The last chapter! So, I've had this done for awhile now. But my internet wants to kill me. No joke. Also, my other story, Sober, will be done shortly, internet permitting.

The car ride was long, Tim was playing his hand-held videogame, Ziva was reading her novel and Tony and Abby were playing some sort of "I Spy" game for neither one of them wanted to sit still and Ducky was in the back of the van sleeping.

They packed for the trip only a few days after Freemont was arrested and found guilty. The funeral for Ron and Cat was going to be held in Massachusetts so they had to drive there on short notice. Director Vance followed in the black government issued sedan.

Although the noise from Tim's game, the pages in Ziva's book, the constant chatter of Tony and Abby, the snoring of Ducky and Jen's instructions on the road annoyed him to no end, Jethro had to smile. The van could've been silent and empty and that would've been a lot worse.

"Exit 112!" Jen points and Jethro swerves the van off of the highway and onto the exit. All of the passengers swerve to the side. Ducky jerks awake.

"Women and Children first!" He sits up and looks around. Ziva snickers at her uncle's antics.

"Are we there yet?" Abby asks.

"No." Jethro growls, following Jen's instructions to the hotel they were staying at.

"Timmy!" Tony leans forward in his seat to his younger brother sitting in front of him. "There's a spider on your back" He jokes, Tim freaks out, swatting his back in a panic, Tony sits back and laughs. Tim blushes a bright red, his brother constantly torments him about his fear of spiders.

"Not funny Tony" Tim states meekly as Tony wipes a tear of laughter from his eye.

"Hey Ziva watch reading'?" Abby leans forward to her older sister sitting in front of her and looks over her shoulder to the thick book in front of her.

"It's not for you" Ziva answers, shutting the thick novel.

"Why not?" Abby asks as her black pigtails bob in the air as she cocks her head.

"Because" Ziva responds.

"Because why?" Abby continues.

"Jethro, honey, the entrance to the hotel was that way!" Jen points out as Jethro passed the drive. He pulls into a gas station to turn the van around.

The commotion in the van was enough to make him yell at them. But he didn't, this was his family and he was here for them, to protect them no matter what. Because this whole fiasco that ended with the death of two of his teammates and a murderer behind bars brought one question to his mind that he knows will haunt him for years to come.

Who Watches the Watchmen?