1: Unending Snow



Twin voices excitedly exclaimed the arrival of the most obvious sign of winter's presence. Maru and Moro clasped hands and spun round and round as pure white flakes fell around them. Yuuko said nothing, taking another sip of her sake. "It is quite early this year," she murmured to Mokona.

"Yup." Her small, round companion agreed, as he also gulped his alcohol.

"Unusually early… unnaturally early."

"There's snow on the ground!"

"There's snow falling through the air!"

Yuuko watched Maru and Moro as they continued whatever it was they were doing, contemplating the state of things. After a moment, she held her hand out beyond the shelter of the overhang, catching one of the fragile little sculptures.

"We can make snowmen!"

"We can make snowballs!"

Finally, Yuuko said to Mokona, "Tomorrow, we'll have Watanuki clean out a room."

"Why, mistress?"

"Why a new room, mistress?" Maru and Moro had stopped their game at those words.

The Dimentional Witch smiled. "We're going to have a visitor." She stood up, and walked inside her shop. The snowflake in her hand still hadn't melted.


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