The Cyborg Bobble Head

Since the wonderful world of fanfiction spends all its time writing about "cute" couples, characters like Cyborg feel left out.

So, to stop Cyborg's pain, and keep him from introducing us to his friend Lawy McLawyerPants, we give you the….

CYBORG BOBBLE HEAD! That's right, the CYBORG BOBBLE HEAD is bobbling its way into your local Build-a-Bear-Workshop!

The bobble head stands at Cyborg's actual height of 5cm, 2mm, OVER NINE-THOUSAND picometers. And it weighs Cyborg's actual weight of 999999222039283028309230932.33 pounds (yeah, he needs to lay off the pizza, tacos, steroids, ice cream, jerky, chilli, cookies, shrimp, human flesh, milkshakes, your mom, chocolate, bagels, doughnuts, and Flintstone chewable vitamins).

Since Cyborg is black and we are racist, we are going to assume that he can dance. That way, we can ride on Michael Jackson's coattails. When you press Bobble Head Cyborg's ACTION packed foot, he performs Thriller, denting your new floor! Press his other action packed foot and he'll place his foot behind his head while hoping up and down and rubbing his tummy! Press his OTHER action packed foot to hear the …wonderful noise of Robin being stepped on.

And be STUNNED when you press Bobble Head Cyborg's mouth and hear him shout: Booyah!!!!! Or, I'm Hungry!!!!!

And, since 8 out of 3 people like to bite the heads off of Bobble Heads, the Cyborg bobble head is edible… that's right EDIBLE!!! Bon Appétit!. (Warning: We are not responsible for hair loss or rapid hair growth, or weird cravings for Betty Crocker's lightest and fluffiest super moist yellow cake).

Listen to some are satisfied customers:

"I used to be an alcoholic, but then my doctor told me to switch to Cyborg Bobble Heads. Now, I can't stop biting off heads," said some random guy that you will never meet (until he comes into your room at night with a knife and a bib).

"I LOVE the Cyborg Bobble Head because it dented my floor! Now, my mom just t replaced it with a fluffy PINK floor!!!! Squeeeeeeal!!!!!!" said some random, pink-wearing old geezer.

So what are you waiting for? The Cyborg Bobble has stopped Global Warming and saved 29.3 kittens! 'Cause it is that awesome. So join the many people that have saved money by switching to Bobble Head Cyborg.


That was my first Teen Titans FanFic, but not my first crazy product. Thank you, Nicole for editing and helping. Without you my dyslexia would eat the readers alive. Please Review. And I sadly don't own anything I mentioned in this story . Don't expect updates because I'm super lazy and Nicole doesn't always want to edit for me. But if you want to make your own products go crazy and do what ya want.