Well, some people asked for a little more of this universe, so here it is. I'm not as sure of this one, so opinions are welcome, as always. Also, I forgot this last chapter, so I don't own Bones. Go figure.

When they finally go on their first date it's unusual, just like everything else about them.

He picks her up at the door. She wears the black dress he bought her in Vegas, which she has somehow never been able to wear for anyone else, though she would never admit to wearing any piece of clothing for anyone but herself. He half swallows his greeting when she opens the door, but for once she doesn't comment on it. She also lets him get away with opening her door at the car.

They go to a restaurant they like but her best friend doesn't. This is just a coincidence, of course. They stopped claiming they were "just partners" and settled on friends years ago, so they don't have to start the conversation with work related things to maintain "cover." The man at the door notes his hand at her back, and the clear comfort in their stance and asks how long they've been together. The man stares when he says, "This is our first date," and she says, "Ten years." They don't clarify.

They talk about everything, just like they always have, her family, his son, the squints, their pasts, together and apart. That alone makes it an odd first date, since there is no awkward small talk. They make their way through their meal, just talking. At some point he reaches across the table and takes her hand. At a near by table, a young woman coos to her date over how cute they are.

They order dessert (although this place doesn't have pie and he can't really believe it), and then finally they head out of the restaurant. Night has fallen fully now, and they climb back into the car, but he doesn't head back to her place. Instead he heads for the Lincoln Memorial, which for a long time has, like the diner and the Founding Fathers, been one of their places. They sit on the steps, she slides in right next to him and he wraps an arm around her.

Finally he speaks. "You know, I told you a while back that everything happens eventually. I was starting to believe this one was one thing that was never going to happen. At this point all I can say is I'm really glad it is. I know you think it's ridiculous, but I've always truly believed there was someone out there for everyone. I have to admit when we first met I didn't think it was you. You were beautiful and brilliant, still are, but you were so frustrating. I didn't know how to deal with someone who could challenge me that way, but I knew right away that I needed you, and not just because you make the bad guys unsafe. I guess what it comes down to is, I love you. Will you marry me?"

"You already know I'll marry you, and you know I love you. I still think it's irrational, but you seem to make me irrational regularly."

And then they share their first kiss. And she finally believes that breaking the laws of physics just might be possible.