This story was inspired by A chance Encounter by LeonaWriter.


Kagome returns home after another fight with Inu Yasha and decides to take a walk around town. It just happens that our favorite albino is in that part of town that day and being haunted by a spirit…

"Stupid Inu Yasha… needs to learn some damn manners… damn Kikyou… perverted monk…" a raven haired girl mumbled as she strolled angrily down the street; her waist length black hair swinging from side to side. The girl suddenly stopped walking. "Get a grip on yourself Kagome." She said as she slapped her cheeks seeming to try and get a hold of herself. "Inu Yasha is just a stupid immature jerk that you need to get out of your head."

Kagome looked around only to find that she had gotten herself lost. "Damn." Kagome cursed quietly to herself and turned around to try and find her way back. She was on one of the side streets between rows of houses when she saw a person with white hair going across the intersection ahead of her. 'Inu Yasha' her mind quickly supplied and she started to get mad before she noticed what he was wearing.

He was wearing a striped blue and white tee-shirt and skinny jeans. Very skinny jeans. 'Wow. That's definitely not Inu Yasha...' It was then that she noticed what he was looking at. He was holding up a strange golden ring that had spikes coming off of it and was surrounded by a dark energy. 'Darker than even Naraku…' Kagome involuntarily shivered. Just thinking of something that could be worse than Naraku was horrible. The white haired teen hadn't paid her any attention and was almost across the intersection. Kagome hurried quickly to follow him.

~Ryou POV~

Ryou was walking home from where Bakura'd given him back the body after stealing some diamond from the back of a jewelry store. He took the ring out from under his shirt and stared at it. 'Is there ever going to be a day when I can just stay at home without worrying about what new stolen goods I'll find in my pockets later?' Ryou mused when he was answered with a cackle.

//Sorry Yandonoushi, but no. Stealing is far too much fun, especially when I can steal pretty stuff for my saiai hikari. // Ryou sighed; he'd figured enough. Bakura came out next to him in a spiritual body. //Oh quit worrying hikari. I'm not gonna get caught and put you in a jail cell somewhere. // Bakura soothed in his own way sensing that that was what Ryou was worried about.

/I can't help but worry Yami. I know you're the best and I trust you but I'm still gonna worry for us… / Ryou replied looking down and turning slightly red embarrassed.

//You're cute when you blush Ryou. // Bakura said after leaning down and looking up at Ryou's face. Ryou blushed harder at this comment. //And thank you for the praise about being the best ito- // Bakura suddenly cut off and looked over Ryou's shoulder. Confused, Ryou looked up and to the side slightly; his eyes looking questioningly at his Yami. //We're being followed. // Ryou started to turn his head to look when Bakura sharply said, //Don't look. //

Ryou had to resist the urge to do so with quite some effort and returned his head to looking forward. Bakura was floating along backwards and staring at the girl who was following them. Or, more specifically, him. How could this girl see him? Only those with millennium items were supposed to be able to see them when they came out in spiritual form yet here was this girl; staring straight at him.

~Kagome POV~

Kagome quickly reached the corner and peaked around. Instead of just spotting the white haired boy there she saw him and another boy that looked just like him but with wilder hair. 'A spirit…' Kagome thought just as she saw the boy look down slightly. The spirit went down to look at his face and seemed to be studying the boy. His mouth wasn't moving so he wasn't trying to talk to the boy...'What is he doing?'Kagome wondered as she absent mindedly walked after them. The spirit looked up and met her eyes. She never saw how the white haired boy had tilted his head and followed the spirit's movement.

Kagome was caught in those cruel red eyes. 'Eyes like daggers. Eyes like rubies. Eyes like death. Eyes like blood. Eyes like fire. Eyes full of cruelty and the promise of a cruel and painful death if wronged…' her mind supplied without her consent. His eyes seemed to be trying to kill her just by looking as if knowing that she shouldn't be able to see him and trying to bring her a painful death.

Kagome grabbed one of the sutras Miroku had given her from her pocket and quickly said a cleansing spell over it. She threw it at the spirit only to have the spirit grab it out of the air and turn it to dust. Kagome's eyes widened. What sort of evil spirit was this to burn her sacred sutra to ash?

~Ryou's POV~

Ryou had been surprised when the spirit told him to keep walking forward no matter what he heard behind him. More specifically, he was hoping the spirit wasn't about to commit murder in broad daylight. Nevertheless, Ryou complied and kept walking. He didn't even look up when he heard some sort of fire behind him. He knew better than to do that… /Yami, what's going on? / Ryou asked warily.

//There's a girl who I think just tried to purify me. // Bakura said some of his irritation flowing through the link. //We're gonna lose her. //

/What- / Ryou started when he felt himself kicked out of his body. /Oh… /

Bakura kept the pace and made sure to keep his appearance soft like his host's so that the girl wouldn't suspect anything. He was almost at another intersection that had a tall fence next to it. 5… 3 more steps… he was there and slipped around the corner. He quickly teleported through the shadow realm back to Ryou's apartment and gave Ryou back the body as he retreated to his soul room to think about the strange girl who tried to get rid of him.

~Kagome's POV~

Kagome stopped short for a few moments thinking about what she'd just seen. When her brain started working again she saw that the boy and spirit following him had gained quite a bit of distance on her. She thought his hair looked a slight bit messier than before but it was probably her imagination. She took a second look. 'No spirit…' Kagome thought confused. 'Where'd the spirit leave to so quickly?' Kagome frowned. Just then the boy turned a corner and she hurried to see where he'd go next. Maybe he lived around here…

As Kagome reached the corner she wasn't ready for what she found. The street was empty. She looked left and right but no matter where she looked the street was empty. A spirit disappearing was strange but not unheard of but a boy disappearing was. 'Did the spirit kidnap him? Can spirits even do that?' Kagome pondered. 'I'd better go ask Kaede about this.' Kagome decided and turned to head back to the shrine. 'Uuh… which way is home?' Kagome thought to herself as she was now more lost because of her little detour to follow the white haired teen.