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The Case is Afoot

-Holmes' POV-

I was roused by a knock at my door and I groaned. After a late night it, was difficult to stir; but I managed to ask why I was being woken.

"There's a gentlemen downstairs who demands to see you," Mrs. Hudson replied.

A case! I jumped out of bed and dressed, telling Mrs. Hudson to show the man into the sitting room. I heard them go in and followed, finding the man sitting very rigidly with his back to me.

"Good morning, sir," I said, coming around to get a view of him from the front. "Your athletic talents really should be put to better use then running a shop."

Most clients would look at me astonished, but this man merely glanced sharply at me. I felt like he was sizing me up. I narrowed my eyes and continued studying him further, but kept my further deductions—that he was a bachelor and a gambler—to myself.

"I need you to help me with a little problem of a robbery—" the man started.

I put up my hand to withhold his explanation.

"Do be good enough to wait. My friend and colleague, Dr. Watson, may be interested in helping me," I said.

After he nodded, I left the sitting room and went upstairs to fetch my friend from his bed.