This is a companion piece to The Hunt. It takes place directly after Spock exits Nyota's quarters after escorting her home from the party she attended on Halloween. Please note, other than the opening of the story, the rest of it is a dream sequence, therefore Spock will behave a little OOC and a lot dirty. Heed this note as a warning, if that is not how you like your Spock go no further.

Thanks TalesFromTheSpockSide as always for your editing expertise and advise.


Part One

Nyota and Gaila stood unmoving, staring at each other. It had been a full minute since Spock had exited their quarters. Nyota was holding her breath, bracing herself for the coming gale, sincerely hoping the Commander was out of hearing range when it hit. Gaila was still fanning herself when she began to jump up and down and emit a continuous, loud, high pitched squeal. Nyota clamped both of her hands over her mouth in an attempt to thwart the same sound from coming from her but quickly realized it was simply not possible to avoid it. She threw herself onto her bed, buried her face in her pillow, and screamed with unrestrained glee.

"Oh my Gods! Just wow, Ny! Wow!! I was thinking you might score a goodnight kiss! But I really didn't think it was possible to get him to come in. Guh! He smells fantastic, by the way. And the pheromones flying around in here...don't even try to tell me you just talked." Gaila was talking with her hands and began jumping on Nyota's bed as she continued, not pausing for breath or for her friend to answer.

"Did he like your dress? Oh! Did he like your ears? Ha! Did he confess that he wanted to beat the holy hell out of poor Monroe, then lay claim to you up against the nearest available tree? Because if he said anything else he's full of shit. I could feel the lust and rage positively pouring off him and while I know you're a little shy in the PDA department it would have been so unbelievably hot to watch!" Nyota sat up at that and unleashed the dirtiest look she could manage, considering she was buzzing with excitement.

"Okay...I'll shut it, but details, Ny! I need details right now!"

"We were walking. And then I was so stupid, you just wouldn't believe what I...but he followed me. And then, he was holding me. I thought he felt bad for me but then. Oh gods...his mouth. And he feels the same!! His skin is so hot. I almost fainted, but he caught me against his body, his beautiful hard body."

"Wait!" Gaila cut into her rambling. "Where was he hard?"

"Everywhere." Nyota quirked her eyebrow up suggestively; her expression, along with her little pointed ears, in the moment, made her look so much like Spock that Gaila actually stopped jumping for a moment.

The squealing commenced again in earnest.

Gaila had to leave. The happiness flowing from Nyota was wonderful. However, the lingering heat and lust she felt from Nyota after her friend's brief encounter with Spock was way too much for the Orion to take. She decided her roommate could be hot and bothered on her own; Gaila was going to burn off the lust their little tryst ignited in her with the gentlemen she had mentioned to the Commander. Gaila gave Nyota an affectionate hug of triumph and jubilation, promised to be safe, and was on her way.

Nyota stretched out on her bed, massaging both her ears where the prosthetic tips had been. She was finding it difficult to fully grasp the events that had transpired. Everything felt surreal. Her mind was filled with all things Spock. She could hear his voice as if he were kneeling at her bedside, feel the warmth of his breath, tickling her throat, as if he was once again leaning into her. She replayed the heated brush of his lips to hers, the firm grasp of his hands against her back. But mostly her mind evoked the way he had lowered her tenderly to the floor, meeting her hips with his own, unashamedly revealing his body's aching want for her. She had done that to him...to Spock. Such was her final thought as she drifted to sleep. Nyota was unaware of how the events of the evening and her interrupted and unsatisfied physical desires for Spock would influence her dreams.

Nyota found herself walking again. She was making her way back to the dorm, alone. She felt crestfallen as she went on her way. She thought she had seen Commander Spock, that he had come looking for her, had reached for her, as she had found him waiting, just outside where she had been that evening. But Gaila had bounded up to her and interrupted them, and then he was gone. She sighed in abject misery.

A group of obnoxious, costumed revelers passed by her, breaking into her musings as they began regaling her with numerous wolf whistles. Nyota gave them a small, slightly uncomfortable smile and increased her pace. She was almost to the building when she noticed it. Her feet faltered and then stopped as a chill slipped up her spine. It was quiet. Like the cold, vacuum of space, quiet. Uhura whirled on the spot, her eyes efficiently canvassing her darkened surroundings. Nothing. Nothing and no one. It should have been a comfort. It was not.

Nyota snorted, disgusted with herself at her continued unease. 'Almost home,' she reminded herself, aggravated that the most she had accomplished tonight was to spook herself. She turned back toward her dorm and stumbled backwards, holding back the instinct to scream.

"Damnit, Henderson! You scared the shit out of me!" Nyota barked, taking a few more steps back as she took in the rather brawny cadet before her. She had never cared for Mark Henderson. He was arrogant and rude and always seemed to be watching her in class with a lewd smirk on his face. Creep.

"You looked like you could use some company. How about I escort you home."

"Well, my dorm is right there...so thanks, but no thanks. Please excuse me."

"Where's Gaila at this evening, Uhura?"

"She's in our room, and she's expecting me, so please move. I'm already running late and I don't want her to worry." Her statement was greeted by Henderson's usual smirk. He didn't buy it. Not for a second. He knew she was alone. He was much bigger than she , but even though she had been drinking, Nyota still felt confident she could successfully defend herself. He obviously had been drinking too, or he wouldn't be trying to pull this crap with her. Nyota took a defensive posture, preparing to protect herself as she again asked him to let her pass. She could not have prepared herself for what he said next.

"Hey, McMurphy...come out, come out where ever you are. Cadet Uhura doesn't trust me to walk her home. Maybe she would be more willing to comply with our request for some company."

Nyota did not wait to hear Henderson's cohort's response. She launched herself at him. A well placed, forceful kick to the stomach, followed by a kick to the groin, brought him to his knees. He tipped to the side, landing face first on the walkway as she sprinted around him, only to come skidding to a stop as another figure emerged from the darkness. Her first assault had been a success, she thought; this would not be any different. Then she realized, as the figure moved from the shadows, that it was dragging something, or rather someone. The individual gave her a wide berth, showing her it meant her no harm as it moved past her to drop its cargo, one Cadet Liam McMurphy, in a bloodied heap, next to Cadet Henderson, who was struggling to get to his feet.

The person before her was clearly a man, and Nyota gasped when she looked upon his face as he turned to look at her, while Henderson swayed, continuing to try to stand. It was Spock. She had failed to recognize him, first because the darkness had obscured his face, and second, because he was not in his Starfleet uniform. Instead, to her surprise and suddenly heated sex, he was clothed in pre-reform Vulcan battle armour. Her previous danger was all but forgotten as her eyes drank him in. Spock's appearance in his standard issue uniform had always been a distraction, but this...

Nyota shuddered under Spock's increasingly intense gaze. She could tell he saw through her. The lust in her eyes would be impossible for anyone to miss, but she knew Spock was discerning something more. She felt as if she were laid bare before him, and the moment his countenance registered that he had unearthed what was being offered, he did not hesitate to claim it. Ownership. She was freely offering her body, because he had already captured her soul. Spock grabbed hold of Henderson by the hair of his head, just as he was about to finally get fully upright, and jerked him around to face Nyota, forcing the cadet to his knees.

"Do you see her?"

Henderson yelped as Spock pulled on his head, forcing him to look at Uhura.

"Yes, sir." Henderson groaned. Spock released him, only to move in front of him, glaring menacingly into the cadet's face.

"She. Is. Mine. While it is clear Nyota is quite capable of stopping your unwanted advances, I must inform you that if you ever attempt to touch her again, you will be dead by my hand before she would be forced to sully hers." Spock left Henderson cowering next to his partner's unmoving form and went to Nyota's side. He questioned her with his eyes. She answered by placing her hand in his. Spock watched their fingers intertwine, then began to pull her to her room. He felt a shared sense of urgency with her at the touch of their skin. Their bodies needed to be joined by more than just their hands. Nyota had offered herself to Spock and he would not wait to take her...it would be illogical.