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Chapter 3

"What the hell?" a voice yells, as Sam tries to get into a better position on the hard uncomfortable ground. Laying there Sam is confused, who would want to shoot at them? Jack works at the academy and she is just a consultant with on Star….

A light bulb goes off. Many people would rather see the Stargate Program shut down. Would they be willing to kill over it? It seems a bit excessive. If she was really the target, then why did they not take the shot earlier when she was out here alone? If it is not her, then that means Jack is… Now it does not make any more sense, he works as a training officer at the academy…

"Stay down!" The order brings her out of her thoughts as her eyes flick towards her husband when he pulls out his berretta and scans the scenery.

Not used to seeing the military side of him Sam does as he said. His eyes displaying a hard glint, not directed at her. But it makes the situation more terrifying.

Scanning the surroundings Jack doesn't see anything. It is a high possibility that the police have already been called by the neighbors, yet he pulls out his phone and dials the SGC. When he is connected he immediately issues orders, "Direct me to General Hammond ASAP."

His tone makes the airman on the line wince, "The general is in a meeting sir. I have orders not to interrupt for anything."

Frustrated, Jack takes the phone and stares at it a minute. There is no time for this, "This is an emergency airman, shots were just fired outside my home at my wife and I," then he adds sarcastically, "Does this count?"

Taking notice of the Colonel's voice, the airman immediately directs his call to the briefing room. Informing the general of the situation Jack closes his phone and sighs. Making another call, he makes arrangements for Charlie, "Thanks Kawalsky, we'll meet you back at base."

Taking another look, he realizes they're too exposed out here in the open. "Sam come on," helping her stand up he hurriedly leads her back towards the house.

Once they reach the living room, Sam wretches her arm out of his hold, she twirls around to face him. "What the hell is going on Jack?" she demands. Not waiting for an answer she continues to rant, "Who did you call? Why would someone want to kill you? You work at the Academy for god sakes, that doesn't strike me as a place to get you killed." Something else is going on, just looking at him tells her that. His expression is locked into his military mask, mouth set and eyes focused yet nothing revels anything. "Tell me what is going on or so help me…"

Listening to her, Jack slowly takes a few deep breathes. Who would want to shoot at them or him? Kinsley is at the top of that list, he would have hired someone in a heartbeat. Who ever did this, they will catch them, he is sure of that. "Sam, calm…"

"Don't tell me to calm down," she tells him. "One minute we were on our way to Charlie's…" she stops just as a realization struck him. "Oh God, Charlie! What about him? We need to go see if he's ok."

"He's alright, he's alright," he tries to calm her, "Charlie and Lou are going to look get him, we'll meet them at base," Jack tries to reassure her.

Calming down she starts to shake, the situation pressing down on her. Noticing Jack quickly reaches over and pulls her into a hug. Very lightly she whispers, he had to lean down to catch it, "I want answers." Sirens sounding in the distance and getting louder as they got closer.

Voices outside the door breaks the moment, the back up Jack called had gotten here before the police.

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