AU Family-verse. As a father and a special agent he's supposed to keep everyone close to him safe. When a body is found by his young daughter it will turn his whole world on its head. Things only go from bad to worse as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has to solve the murder and keep his family safe before it's too late. This prompts him to ask himself, who watches the watchmen?

Ziva kicks her feet up on the end table. She relaxes on the couch, disgruntled that she is grounded. The dark-skinned 16-year-old Israeli girl throws her head back; her dark hair spills across the back of the couch. Right now, she would be down at the lake house with her father and her brothers, Tony and Tim. But, her father found she went out with Michael Rivkin, a local bad boy from across town. Ziva's father was angry, to say the least, so as punishment she couldn't go down to the lake house for the weekend. So Ziva was stuck back at the house, babysitting her little sister Abby.

Ziva stares at the ceiling of their large home. Her mother won't be home until late. So she was stuck with her little sister until 6 o'clock tonight. Ziva sighs, grabbing her book to read, it was quiet save for the faint music from Abby's room drifting down the hall and stairs. Ever since Tim gave her an I-pod for her birthday she always played it. Ziva tunes the annoying music out and tries to focus on her book. Ziva gets enveloped in the plot when the little 8-year-old voice screams from upstairs.

"Ziiiiivah!!!" Abby shrieks. Ziva expects the worst. Thinking Abby set the house on fire, Ziva races up the stairs faster then a bolt of lightning and burst open Abby's room. All looked the normal and the little girl (who was very fond of black) was standing on her bed, looking petrified at something on the floor Ziva couldn't quite make out from her position in the doorway.

"What is it Abby?" Ziva asks her composure regained after seeing as there was no immediate danger. Ziva can't help it, she still has not gotten used to America after living on edge in Israel.

"There. Kill it!" Abby points to the floor and Ziva follows the pale finger to a dark spot on the carpet. Upon further inspection from the teenager, Ziva finds it to be a spider.

"Abby, it is a harmless…" Ziva starts to say before her little sister cuts her off.

"Kill it!" Abby yells.

"No, it is harmless…" Ziva tries to reason with her sister, but it soon fails as Abby screams:

"Kill it!!!!!" Ziva takes a near by shoe and bashes the little thing until it was dead.

"Happy now?" Ziva asks her little sister. Abby smiles brightly and gets off of her bed, enwrapping Ziva in a huge hug.

"Thank you Ziva!" She smiles, Ziva rolls her eyes and tries to pull Abby off.

"You are welcome." Ziva turns to head back downstairs when Abby stops her.

"I'm hungry" Abby says.

"Make yourself a sandwich" Ziva turns around again but Abby runs to catch up.

"Do you have a Caf-Pow?" Abby asks, referring to her favorite drink of choice, the Caf-Pow, clinically proven to kill brain cells.

"No, Father said no Caf-Pow's during the week." Ziva likes rules; she likes to stick to them too.

"Ziva it's summer!" Abby protested.

"And father said no!" Ziva exclaims and storms down the stairs. Abby follows her older sister, right on her heels.

"Please…" Abby gives Ziva her puppy-dog look. This always made their mom break, but not Ziva. She stood firm.

"No. I am already grounded enough" Ziva says. Abby pouts.

"Ok then fine. I'm just going to head over to the impound place…" Abby says she's in that "I'm defying everything you say to prove my point" phase. Ziva chases after her as Abby sprints out the door and runs full speed down their street and at the edge of the navel base where the impound lot was. The space between the two sisters was closing fast, for Ziva was great at athletics. Abby disappears in the impound lot as Ziva enters the maze of skeleton like cars.

"Abby!" Ziva yells, her voice heard by the shells of the vehicles. "Abby!" Ziva calls again, hoping to hear a response from her little sister. Instead there is silence. Ziva grows anxious, as Abby does not respond. Ziva tears through the junkyard, hoping to find her sister. "Abby!" Ziva calls out again; imagining horrible things that her father would do if he found out he lost her. Ziva turns a corner and there is her little sister. Staring up at a car on top of a pile. "Abby…" Ziva starts to scold before her eyes find what Abby was looking at. A dead marine was hanging out of the car. He was in full uniform, his dog tags jingling around his neck.