Jeremiah Collingsworth, who shall be at my side at all times gaining experience in the field I profess unless I otherwise instruct him. He is young, but wise, and an excellent assistant. I assure you he shall not impede this investigation.

The good Captain informs me our voyage shall last only three days, if providence holds us. He also informs me that he shan't step ashore once we beach, as he is but a goods-runner making a delivery of supplies to Salamanca and shall be off to continue his duty once the goods have been received. He has assigned to my colleague and I a pair of sailors, whose duties are to both deliver the goods to the town and accompany us as guards against the savages and otherwise, if it be the case. I am generous to Captain Shills for his concern for our well-being.

The bell beckons the sea! I shall write again when I have arrived within Salamanca's walls.

Until then, with much ado,

Doctor John Berkeley