-Holmes' POV-

I sighed blissfully, snuggling deeper into the covers. Two weeks following our little heart-to-heart, things were back to normal—or even better. I was content to lay in bed all morning after a long night of talking with Lestrade. It had been a productive meeting, but now I was groggy and convinced Watson had indeed slipped something into the last cup of tea I had had.


My peaceful morning was at an end as Watson came bursting in the door, coming over to my bed to give me a gentle shake.

"Look, you have a letter!" he said, passing me the envelope.

Since the last case I hadn't gotten much correspondence. Just the final bills from my hospital stay—that were mysteriously paid—and a few letters from Lestrade asking about some final details.

I opened the letter and read it over, glancing over the top of it to see Watson regarding me with bright blue eyes.

"Yes, in answer to your question. It's a case," I said, tossing the letter towards him.

He gobbled the contents with an excited eye.

"When are we leaving?" he asked.

I gave him a look. "When can you be ready?"

"Now!" was his enthusiastic reply.

I climbed out of bed laughing, and together we departed; off to whatever adventure we were bound.