Title: In the Flames

Author: Kadysn

Disclaimer: The Winchesters don't belong to me, as much as I wish they did...

No. of words: 124

Spoiler alert: Season 5 episode "Abandon All Hope"

He watched as the photo's edges curled and blackened before burning entirely away, eating up the images of the two women he had come to love like family. His eyes were dry but the ache in his heart wouldn't go away, and he doubted it ever would.

He looked to the other men and wondered if they felt the same way he did. Would they think of Ellen and Jo and have the same regrets, the same wish that they had said or done anything differently, to make it more clear to the women how special they were and how very much they would be missed? There would be no discussion; the topic would die even as the last embers of the photo disappeared.