Disclosure preceding chapter one.

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Part 2


Nyota's dormitory was directly before them when she stopped abruptly, tugging her hand roughly from Spock's. When Spock turned to her, she could see both confusion and anger. She was a little confused herself. She wanted him...now. But the closer they came to her room, the more it felt wrong. Not their impending joining, but the environment of the room itself. Nyota's room was organized, clean...safe. Whereas she suddenly wanted to feel out of control. She wanted to feel dirty. And the way Spock looked in that battle armor...dangerous.

As they stared at each other and he read the myriad of emotions that flitted across Nyota's face, the anger in Spock's expression disappeared. Need was all that remained. Nyota brought her hands down to the material composing the front, flowing sections of the lower half of her gown and pulled roughly on it until it ripped away. She didn't want to risk the inconvenience of her legs becoming entangled in the cloth. Spock watched the silken mist that had covered her flutter to the ground. He slowly lifted his eyes from the destroyed remnants that had earlier caressed the edge of his hand, to appraise the equally soft and infinitely more appealing landscape of exposed skin. He moved to close the limited space that separated them, but Nyota was faster. She threw herself into his body, surely bruising herself against the unforgiving armor he wore as she practically climbed him. She wrapped her legs around Spock's torso, a jolt of icy heat searing her as her legs conformed to the cold metal in which he was encased. Nyota gave him a rough, biting kiss, thrilling at the way it was eagerly returned, then broke away, dropping back to the ground as quickly as she had leapt from it, preventing Spock from pinning her to him with his arms. She was panting as she took a few steps back and watched his hands clench and unclench.

Nyota moved her hands to glide over the expanse of her exposed thighs. She began to tremble as she watched Spock's eyes track the path her right hand seemed to burn, blazing a trail along her skin that begged to be followed by his tongue. She scraped her nails across her belly slowly before sliding her entire hand beneath the white satin panties that were now plainly visible with the removal of sheer cloth she had torn away. Nyota explored her sex with her fingers as Spock stood before her; she sighed at the sensation brought from her own touch and the sound of Spock's increased, labored breathing. Once her fingers were sufficiently coated, she pulled them from her core and brought them to hover over her lips. She lowered her eyes to the juncture between Spock's thighs, hidden by a swath of heavy cloth. Nyota placed her wet digits into her mouth and sucked greedily.

"I want to taste myself on you," she breathed out as she released her fingers from her mouth, continuing to stare at his lower half, wondering if he was becoming hard. "Tell me you want to taste me."

Spock extended one hand toward her as she lifted her eyes once again to his face, not missing that his other hand disappeared below the cloth covering his manhood. She drew her bottom lip between her teeth as she observed the minute, repetitive, almost imperceptible movements of his arm. He was stroking himself. She shuddered.

"I have imagined lying between your thighs, consuming you with my mouth for days on end, my body requiring no other sustenance than what my tongue could call forth in its devotion to the soft folds of your sex. Come to me and there will be no need of words. I will show you."

Instead of reaching toward him, Nyota retreated a few more steps, a wicked smile playing on her lips. "First you catch me, then you show me." She turned and sprinted away, pleased there was no longer clothing to impede her legs. They flew across the ground toward the park adjacent to where she and Spock had stood. Gaila's words were echoing through her mind. 'Did he confess that he wanted to beat the holy hell out of poor Monroe, then lay claim to you up against the nearest available tree?' Spock had not made such a confession, but she hoped he would take her against a tree anyway.

Within seconds, she disappeared into a thick stand of trees. She selected one to dart behind and listened for sounds of Spock's approach, difficult to hear over her own rapid breathing. She heard nothing and peeked around the tree trunk in the direction she had come; it was dark, but she should still see him approaching. She jumped in shock as she heard a branch snap behind her position, and she spun to find him only a breath away, his body already overshadowing hers. She felt as if her heart would beat a bloody hole in her chest as it sped, hammering to the point of exploding; her body shrank back against the tree instinctively. It suddenly occurred to her that this must be what be what a small animal feels when it is cornered by a strong, sleek fox.

Nyota blinked and Spock was upon her. The rough bark of the tree raked along her back, snarling and shredding the fragile gossamer that clung to her, as he lifted her slightly and she gasped. Delicious. He pressed his body to her and she shivered, a moan escaping her lips as her gown gave way, the front slipping down, baring her breasts. Her nipples hardened with the contact to the cold, unyielding metal that now moved against her sensitive skin. Perfection. Spock lowered his face, rubbing his cheek against hers, inhaling her scent before turning his head so he could have her mouth again. He used one of his legs to nudge hers further apart, then brought his hand up her thigh and to her sex.

"Your garment is soaked with the evidence of your want, Nyota," Spock growled, his hand moving against the warm, damp cloth. "I spoke the words you wished to hear. Do not attempt to run from me again."

"I'm not going anywhere, Spock," she managed, before his mouth descended on hers again. He kissed her with a savageness she had craved from him but never had the opportunity to know. She winced, then whimpered as he forcefully gripped her thighs and lifted her, pulling her legs to encircle him so that his hardened flesh could grind against her heat, their groins now perfectly aligned. With every motion of his hips rocking into hers, she became hotter, more needy, even as he satisfied her. The lust within her was growing and refining into a blistering, tight coil of want, the friction of the tree, the armor, and his cock making her want to scream. Just when she felt herself about to tumble over the abyss into nirvana, he pulled back and let her slide from his hands. Her hands remained on his shoulders, where she had been holding him as if for dear life.

Nyota opened her eyes, which only moments before had been closed in ecstasy, to glare into Spock's frustratingly composed face. Fury exploded within her at his seeming, inexplicable indifference and she was about to unleash an enraged string of profanity when she felt the heat of his fingers as they smoothed over, then fisted, the edge of her panties. His expression did not change as he ripped the apparently offensive article from her body. His gaze remained fixed on hers as he brought the garment to his face and raked it down his jaw line and across his mouth. He shifted the cloth, taking the portion of it that was completely saturated into his mouth, and sucked. His eyes drifted shut for a beat, then opened as he pulled the silk from between his lips and leaned down to her face.

"I desire to take from the source," he whispered, returning his hand to her sex, dipping his fingers within her, then drawing them back to his lips to taste.

"Better," he remarked, allowing his eyes again to drift shut while he ensured he left nothing of her on his fingers before dropping his hand to his side.

Nyota started at the sound of Spock's armor-clad knees dropping to the ground at her feet. Then she pressed back, allowing the bark of the tree to dig deeper into the skin of her back, as she took in the image of Spock kneeling between her legs. The tension in her belly, neglected but not alleviated, swiftly ratcheted up as he guided first one of her legs, then the other, to rest on his shoulders, balancing her at an angle, his left arm about her back as his mouth burrowed into her waiting pussy. His tongue stroked and probed between her folds. She threw one arm behind her, grasping at the tree, the other grabbing and pulling fiercely on his hair. She heard him murmur, "Best," as he drew away slightly, then returned, gliding his tongue the full length of her slit and swirling it over her clit. Spock pushed two fingers into her while he sucked and licked. He added a third and she shuddered and cried his name. He removed his mouth once more to speak as he continued to work her with his hand.

"I can feel your ascent... your body is reaching its pinnacle, Nyota."

She began to cry.

"You should prepare yourself for this event to occur repeatedly tonight. I have no plans to release you...ever."

His fingers twisted and increased their speed. "Give me what is mine...come in my mouth, Nyota."

Her inner muscles contracted as his tongue descended zealously once again, licking his driving fingers right along with her inner lips before sucking mercilessly on her clit. Her incoherent screams echoed off the trees while he let out a growl of pleasure and her molten liquid gushed and flowed into his mouth. He was relentless, and a second orgasm ripped through her, her uncontrolled writhing inflaming him further.

Nyota at last began to come down and he withdrew his mouth, kissing and nipping her thighs with his teeth before guiding her weak legs, one by one, from their position, supporting her form as she melted into him. When she found the strength to lift her head from his chest, they merely stared into each other's eyes for an indeterminate amount of time. Then she pushed herself up to rest on her knees as they straddled his lap and reached her face to his, gliding her tongue over his lips and along his chin, tasting herself on his skin.

"That is not the only area of my body you will be tasting yourself on tonight, Nyota." Spock murmured as her tongue swept over the other corner of his mouth.


Spock shifted beneath her and began to loosen his pants. "I am certain."