"Ah, Mr. Wang, sir. The new interns are here."

"Thank you, Lily. I'll be out there in a moment, aru."

"Yes sir."

Yao leaned back in his chair as his receptionist closed the door behind her. He was long accustomed to her habit of not using the intercom (she had had trouble with the device since day one at the office, so she eventually gave up altogether).

"Aiyahh…I hate getting new interns, aru. Always making a mess of the office," he complained, stretching his arms and standing up. Yao did a once-over of himself before leaving; he had to make a good first impression, you know.

No wrinkles? Check. Hair tied tightly? Check. Stern expression to show them who's boss? Yao examined his reflection in the mirror. Also check.

As Yao began his trek down the hallway he was assaulted by the sound of (annoying, aru) excited interns eager to start their jobs.

"Ahem. May I have your attention, aru?" The chatter quickly died down as Yao fixed his well-practiced glare on each of them.

"Sir, these are the newbies…" Arthur droned, shooting an exasperated glance at the small group. Yao often enjoyed talking with Arthur, both of them filled to the brim with cynical complaints about anything and everything.

"Yes, ahen. Thank you, Arthur," Yao sighed, turning back to his "newbies". "Hello, everyone. I am your new manager, Yao Wang, aru. Now, could you all give me your names?"

"Oh, my name's Alfred! Alfred Jones! I'm pretty good at everything, so don't be shy if you need my help!" Francis couldn't help but scoff at the blonde's arrogant behavior, Alfred's hand raised in a mock salute.

The shivering boy (surely he couldn't be in college) next to him continued staring at his feet, murmuring inaudibly. Yao strained his ears in an attempt to hear the words. "Could you please speak up? I can't hear you, aru."

"M-my nam-muh is R-R-Raivis Gal-Galant-te, sir!"

"Ohh, so cute! My name is Elizabeta, please be gentle with me, sir~" the brunette declared, holding Raivis whilst stroking his hair, the boy growing steadily more pale than he had been just moments ago. Yao hummed in response as he focused on the next intern.

"My name is Kiku Honda, Yao Wang-san. I look forward to working here." Kiku bowed as the rest of the office staff looked at him, taking note to remember him when they had work they didn't feel like doing, most likely taking advantage of his hard working nature.

"Ooh, look at me now! My turn!" Yao's eyes narrowed as they zeroed in on the last of them, the young man before him wearing a dress shirt. A tieless, slightly wrinkled, rolled up-sleeved dress shirt.

"My name's Yong Soo, daze! Nice to meet you!"