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Chapter 20 – Sweet Summertime

As the school year came to an end, Harry made preparations for the end of the year banquet. A lot had happened in the school year that Harry, as the new Head Master had to address and deal with. He made his way down to the Great Hall for the feast. As he passed the hall way he noticed a lot of students milling around. He thought for a few moments of his own time as a student. He remembered fondly at the times when all he had to worry about was getting good marks to make it to the following year. Now he had a school to run, a Dark Lord to vanquish, among many other things. So much for being a normal teenager he groused to himself. Harry entered the Great Hall and made his way to the staff table. Sitting himself in his seat, he waited for the students to come into the hall. As they sat down he waited patiently for the staff to assort themselves in their seats. Slowly Harry got to his feet and began his first ever closing of the year speech.

"Another year has gone by" he began. "In this year there were some major changes. I would like you all to give a warm toast to the former Head Master, Albus Dumbledore."

The students all rose and gave a toast to Albus.

"I would also" he continued, "like to address the final day as a teacher of this school, Professor Filius Flitwick. He has taught so many over the years. We will surely miss him."

The students all stood as they had for Albus and toasted Filius Filius. After they seated themselves they waited for Harry to continue.

"It is my duty to present the house cup" he continued. "This year there have been feats that each and every house possessed that have earned them many points. Therefore the points stand as follows. Hufflepuff is in fourth place with 463 points. Ravenclaw is in third place with 470 points. Slytherin is in second place with 480 points. Gryffindor house is in first place with 500 points. However I have some last minute points I would like to give out. To Gryffindor, for their courage and strategy that has helped defend this school as well as their Quidditch team, I award 200 points. To Draco Malfoy for his unerring devotion to the staff of this school, and to the Slytherin Quidditch team for their contribution to the war effort, I award Slytherin house 220 points. To Cho Chang and Terry Boot for your effort in the hospital area during the battles, as well as the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, I award Ravenclaw House 230 points. To Hannah Abbot for her assistance in dealing with injured as well as the snatch and grab team and the Quidditch team, I award Hufflepuff House 237 points. Well done to all four houses. I am proud to say that each house worked side by side with every other house to defend our school and its students. This means that all four houses win the house cup this year."

With a wave of his hands the decorations for all four houses appeared over the Great Hall. With a second wave 4 house cups appeared before him. Turning he handed a cup to each of the heads of house.

"Next year" he continued "we will have a different way of giving the house cup. We will have the cup designed so that the winning house has their color placed on the top of the cup and the runners up in order of their placement beneath them. Also the year will be placed on the cup as well as its gem stone. I now have a second award to give out. For services to the school, as well as many years of teaching and the honing of young minds, I present Filius Flitwick with the teacher of the year award. Lastly, I have one more award to give out. For showing incredible courage and bravery, quick wits and intelligence, cunning ingenuity and purity of heart, I award Draco Malfoy the student of the year award."

A thunderous applause could be heard at Harry's proclamations. Both student body as well as the staff all appreciated what Harry had started. They enjoyed the idea of special students being given their acknowledgement for going above and beyond the call of duty. They were so pleased in fact that each and every teacher got up to shake his hand.

Harry walked down and presented Draco his award. The Slytherin and Gryffindor table were the loudest at this. Of course, when Harry handed Professor Flitwick his award, the Ravenclaw table bellowed their appreciation. Severus and Minerva could be seen shaking the hand of their long time colleague. Severus himself had been taught by Filius in his years at school.

Harry made his way back to his seat at the staff table. As he neared his chair he raised his hands and spoke.

"I have two words left to say" he shouted. "LETS EAT!"

With that being said the tables filled with delicious food. Staff and student alike began to eat. About two hours later the plates finally cleared themselves and the students started making their way to their dorms. None of the students had any desire to be out of bounds on the last night of the school year. Every student made their way to their dorms where they received one last surprise. When each student found their way to their bed, each one found a Blue Ribbon of award on their bed. Each stated the reason and the purpose for the prize. Some were for getting outstanding grades, others for services to the school, and even others for being themselves. Harry sat in his study with Minerva, Filius, Draco, Hermione, Remus, Hagrid, Severus, Poppy, and Pamona and had a nice idle chat. Finally around midnight they decided to call it a night and each made their way to their rooms. Harry sat behind his desk for a few moments smiling at the things he had accomplished. Albus, in his study was also smiling. Via his portrait in the Head Master's Office, he knew about what Harry had planned long before anyone else did. He was very proud of the young man. He was so proud in fact that he briefly wondered why he had never done something like this himself. The idea was brilliant, and he could not have been more pleased at the outcome.

The next morning came with bright sunshine and a beautiful summer day. The students were in various stage of dress. The house elves decided to let the students have a meal in their common rooms instead of the Great Hall. This worked out perfectly for the staff, who were eating their breakfast in Harry's private rooms. Of course Draco and Hermione felt a little uncomfortable being there, but Harry made it perfectly clear that they had teacher responsibilities now. Hermione was now a full fledged Professor and Draco an assistant. With those words of comfort, added to the fact that the rest of the staff all nodded their complete agreement, the two sat and eagerly joined in the food and conversation.

Finally they made their way down to the entrance hall. Harry and the rest of the staff wanted to see tiny Professor Flitwick off as he was leaving with the students on the train. It was decided that Remus and Severus would accompany the students as well. While Voldemort had not been active at the school in some time, the safety of the students was still the top priority for Harry. Draco had decided to remain at the school as well. He did not feel comfortable going back to the Malfoy Manor yet. Harry told him that he did not ever have to leave the castle as long as Harry was alive. Draco blushed at this and accepted Harry's offer. Hermione was eager to pursue Harry's library on the founders. She decided that she wanted to learn as much as she could about all four founders rather than just the one. Draco decided he wanted to do the same.

"Hermione" he asked "May I study with you as well? I to would like to learn about the founders of this school. It would be nice to know as much as we can about Harry's ancestors."

Hermione smiled and gave a delighted response of affirmation to Draco for his interest. It was decided that they along with Harry and Minerva would go to Diagon alley to go shopping for books and other things that they wanted for the coming school year.

The four made their way to Diagon alley. The first stop they made was Flourish and Blotts. After buying every book that they had on the founders of Hogwarts, Harry signed the bill and instructed the shop keeper to send the books to Hogwarts. Draco bought many books on potions and Hermione bought many on charms. Each was taking their new responsibilities very seriously. They too signed their bills and had their books as well delivered to the school. The shop keeper was delighted to have made such a huge sale in one day. Hermione and Draco also gave the shop keeper the names of the books they wanted their students to purchase for the next school year. The shop keeper nodded his head and assured them that the books would be in the store within 2 weeks and ready to be sold.

After leaving the book store, Draco wanted to go to the apothecary. Here they bought all kinds of potion ingredients. Draco was going to work extra hard on potions as he hoped to one day take over for Severus. Hermione also bought ingredients as she wanted to keep up with her abilities.

From there the group made their way to Madam Malkin's where Hermione, Harry and Draco all bought new robes. They even persuaded Minerva to buy something other than tartan. She blushed furiously when they finally got her to buy a set of pale blue robes and a set of lilac colored robes. Harry even went so far as to order her a set of pale green robes and a set of amber colored robes. She tried to refuse them, but she was outvoted 3 to 1. Finally she gave up and accepted her gifts with pleasure. Madam Malkin giggled like a school girl at her reaction. Finally after signing the bills the quartet made their way to the Leaky Cauldron. There, Harry bought them all a delicious dinner. It was decided that from there they would all apparate to the platform to assist the students in meeting up with their parents. They all made it to the platform just as the train was pulling in to the station. They waited patiently for the students to unload and make their way to the barrier separating the wizarding world from the muggle world. As they escorted students out of the platform, Harry and Hermione made their way to Molly. Each gave the Weasley Matriarch a hug. While they watched students leaving and such they gave information to Molly about the upcoming year. She was delighted to hear about Ginny being Captain of the Quidditch team and Ron being Head Boy the Following Year. Apparently the Weasley siblings had not told their mother that bit of information. When Ron and Ginny made their way over to them, Molly grabbed her two youngest and gave them each a bone crushing hug. Embarrassed, but pleased, the younger Weasleys made their way off with their mother to the orphanage. After all the students were with their parents, Harry, Hermione, Draco, Minerva, Severus, and Remus made their way over to Filius. With a final handshake to the former charms professor, they apparated with Harry's assistance back to the entrance hall of Hogwarts. It was still a mystery to everyone but Harry, as to how he could apparate or disapparate on the school grounds. With a promise of a 2 pm meeting the following day, everyone made their way back to their rooms. Hermione made her way to the rooms that were once for professor Flitwick.

"Winky" she called.

With a small pop the house elf appeared.

"Would you help me move my things to these rooms as well as help me redecorate it to suite the needs of a female rather than a male?" she asked.

"Yes Professor" came the reply. With a smile and a small pop Winky went to Hermione's old room to begin packing Hermione's things.

Meanwhile Harry went to the Slytherin dormitories. He walked into the section for the young men of the corm. Placing his hand on a blank wall he concentrated on changing this particular part of the castle. When he opened his eyes, he entered the new rooms. The castle had done what he wished and created the perfect set of rooms, resplendent of Slytherin colors.

"Dobby" called Harry.

"Yes Master" said the elf.

"First off, please stop calling me Master" exclaimed Harry. "Second can you please pack up Draco's belongings and bring them to this room. Tell him his current password is Hogwarts. He can change the password himself later."

"Of course Harry Potter Sir" said the elf. "Dobby is happy to help young Mr. Malfoy."

With a small pop the elf disappeared. Harry gave a small turn and made his way to the Great Hall. He had one more surprise for the heads of house. With a wave of his wand four throne like chairs very similar to the head masters chair appeared. One was emerald green with the Slytherin symbol of the snake on the back in silver. The next was maroon with the Gryffindor symbol of the lion on the back in gold. The third was sapphire blue with the Ravenclaw symbol of the Eagle on the back in bronze. The fourth chair was yellow with the Hufflepuff symbol of the badger in onyx in the back. With another wave of his wand, the throne like chair that was his became snowy white with all four symbols on the back in their respective colors.

While this was summer vacation, Harry decided to do away with the house tables. He moved all the house tables to the side of the hall, and placed the head table in a circular pattern in the center of the hall. He then placed all the chairs around the table in key patterns. As he did this, he wondered if for the following year he could do something different and very similar to this with the house tables. He would have to ask the rest of the staff what they thought. He did not have to wait long. As he sat in his chair to await his fellow staff members, he watched with amusement at their facial expressions. Each staff member entered with awe on their faces. When the awe wore off, they all gave a smile and sat down. It did not take long for all the staff to be sitting there. Once again they had to make sure that Hermione and Draco understood that this was for them as well. Hermione sat in her throne like chair. She began to relax once she remembered that Professor Flitwick would not be returning. Soon lunch appeared on the tables and conversation started. By the end of lunch Harry waved away all the plates and left refreshments on the tables. It was time for the meeting to start.

"I would like to begin by saying how much I appreciate each and every one of you" said Harry. "I know that my being so young has had a great impact on this school. I would not have been able to get through this year without each and every one of you. For that I sincerely thank you. I have a few ideas that I would like to present to you all for your thought and votes. First off I would like to put the idea forth that we no longer separate houses here in the Great Hall. As I have done with this table, I would like to do with all the tables. When the school year begins, I would like to have all years sitting with each other regardless of house colors. Therefore instead of four Great tables we have seven smaller tables. If this is a good idea to you please raise our hands. I will give you a few moments to think about it."

Within 3 minutes every teacher had raised their hand.

Harry beamed at his fellow staff members.

"Next I would like to point out that we need some way of keeping the students out of the forbidden forest" continued Harry. "Hagrid will have his hands full of keeping students out of there. I propose that Remus and Severus assist Hagrid in this endeavor. Hermione and Draco of course will be counted on to assist in this."

Again all nods went around the table. Harry did not think anyone would have a problem with this.

"Next I want to address Draco and Severus" said Harry. "Draco I had Dobby move your things into your new suite of rooms. You will help Severus in the capacity that as an assistant Professor, you will help keep an eye on the Slytherin common Room. Therefore I have your own private set of rooms set up in the Slytherin Dorm. It is time for you to rejoin your house Draco."

Both Severus and Draco nodded in agreement.

"Next" said Harry. "I think that each of you should appoint one person to assist you in keeping the students in line in each house. We have Slytherin already taken care of. For Gryffindor I think Ron Weasley should assist you Minerva. I think Terry Boot will be a good candidate to help you Hermione. I also think that Hannah Abbot would be perfect to assist you Pamona. I can have the castle make special suites for these students. If you do not like this please say so. I am sure we can come up with something else. I also am aware that these students are in 7th year. I think we should do this every year. That is if you all agree to it."

Minerva looked thoughtful for a moment and said, "Why not take it one step further and promote each student to Head Boy or Head Girl. I know that Draco already has that ability as assistant professor, but why not do it for each house. This way when Mr. Malfoy becomes a fulltime teacher, Severus can promote someone in his place."

Hermione and Pamona both nodded their heads in agreement.

Severus spoke up. "I am sure that you have something in mind for me coming up at the end of next school year Harry. I will not press you for that information right now, but what ever you have in mind it seems like it will be a good idea. You are not known for doing something for no reason."

Harry blushed at this statement but said nothing. Finally after the heads of house all declared that the idea was sound, Harry approved that each student be promoted to the status of Head Boy or Girl. With a wave of his wand all prefect badges as well as Head Boy and Girl badges appeared in front of him. These he handed to Severus and Minerva as it was their jobs to make sure that all new students got their letters for the following year.

Finally with a last few little odd and end things Harry dismissed the meeting. After telling the staff that for the summer there was no password to his office, he gave both Draco and Hermione permission to use his library any time. He extracted a promise from Hermione that she would limit her book borrowing as well as her times when she came to borrow a book. Blushing, but smiling Hermione agreed. Draco laughed at her, but after a slap on the arm, amused himself by chuckling behind his hand. The rest of the staff got up laughing and departed for their duties they had to fulfill for the summer.

Harry gave a quick turn and appeared in his office. He sat down at his desk and started writing up the documents he needed for the changes to be official. When he was done, he sent house elves with duplicates of each document to every staff member in the castle. He also sent a copy with Hedwig to Albus. The response from Albus was sheer delight at the proposed changes. He also sent a reminder that Harry no longer needed his permission to make changes at the castle. He was pleased that Harry still came to him for approval. The young man was doing better than he ever imagined.

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