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Heaven and Earth

30 Taang Sentences

Drown – It wasn't training Aang to earthbend that brought them together, but rather the swimming lessons Aang gave her after the incident at the Serpent's Pass.

Bug – Toph didn't know what the feeling she felt when he looked at her was, but whatever it was pissed her off.

Brush – Aang loved the way Toph's face grew peaceful as he raked Katara's brush through her thick bushy hair.

Comfort – When Toph grumbled about the bed being too soft, Aang pulled her on top of him and she conceded this was a little better.

Excuse – When Aang announced to her parents their plans on getting engaged, it gave the Bei Fongs a reason to dislike the Avatar.

Awe – The worst date was the one watching fireflies; Toph listened to Aang's sighs and gasps of amazement until she couldn't take any more and punched him in the arm.

Complement – When Aang's fear of responsibility took him over, Toph quickly pushed him on the right path with a few choice words; when she started to get testy, Aang quickly calmed her down with a gentle touch.

Question – "Aang, what does color look like?" – Aang kissed her, and answered gently, "Like this."

Strangle – Aang wasn't used to her being so short next to him, so when they met after two years, he nearly choked her in an eager hug.

Bitter – Aang asked her if she was bitter towards her parents for not coming to their wedding; Toph said she wasn't – and he felt her lie.

Skeleton – She formed a tomb around the beloved monk's bones and took the silently crying Avatar's hand in hers with a firm reassuring squeeze.

Grudge – She wasn't one to hold grudges outside losing a fight, but she made Katara the exception when she realized Aang had initially liked the waterbender, but settled for her after Katara fell in love with Jet again.

Speech – There came a time when Aang couldn't hear Toph's voice and she couldn't see him. They held hands in silence and darkness, feeling the love that surpassed all sight and sound.

Escape – He felt smothered as he watched the woman he loved stand beside his former nemesis at the altar; his shaking only stilled at Toph's surprisingly gentle touch, and he felt a release from his sadness.

Short – Toph told Aang she liked tall guys; Aang began to measure his height on Appa's leg every morning.

Ninja – "Ninjas couldn't sneak on me," Toph boasted – Aang tried it out with Zuko's help and realized to his chagrin that she was right.

Quantity – Katara and Sokka barely dodged the wall of rock rising around the snuggling little couple and Toph answered their rants simply with, "I'd like a little quantity time with Aang," – Aang decided not to correct her as she closed the roof above their private enclosure and kissed him.

Lonely – Toph's chest hurt as Sokka kissed Suki and she felt the sorrow radiating off Aang as Katara snuggled up with Zuko, and so gave the emptiness the name 'loneliness;' she decided not to face the feeling alone, so sat beside Aang and took his hand in hers.

Night – Aang liked the night when he was with Toph; he felt more connected to her in the gloom and shadows that made one feel blind.

Torture – "That tickles!" Toph laughed, so Aang proceeded to tickle her ribs until a pillar of stone knocked him off his feet.

Begin – When asked when they started to fall for each other, Aang and Toph would answer it didn't matter when – brushing aside the fact that neither of them could remember when it started.

Betray – When Toph asked him how he would feel if she fell for Zuko too, Aang admitted, "Betrayed," and was rewarded with a peck on the cheek.

Ache – All the bruises, cracked bones, and head-splitting concussions couldn't dampen Aang's spirits as he enjoyed his morning spar with his new girlfriend.

Mood – Aang asked if the candlelight helped set the mood, before realizing in embarrassment that Toph couldn't see anything in the room at all.

Forbid – Her father forbade her from moving into the Southern Airtemple with Aang, fearing she would fall to her death; Toph did and she didn't.

Stalk – Whenever he walked alone with Toph, he felt like he was being followed, but brushed it off as the paranoia from nine months on the run; they returned to camp to hear Katara and Sokka snickering to each other for unknown reasons.

Wonder – There was a short list of things that amazed Toph, and the realization that Aang would in the end choose a rough earthbender over a kind and gentle waterbender topped it.

Laugh – Aang chased the giggling girl through the swamp, not realizing he would begin to pursue that gleeful sound with his heart.

Tremble – the Earth trembled beneath them as they quarreled for the first time as a couple; Sokka and Katara stayed away from them for a week, and nervously stayed close together to protect each other from any flying rocks should the heated argument start up again.

Son – The mud-covered guests complained their child was free-spirited, loud, and rude; Toph commented cheerfully, "Yep, that's our boy," and Aang chuckled a nervous apology to the irritated waterbender and her mustached husband.

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