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Sango was wary of this boy. Since he'd gotten here he'd been possessed by an extremely evil spirit, dismissed the monster said spirit had summoned, and blanked out on them. She had been thinking that he was somewhat like Kohaku in how innocent he was but changed her mind when after they took off his hands went right up to her breasts. 'More like another Miroku.' She thought to herself with a blush on her face.

It didn't take long for Kisara to get to the village where the boy quickly slipped off. Sango was turning around and getting ready to slap him when she saw how he had his hands behind his back and that he kept putting his eyes anywhere but near her. Noticing the very pronounced blush on his face she thought, 'Definitely a Kohaku.'

"We can talk in Kaede's hut." Kagome said pointing to said hut but not getting off Kisara. Sango remembered her anger at the spirit and what it had done to her best friend. Why would this boy, so much like her own brother, want to keep a spirit like that around?

"Hey, old hag!" Inu Yasha yelled. 'Just like normal.' Sango thought. "Kagome got hurt!"

Kaede rushed out of her hut and immediately went to Kagome upon spotting her. "Get her in my hut." Kaede commanded. Inu Yasha picked up Kagome and went inside with her. Kisara reverted back to her smaller form and was purring questioningly at Sango's feet.

"Everything will be fine Kisara." She said as she bent down to pick up the two tailed kitten. Noticing Ryou's shocked appearance she laughed. "Never met a demon cat before?"

Ryou shook his head. "Never. If there's ever any trouble around Bakura usually kicks me out of the body so I don't see a lot."

Sango frowned. Why would this boy trust this spirit? Look at what it had done to Kagome! Sango disapproved of Ryou's decision about the spirit but led him into the hut anyway. There was a lot that needed to get sorted out…

~Ryou's POV~

Ryou wasn't feeling very comfortable. The black clad woman had seemed very nice until he mentioned the spirit then she'd look upset about something. /I blame you for this whole mess. / He sent at Bakura.

//Why would you do that? // Bakura asked already knowing the answer.

/If you hadn't stolen that jewel in the first place I wouldn't have been in that part of town. Henceforth, never would've run into Kagome. Also, if you had just dropped it and not made me go to the temple then we wouldn't be here and neither of us would've had any of this trouble. / Ryou explained knowing that Bakura had already realized all of it. Ryou followed the girl into the hut and took a seat by the door. The elderly woman, Kaede, was wrapping Kagome's abdomen in bandages. /Ouch. You really went too far Bakura. / Ryou admonished.

//She deserved it. // he said as he took on a spiritual body. Kaede looked up at him as he settled behind his yandonoushi. Bakura frowned. "Just how many of you can see me?" he asked annoyed. He was a thief. He didn't like being the center of attention.

"I can." The monk said from his right. The monk was on his right with the black suited girl on his left. Kagome was across the circle from him with the dog eared man to the right almost hovering over her and Kaede. Kagome raised her hand and Kaede also spoke up. "I see yer'."

Bakura frowned. 3 out of 5 was not what he was hoping for. Well, 6 if you counted the kid. Ryou leaned back against him and Bakura started playing with his hair. It was a good way to keep both of them calm. The black suited girl looked warily at them when she saw Ryou's hair moving on it's own as if someone was running their fingers through there. The little kid and dog eared guy also seemed unnerved by this.

"So would someone like to start explaining what's going on here?" the dog eared guy said sitting down cross legged in the corner with his sword held in front of him.

"Ah, I'm sorry." Ryou said bowing his head slightly. He couldn't do much since Bakura had pulled on his hair and jerked his head back up. He frowned back at the spirit before turning back to the group. "We should probably start by introducing ourselves. I'm Bakura Ryou and this is Bakura."

Everyone nodded and Bakura took a lock of Ryou's hair and waved it around as if he was waving to the people who couldn't see him. People kept a close watch on Ryou's hair after that if they couldn't see the spirit. The black clad girl continued. "I'm Sango. A demon exterminator."

"Higurashi Kagome. Miko." She said weekly trying to relax.

"Kaede, village priestess."

"Inu Yasha." The dog eared guy said and huffed up.

//Real informative. // Bakura said mentally rolling his eyes. Ryou replied by pulling on a lock of Bakura's hair.

Everyone looked confused at this action and eyed him warily. 'Had Bakura pulled Ryou's hair to hard or something?' Ignoring the strange occurrence the fluff ball continued the introductions. "I'm Shippo. A kitsune."

"Aren't kitsunes demons of illusion?" Ryou asked his curiosity getting the better of him. Shippo nodded happily and everyone seemed impressed by his knowledge of demons if not a little wary.

Ryou's guess about the male had been correct as he introduced himself. "I'm Miroku. A monk." He kept eyeing Bakura suspiciously.

Bakura rolled his eyes. "Please. I'm not going to do anything you pathetic mortal."

Ryou frowned. "How many times have I told you not to call people that?" he asked.

"Don't remember and don't care." He said and started gathering all of Ryou's hair to braid it. Ryou sighed but was soon almost purring as the fingers ran expertly through his hair. "Way to easy to please." Bakura muttered repeating his comment from yesterday.

"You're lucky I'm too stressed to be mad at you right now." Ryou said sounding upset but it was kinda void with the content smile and closed eyes on his face. Ryou frowned as a thought occurred to him. "Kura, what'd you do with my cards anyway?"

Bakura chuckled. "They're at Malik's."

Ryou's eyes widened to almost comical levels and he quickly turned around with half braided hair and looked shocked at his yami. "You did not." Ryou said in disbelief. Everyone stared at Ryou and those who had heard him were thinking 'Who's Malik?'

Bakura laughed more. "No I didn't. You're cute when you freak out." He said tucking a stray piece of hair behind Ryou's ear and smirking.

Ryou blushed and turned around falling heavily back into his Yami. "Where are they then? And don't joke about giving things to Malik! Even with Marik gone he's still destructive." Bakura went back to stroking Ryou's hair.

"I gave them to the chibi pharaoh."

"You willingly went to see Yugi?" Ryou asked in disbelief looking up to his Yami.

"He's not that bad himself as long as the friendship squad and pharaoh aren't around."

"We're all going to die aren't we?" Ryou asked feigning despair. Those who hadn't heard Bakura's side of the conversation instantly grew wary and the others were wondering what this was all about.

"Umm…" Miroku came in. "I think of a lot of us are confusion here so if we could have a few things explained..." Ryou was drawn back to the fact that Bakura and him weren't the only ones in the room.

Ryou blushed. "Sorry." he muttered. Bakura just smirked obviously never having forgotten that they weren't alone. /No sex for a week. / he said firmly in his head.

Bakura looked shocked. "You don't really mean that."

"Oh yes I do. Now shut up and let's get through this. We can discuss this later." Ryou said to a very sulky looking Bakura. 'What had just happened?' Everyone wondered.

"So, ano," Ryou said starting. "where am I exactly?"

"You're in feudal Japan." Kagome said trying to sit up but grunting in pain when she couldn't.

"I'm really sorry for Bakura." Ryou said frowning.

"I'm not." Bakura snorted.

"You're not helping your case here."

Bakura gulped at a threat no one besides him understood and tried to plead with Ryou. "But she was gonna separate me from you!"

"I wouldn't have let her Kura."

"You know I have trust issues; even if it is you hikari." Bakura said finishing braiding Ryou's hair and deciding to do something different started taking it out.

"So now we get to ask a question." Miroku said trying to keep Ryou's attention away from the spirit. "What exactly are you?" he directed the question at Bakura.

"I'm a spirit. I already said this earlier didn't I?" Bakura said frowning in memory. "See? Mortals really are pathetic. I told them this not a half hour ago and they already forget."

Ryou sighed. "Kura, I'm human to you know."

"No." Bakura said sturdily. "You're more than human. You, the chibi-pharaoh and Marik along with all the other true item holders are immortal. I've already explained this many times itoshi."

"You're immortal?" Miroku asked surprised. Everyone seemed to perk up at this. Immortal? What'd that mean?

Ryou looked thoroughly uncomfortable about the question and tried to shy away from it when Bakura pulled on his hair and said "Just get it over with you big baby."

"Well, technically I am immortal. I can't die from most injuries and not from any natural causes. Not that I can't get sick; I just heal from it faster than normal." Ryou said with a sigh of admittance.

"So you're like a half demon?" Miroku questioned.

"A half demon?" Ryou asked.

"Yeah!" Shippo chirped up happily. "Like Inu Yasha!"

Inu Yasha tried to cover Shippo's mouth but it was too late.

"You're a half demon?" Ryou directed the question at Inu Yasha this time.

"Yeah. I'm still stronger than the average demon though." Inu Yasha growled.

"Wait, wouldn't a half demon be weaker?" Ryou questioned furrowing his brows in confusion.

"It's all thanks to my sword Tetsusaiga (sp?)."

Bakura snorted. "You hide behind a sword all the time? Pathetic."

"You know he can't hear you Bakura." Ryou said offhandedly.

"Huh?" Inu Yasha questioned. "What'd that damn spirit say about me? Hey! I'm talking here!"

They all ignored Inu Yasha's outburst and Kaede studied the spirit and boy for a second. Noticing that she was staring at them Ryou asked "Yes? Is there something wrong?" nervously.

"There's somethin' strange about ya chil'. Can you and the spirit stand apart for a moment?"

Ryou was nervous. If they stood apart and any of them could see aura's they'd see that Bakura was all dark and Ryou all light. He nodded his head after thinking it over for a moment and talking with Bakura. /Kura! They'll find out! / Ryou said knowing that Bakura understood.

//There's not much reason to hide it is there? // he had answered.

Ryou looked carefully to Bakura as they stood up holding hands before letting go and each standing on either side of the door. The priestess looked at both of them for a moment, her eyes widening. Ryou was nervous and putting his weight back and forth between his feet while Bakura didn't care and was leaning casually against the wall. //Quit worrying. // he said looking over to Ryou and getting annoyed.

Ryou glared at him. /Well excuse me. It's not like its everyday that you get studied by people in Ancient Japan! /

//You're right. It's just everyday that you share your body with an ancient Egyptian spirit. // Bakura smirked. Ryou stuck his tongue out like a kid and Bakura said //Don't stick your tongue out unless you plan to use it. //

Ryou turned bright red at the jab. /You are in so much trouble when we get home. / Ryou said before looking away and shutting down the link.

"Chil'," Kaede spoke up unaware of the transaction that had just taken place. "how can this be?" she asked in disbelief.

"How can what be Kaede?" Kagome asked. She had noticed the strange body language that Ryou and Bakura had had. Almost like a conversation.

Ryou just got more nervous and Bakura looked like he thought it wasn't his business to answer.

"Their auras," Kaede said. "The boy's is all white while the spirit's is all black."

"What does that mean?" Inu Yasha snorted from the back obviously still mad at having been ignored so often that day.

"Everyone's auras are a different color." Kaede started explaining. "Kagome's is a light pink, Sango's a fierce blue. There's never one that's completely light or dark, white or black, but these two…"

"But how is that possible Kaede?" Kagome asked. "It should be impossible to have one like that."

"That's because we're not 2 separate souls." Bakura spoke up getting tired of it. "Auras are the outline of a person's soul. Ryou and I are one soul, split in two."

Everyone who had heard him looked shocked. "Your soul is split in half?" Kagome asked Ryou in disbelief.

Ryou glanced around the room and saw the affronted stares and quickly went over to Bakura for some comfort. "Yes." Ryou answered.

"How did this happen?" Miroku asked.

"It happened by accident in Egypt 5,000 years ago. Or, since this is 500 years in the past, 4,500 years ago." Bakura spoke up.

"You spent 5,000 years as half a soul?" Kagome asked in clear disbelief.

"Yes." Bakura answered curtly showing that he was done with this conversation.

"So Bakura has been in that necklace looking for you for 5,000 years?" Kagome directed the question at Ryou.

"Yes. That's why I couldn't let you take it. Bakura gets sealed back inside the ring if I take it off for more than a few hours." Ryou answered going over to Bakura and wrapping Bakura's arms around his waist.

"So that's why you always wear the necklace?" the monk, Miroku, asked.

"Yes. Plus, I just always feel safer with Bakura around."

// Not to mention the other reason hikari. // Bakura said while slipping his one hand towards Ryou's crotch.

"Two weeks." Ryou said. Blushing from the action and moving his hand back up.

"You aren't going to keep it." Bakura said.

"Oh yeah? You've given me plenty of reasons to today." Ryou started holding up fingers as he listed the things Bakura had done that day. "You woke me up by pouring a bucket of water on me, you stole my tarot deck, you told me you gave it to Malik, you threatened me into going to the temple, you decided to run into the shed where I fell down a hole, you attacked Kagome with man eater bug, you told everyone that I'm immortal (as if they needed another weird thing to know about me), you're being continually rude, and you won't stop being horny. And that's just off the top of my head Kura." Ryou was now holding up 9 fingers.

Bakura looked at them warily. "A good day to make up for not bothering you yesterday." Ryou glared up at him. "Ok, fine. I'll let you alone for 2 hours when we get home. Will you take it back now?"

Ryou shook his head. "Not this time. Take your punishment like a man."

"But this is the most horrible torment ever!" Bakura whined.

"I could always make you spend time with Anzu." Ryou threatened.

"I'd just kill her you now." Bakura shrugged off the threat.

"I'll just seal your powers."

"I still have my knives."

"I'll just hide them."

"I'll borrow one from somewhere else."

"I'll send you to the pool with the rest of the gang to."

Bakura looked completely taken aback at this last threat before an idea came to him. "I'll drown them."

"I'll make you wear floaties."

"And they call me the evil one." Bakura said completely out of it from this last threat.

Ryou giggled at his yami's antics. "We'll talk about once we get home ok?" he said before lightly kissing Bakura on the nose.

"You're so unfair." Bakura whined.

Ryou turned his attention back to the waiting faces and saw that most everyone was blushing. Ryou promptly joined their ranks. "Ano… sorry." He mumbled.

"Umm…" Kagome started clearly uncomfortable. "I know you two would be close sharing a soul and all but aren't you a little to close?"

"Do you have something against us being gay?" Bakura asked.

"Kura!" Ryou exclaimed his blush deepening. /You didn't have to say that! /

//There wasn't a reason to deny it. //

/You're right, just all the questions about dating yourself! / Ryou yelled through the mind link.

"Well this is certainly" the monk coughed before continuing. "awkward."

"Let's just move on." Ryou said moving to sit down. Bakura sat down first still holding onto Ryou causing him to fall into Bakura's lap. "Kyaa!" Ryou called out at the sudden pull.

"You scream like a girl hikari." Bakura said and went back to messing with Ryou's hair.

Ryou frowned but didn't want to start another argument so he turned towards Kagome, "So, why are you in Feudal Japan in the first place?"

Kagome's hand went to her necklace. "This is the Shikon no Tama. It's a jewel that grants incredible power to whoever holds it and I'm it's protector." Inu Yasha snorted but wisely kept his comments to himself.

"So you're saying that if I have it I'll have more power?" Bakura asked interested. Ryou pulled his ear.

"Kura, you are not trying for world domination again. You've already done it three times and Yami always stops you."

"Then we just won't tell him 'till we've already done it." Bakura ignored Ryou's slight glare.

"What 'we'? You're the one out to rule the world. I like the world just fine." Everyone was looking wary at the conversation especially those who could hear Bakura's side.

"Yes, with abandoning fathers, bullies, and friends who don't bother when I put you in the hospital. You have many reasons to love the world." Bakura went heavy on the sarcasm but soothed Ryou's hair more gently.

Kagome looked shocked. "He's put you in the hospital before?" she directed at Ryou.

"Yeah." Ryou answered casually before he realized what he admitted to. "But- but not for any bad reasons…" Ryou trailed off thinking back to all the reasons he'd been in the hospital. "Well, none that I haven't recovered from…" he muttered the last part.

"Ryou! You really need to get rid of him." Kagome said in panic but adjusted what she said to the recently acquired knowledge that they were one soul. "Or at least not let him control your body."

~Kagome's POV~

'What is wrong with him!? He's defending the spirit (the other half of his soul) after he's put him in the hospital for injuries he caused! They share the same soul, how could Bakura hurt Ryou especially when Ryou is so nice?' Kagome was in disbelief; this just made no sense to her. She also knew they were romantically involved so it made even less sense for him to hurt Ryou.

~Ryou's POV~

Ryou only frowned at the suggestion but Bakura got angry. "I don't usually just 'control' the body without permission and I haven't hurt Ryou recently." Kagome flinched back at the glare Bakura was giving her but continued.

"It's Ryou's life and he shouldn't have to share it." She said gaining vigor.

//Argh! You see? All she wants to do is separate us. // Bakura sent through the mindlink well out loud he answered, "It's my life as well. What part of 'same soul' aren't you getting?" Bakura started mocking; it was always better offence than being angry plus anger clouded your judgment.

"The part where you get to control his life. This is Ryou's life to live right now, not yours." Kagome started accusing.

"Why do mortals never understand the simplest concepts? We share a soul; we share a life." Bakura went back to casually running his fingers through Ryou's hair but Ryou could sense the frustration. //You know, she's almost as dumb as the mutt. Tell her something and it just doesn't get through her thick skull. //

Kagome sat up a bit more and shook her head. "That's not true; just because you have the same soul doesn't mean you're the same person plus you're dead already! You lived your life already and you don't have to use someone else's!" Kagome was no longer screaming about just Bakura but about Kikyou taking her life from her. Kikyou was dead and had no business walking the earth. It was the same with Bakura except that Ryou was letting his life be stolen from him.

Bakura strengthened his glare and opened his mouth to retort when Ryou spoke up instead. "Shut up! Both of you!" Ryou had his eyes closed and his fists clenched tightly in his lap and they were drawing blood. "It's my life you guys are fighting over like I'm not even here! Kagome's right that it's my life and I should choose what happens and I choose, of my own free will, to let Bakura have a life through me! You can't just decide Bakura has no right to live and you can't tell me I'm weak and letting him control me! You aren't even yelling about us anymore you're yelling about someone else! You don't know our life and you don't have any right to tell us we're doing it wrong! So just shut up!"

To say everyone was shell shocked was an understatement. They had been expecting for Bakura to get angry again but for Ryou, who had seemed so nice and quiet to lose it and start yelling they must have really pressed the wrong button. "Ryou," Bakura started gently reaching forward and taking one of Ryou's hands. It was at this point everyone noticed the tears pouring from his eyes. "come on itoshi." Bakura started cooing and turned Ryou so that he could cry into his shirt. "Let me see it." He commanded gently as he opened Ryou's palm to see four angry red crescents there steadily pouring blood. Bakura frowned at the discovery of a hurt Ryou but covered it up by joking a bit and 'tsk'-ing. "Really Ryou, if you wanted to practice acting like a cat I could always get you a scratching post."

Ryou almost laughed through his sobs and pulled a lock of Bakura's hair weakly leaving a spot of crimson hair behind before beginning to cry a bit harder. He somehow managed out "Kura," he shook with another round of sobs. "you shouldn't" Ryou started clutching onto part of Bakura's see through trench coat. "steal." He finally finished and kept crying a bit his head tucked gently under Bakura's neck and Bakura stroking his hands up and down Ryou's back. Bakura glared slightly at everyone in the room daring them to comment as Ryou's sobs slowly quieted.

"But, why?" Kagome finally voiced through her disbelief for what she was seeing. This cruel spirit who obviously wished death upon them all was comforting Ryou with soothing gestures and even inside jokes.

"Because Ryou understands." Bakura answered. "And he's far too kind for his own good." he tacked on as an afterthought earning him another hair tug from Ryou who had almost stopped crying completely.

"Stupid spirits." Ryou mumbled as he wiped his eyes on Bakura's coat and leaned into him more relaxed, closing his eyes and almost falling asleep. No one in the room could say anything to Bakura's answer so they let the two have their moment as Ryou seemed to be sleeping and Bakura was pushing his fingers through his hair again.

Miroku cleared his throat. "Well that was…" he searched for a word. "enlightening."

Inu Yasha snorted in the corner he had taken residence in and Shippo asked "What did the spirit say?"

"Because Ryou understands and he's too kind for his own good." Kagome quoted still staring at the spectacle that was the whitnettes. Shippo nodded his head not fully understanding the answer; he'd ask Kagome later.

"Maybe we should take a quick break." Sango voiced up quietly. A lot had been said even if not everyone had heard all of it. Everyone nodded/voiced their agreements and Sango, Miroku, Inu Yasha, and Bakura who was carrying Ryou, left the hut for some clean air.

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