Hey! So obviously it's been a long time since I've updated, but to make these updates come faster I'm going to throw in some side stories focusing on other characters! Without further ado, please enjoy "Special Delivery"!

Elizabeta, despite her packed social calendar, did not get nearly enough girl time, so when her lunchtime conversation with Lily was interrupted she became rather pissed.

"So then I said-"

"Hey, Lil', got a package for ya!"

The pair's eyes snapped away from each other to the intruder, a tall albino man with a large grin.

"O-oh, Mr. Beilschmidt, he-hello!"

"I told you, just call me Gilbert!" the man laughed, not blinking twice as he pushed Elizabeta out of the way in an attempt to capture the receptionist's attention. "I think these are new keyboards, or somethin'. Anyway, how are you? Whatcha been up to?"

Lily chanced a glance at Elizabeta, who was at this moment growing redder and redder by the second and looked ready to throttle their delivery man. "A-ahm...W-well, I was just talking with my friend Elizabeta...and then you came in...a-and pushed her..." she trailed off, having nothing else to say.

"Hmm? Who?" Gilbert's eyes turned to Elizabeta, examining her as if he'd never seen her before, as if he hadn't just push her away to get to Lily. Gilbert's eyes widened as they drifted slowly over Elizabeta's figure, a smirk stretching over his face when they arrived at her chest. "Well well. Nice to meet you."

This comment was met with an embarrassed squeak from Lily (clearly uncomfortable in the way she attempted to sink further into her desk chair) and an embarrassed growl from Elizabeta. She knew she had large breasts and was quite aware that she was ogled because of them, but never before had a man done so to her face. Hadn't he any shame?

Ignorant to the raging turmoil in the brunette's head Gilbert reached across the reception desk, stealing a post-it note and pen and scribbling on it. "So Lil'," he muttered, attention devoted to whatever he was writing, "can you give this to her when she wakes up?" Finally looking up the delivery man handed Lily the sticky note (his name and phone number scrawled messily on it) and returned his attention to Elizabeta, this time staring directly into her eyes. "Well, Lizzy, I'd love to get to know you and the twins better, but I've got more deliveries to make. See ya later, babe!" Grabbing the signed delivery sheet Gilbert waltzed casually out of the office's door, cackling louldly as he heard Lily's abused stapler slam against it, no doubt thrown by a certain Hungarian intern.


Another smirk claimed his face as he approached his truck, a light chuckle spilling from his mouth.

Package delivery just got fun.